RN Overtime Hours

  1. Hey everybody, I was just wondering how much overtime on average is usually available for nurses to work.
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  3. by   Michellex1013
    I have never seen a hospital limit the amount of overtime
  4. by   clee1
    I routinely work 20-25 OT hours every week.
  5. by   crissrn27
    I guess it depends on where you work (unit I mean), we hardly ever have OT available but I bet ER and med-surg does.
  6. by   crissrn27
    Quote from clee1
    I routinely work 20-25 OT hours every week.
    Are you nuts, that will kill you, , just kidding, that is a lot of OT though!
  7. by   clee1
    Quote from crissrn27
    Are you nuts, that will kill you, , just kidding, that is a lot of OT though!
    I have been accused of that... on more that one occasion . I nominally work five 8hr shifts, but at least half of those days I am offered an extra 4 hours at 1.75 times base plus shift diff.

    They have the hours and the $$$; I have the ability to stand on my feet and deliver high-quality care to my clients.
  8. by   ShayRN
    In a hospital it is limitless. I use to pick up on other units when I wanted more hours. Now, I usually work 12 hours every two weeks extra. I have two small children at home or I would be a workaholic. I like the money
  9. by   KellNY
    In my hospital (and in the LTC I've worked at), I could, based on availability of OT only, work literally 24/7.

    I'm a brat and only do OT on my unit (or one of our sister units once in a blue moon), so while I could probably pull at least an extra 12 and/or 8 per week, I usually limit myself to one or two 4 hour fill ins per month. I have a son that I like to see once in a while.

    But as far as availability? Oh, yeah. It's available.
  10. by   NURSE1987
    I work in Northwest Georgia, and my facility FORBIDS O/T. This came as a shock to me, coming from another facility where NOT working O/T was forbidden! Not to mention the ???,000 nursing shortages there are in this country. Oh well, it gives me time to have a life outside of my career.
  11. by   Indy
    Well if they're adequately staffed, and they just don't want you to work OT I'd be fine with that. My current facility doesn't want to pay OT at the moment, but they also don't want to staff adequately.
  12. by   cajrio
    We have all the o/t you want in our hospital. I work 12-24 + hrs a week o/t they also give us an additional incentive 0f $20.00hr plus o/t pay
  13. by   nurturing_angel
    Not uncommon for me to work 120 hours per payperiod where I work. Comes in handy when you are buying a house. And the weeks I decide not to pick up the overtime feels like a vacation. Biggest drawback is that tptb get used to my OT and expect it of me every week.
  14. by   weirdRN
    As another poster said, if I wanted I could work 24/7. But as antoehr poster said, I have a life outside work.

    I typically pick up an additional 3-4 hours almost daily.