RN floating as a CNA

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  3. by   llg
    The first thing I would ask is, "why?" The answer to that question would determine my response.

    In my hospital (non-unionized), nurses routinely are floated as "assistant care givers" when they are floated to floors in which they have little experience. For example, when a NICU nurse has to float to a general pediatric floor. The nurses prefer this as they feel safer that way. (They are still paid as RN's when floated.) If they were asked to take a full assignment, they would rebel as they don't feel competent with the older patients. Similarly, when peds nurses get pulled into NICU or PICU, they do not feel competent with that population, so they are used as assistants rather than given an assignment.

    What is the story in your case?

  4. by   MishlB
    What do you mean by floating as a CNA? Do you mean helping other nurses in a shortage situation?? Obviously you are not a CNA, and are not being paid as a CNA, or fulfilling the role of a CNA. If someone needs help, you help. Can you explain more???
  5. by   berry
    I work in the ER we have nurse sent down to work with us from time to time most of them would be upset if we tried to use them in a RN function ie taking thier own pts. They are used in a tech role plus can pass meds, start ivs, and ect. I just finished orienting a RN who transferred from a tele floor with about 3-4years exp she realized in the first few hours it was a different world and was not ready to take her own pts just yet. I know if i wsa sent to say a peds floor and i have exp with kids in the er but i wouldnt want to take a set of pts for a day
    When I float to peds or NICU this is the capacity I work in. Makes for a long 12 hours away from my home unit, but other than that I don't have any gripes with it. I'd rather work in that function than have a patient assignment in an area I'm not comfortable with.

    And as long as they're paying you as an RN......
  8. by   fergus51
    Are they doing this because a CNA called in sick or because they are an RN short and need help? If they just need help, take it! You're still being paid as an RN, but have less responsibility. Nice for a shift or 2.
  9. by   cactus wren
    I`ve always called this being "Super Aide"...And do it, although not often..i can take routine Vs, pass waters,etc with the best of the, along with doing admits, starting IV`s, passing the odd med, etc...Does make for a break in routine, and ! day of no to minimal charting is Heaven !!! Beats being floated, and then told.."Hey, you`re Charge" hate that...
    LOL, it would be a nice change not to think of millions of things at once and just do basic patient care.....
    I will fluff your pillows, get you anything you need and If given a chance do some patient teaching as I didnt have to worry about passing meds , running my butt off and doing other things that Nurses have to do at a constant pace.... Pay me my regular pay and I will sweep the floors lol.... I would be the highest paid CNA that hospital had ever seen and I would do it all with a Huge cheesy smile..... :angel2:
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I have done it. CCU/ICU, ER. I am glad to do scut detail and be paid as an RN while I learn a thing or two. Better than not getting paid, I guess. And MUCH better than the risk of taking on a patient load in an unfamiliar surrounding, and all the liability that goes w/it.
  12. by   VivaLasViejas
    Amen! I've done this a couple of times, and it was a refreshing change. Didn't mind it one bit....all the pay for none of the responsibilities!
  13. by   JonRN
    I have done it numerous times when the census was low in the SICU, been floated to a ward and worked as a nsg. asst. I didn't really mind, much better than passing meds on a floor where you don't know the pt.s and half of them have no armband. If I didn't know what to do I just asked the other nsg. assts and they helped me. Still got RN pay.
  14. by   Mattigan
    Have done it alot- love it. Great work if you can get it. Lots of time with patients and none of the stresses.