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:uhoh3: as an rn, how often do you give bedbaths, measure i & o (including urine in catheter bags) and/or changing bed linen for your patients? does your hospital staff nursing assistants for... Read More

  1. by   tariet
    In the Icu, we hve no aides. We do all the ABOVE EVERY DAY.
  2. by   tariet
    Quote from memphispanda
    We have MAs that do most of those things, but they can't be everywhere at once. On nights there are only 2 of them, and they have 22 pts each, not to mention the ones they work together on because they are too heavy or unstable for one person. I empty foleys, urinals, etc at least several times every shift. I do much fewer linen changes because it's nights and we rarely change sheets unless they get dirty. If I'm in the room, I'll change them if I am able. Baths...very rare on nights. The only people that bathe at night are ones able to do it themselves unless someone just gets in an awful mess. Then whoever can help usually chips in to get it done as quickly as possible.
    I think the CNA's need a MAJOR raise. The ones I have worked with in the past are devoted, loving, and communicate the most with our patients. They may not have the schooling we RN's have, but they all are equipted with real people-to-people skills that simply cannot be taught in school. If there were an additional income incentive, we would really have deserved incentive for the best of the best. IN all honsesty, as a student nurse, were it not for CNA's, I would have been very discouraged. MY biggest question is why these invaluable team players aren't more motivated to continue their education. Believe it or not, some CNA's are solely responsbile for alerting higher-ups of patient's sudden chnage in status for the better or worse. WHO else amongst the team is closer to our patients on an emotional level?
  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Motivated to complete the education? More like no money to do it! I'm a CNA who just now got to the point of barely being able to pay for school at the age of 27!
  4. by   sixes
    I work in LTC and I am the supervisor for the entire 3 floors 157 residents
    I work with the team of course I have too do my job first and for most but I never walk by a call bell and yes I still toilet change beds feed residents what ever is needed I do. If I have too of course I can rely on the wonderful staff
    I am very lucky because I hve wonderful RPN's and hard working wonderful PSW's
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    After 25 years in nursing, still give bedbaths, incontinence care, change linens, clean bedpans...we do it all in homecare!
  6. by   RN-PA
    we usually have two pct's on our 29-bed med-surg/oncology unit and i really count on them to do as much as they can since the rn's and lpn's have 6 to 7 patients apiece on 3-11 shift. but there's so much for everyone to do, that i am frequently emptying urinals, bedside commodes, getting patients on and off the bedpan, getting fresh ice water, helping change soiled beds, boost patients up in bed, or help them out of bed, etc. etc. i also straighten rooms, clean up around the patient's bed and over-bed table as i'm talking with them. if i have time, i'll help with i&o's at the end of the shift, too, but it's usually just so busy, that i can't do too much.

    i admit, i rarely have the time to help with p.m. care-- full baths are to be done 7-3 shift, and we generally just help patients with fairly basic hygiene 3-11. there's not time for much else, unfortunately.

    because i once worked med-surg without aides of any sort, i really :kiss love:kiss pct's, i always say please and thank you, thank them for their help at the end of every shift, and appreciate all they do as a member of the team.
  7. by   ?burntout
    We have PCTs or assistants to do these tasks too, but I always help out if I can. I always tell my PCT if she needs help with a bath, come and get me. If we have patients with post procedure VS (like q 30 min, q hr) I will help them with that too. And if I have time and not busy, I'll do my own I&Os.

    I always help take people to the bathroom, empty urinals, BSCs, get fresh water, take snacks...on and on and on...
  8. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I work as an RN in chronic dialysis. Most of our techs started as phlebotomists, and have never been CNAs. When someone needs to be toileted, or have BM cleaned off of them, the techs freak about about it. They really don't know what to do.

    Therefore, only nurses do incont and peri care where I work. Techs/assistants don't.
  9. by   kimmicoobug
    I love the aides on my shift. I think the only problem I have is that I have to share an aide with one or two other nurses, so each nurse thinks her patients are more of a priority than the others. Also, on my shift, we have two incredibly lazy charges who will page an aide to get a cup of coffee for a room right next to the nurses station. I try to work as a team with the aides. I do get patients to the commode, empty urinals, sometimes I will grab the dynamap and grab vitals with my assessments, and if I finish my chart checks and my charting, I will grab 0400 vitals as well. Really, it is all about patient care. Now, if I am sinking with my load, and I see an aide sitting or surfing the net, then of course I will ask for help.