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On top of everything I have been unable to log into the site. Here I am , minus a UTERUS!!!! Believe me when I tell you that in my situation it is better to be an ordinary citizen than to be "found... Read More

  1. by   melpn
    Write a letter and as calmly as you can let them know about your awful experience in detail. Hopefully it will shake them up and get them to think about what they are doing. I can't believe they wanted you to find a vein and sent you home w/o a script for pain meds. The whole thing is a horror show. How could you "know what to expect"? How many LVHs could you have had before?
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    I also had a similar experience. Checked into my hospital, of which I am a current employee. They of course knew this, and my staus as an RN. I was checked in nicely into the outpatient area for a laparacopic gallbladder removal. After returning from surgery, no attention. NO ONE came to check on me. After 2 hours and no one, blood from puncture wounds, not even a cup of ice, I asked for a wheelchair and an escort to the door. My husband took me home and with no nursing care I was given better care than in the hospital.
    It happens, sad to say, and I don't know how you can keep your status a secret if you are employed where your insurance forces you to go for medical care.
    I'm so sorry that happened to you.
  3. by   daisey_may
    I work as a nurse's aid on a med surg floor, and when we get patients who are nurses, the nurse's cringe. They can be the most demanding of people! But when you think about it, they spend all of their time caring for really sick people--now that they are really sick, they want to be cared for! I try to give them everything they want. I saw a thread on here about things patient say that annoy you concerning labor and delivery and needy new mothers...they feel it's time that someone cared for them knowing they are going to have to go home and give and give and give!
    It's hardest to have patients who aren't nurses but have nurses in the family. They make sure the patient gets pain meds every 4 hours to the minute and are turn q2h, but that's their job. That patient, knowing they have someone who has an 'insider's look' to the situation is expecting to make sure they have the best care possible. I don't want to say harder, but there is more compassion and understanding needed for families with nurses. I have learned being patient and asking for what they are looking for helps. I wish so much that this had happened for you.
    I am so sorry to hear about your situation, Haunted, I think that is awful that they skipped out like that on you. Though I've been lucky enough to have not be admitted to a hospital, I come home wanting to be comforted by my SO because I'm just exhausted from taking care of others!
    Those nurses were so wrong to have done what they did. Even if you were their co-worker or even their boss, you should not have been left hanging like that. It doesn't matter that you are a nurse or not. You could be an L&D nurse in for surgery--that does NOT by any means allow the nurses to stop providing you the best care they can give. It appauls me that they thought they had an 'easy' night because they didn't have to treat you like a patient. This is one of the best times when the nurses should be patient advocates.
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    I also wanted to add one more thing. (Sorry, I didn't realize my last one was so long!)
    I will be done with nurse's training this may. I've been sick with abd pain and nausea for a while, and I took a hidascan (sp?) a couple days ago to rule out my gall bladder. The moment I walked in the room, the person performing the test asked if i was a nurse because i wore clogs...i said i was in training.
    Now, I do look a lot younger then I am (I hear it EVERYDAY) like, i look 14 instead of 18, so maybe it was because i looked so young that he took such good care of me, even knowing I was in nurses training. When I started to feel nauseated, he held the trashcan for me and gently rubbed my arm until the pain and nausea caused from the test went away. I was scared and anxious and it helped so much that he didn't dismiss me as knowing what was going on, as I had feared (because i know that happens).
    I am so sorry for your experience. I hope that you let someone know your experience so that no one ever has to go through that again! I hope that you don't have to encounter something like that again.
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    Quote from ax433cs92dds
    I also had a similar experience. Checked into my hospital, of which I am a current employee. They of course knew this, and my staus as an RN. I was checked in nicely into the outpatient area for a laparacopic gallbladder removal. After returning from surgery, no attention. NO ONE came to check on me. After 2 hours and no one, blood from puncture wounds, not even a cup of ice, I asked for a wheelchair and an escort to the door. My husband took me home and with no nursing care I was given better care than in the hospital.
    It happens, sad to say, and I don't know how you can keep your status a secret if you are employed where your insurance forces you to go for medical care.
    I'm so sorry that happened to you.

    Did you report the unit for negligence? This is unreal.

    I had a PACU nurse, after my hip surgery, prop an unlocked WC next to my bed, tell me to get out of bed and into the chair, then left and closed the curtain- i was 1 hour post-op, and she left the bed in the high position. I yelled through the curtain that I needed her full name so I could report her for negligence.

    Another nurse came in within 10 seconds.
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    Quote from RealNurseWitch
    Horrible experience that you had. So sorry.

    This might make the other psych nurses in here mad but... from now on, if I have to have a procedure and the nurses find out I'm an RN, I'll be sure to tell them "I work in PSYCH!"

    (Never mind that I WAS a med surge nurse for three years)

    IMBC, "I work in PSYCH" but that doesn't make me stupid.
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    I second others who say:


    and take care of and nurture yourself.
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    Quote from HauntedRN
    Intersesting follow up, now this MD is leaving messages on my phone which sound a lot like CYA, "Gee you know I am always here for you, almost 24 hours a day, it was Judy's fault that she didn't follow up with you A FEW DAYS AFTER SUGERY (Judy is a secretary) and you can always call me, I am here to fix whatever is wrong ....beep" . Well, this MD billed my insurance for an ablation when all she did was a D&C ( I found out about 18 months ago because she was evaporated after the procedure, ) she discovered a cardiac insufficiancy during an echo back in 2005 and informed me the day before surgery. Finally, here NP did a procedure which required here to do a dilation of my cervix and remove endouterine tissue for biopsy, which was performed without anesthesia OUCH and I just discovered that they were unable to use the tissue obtained due to CONTAMINATION of the sample!!!!!!!

    I think, hands down, I will look for another PMD for follow up but I am in a terrible position, I do need to be seen ASAP for my elevated temp, which was high when I was discharged, my cramping pain, extreme fatigue, my H was I am now told at 9, dropped from 13 the day of surgery so this blood loss is going SOMEWHERe, sheesh, where do I start? I never need a GYNO, how do I begin to find one and what, if anything do I tell him or her regarding my reasons for not continuing care with this current MD. You guys are wonderful and I can't wait to get back on my feet and figure all this out, today was a very bad day with pain and fatigue. Did I tell you that the secretary from this office told me yesterday that I would be off work for at least 6 weeks? I need to file for disability and they only charge 25 bucks to fill out the forms. Should I have been told this BEFORE THIS SURGERY????? OK deep breath.....
    just a thought - does the doc office send out notice via mail re test results - i know ours started doing that a few yrs back and i have at times not gotten the results so i have had to call and they say oh well we sent that out blah blah - perhaps they sent you something and it gotlost in the mail. not that that is an excuse but is it a possibility?
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    Wow that is a little bit of a wake up call for me. I have taken care of nurses in the past and I do assume to a certain point that they understand what is going on with their care, but I would think that they would still ask you if you had any questions or concerns before leaving the hospital. I usually feel more comfortable teaching a healthcare professional than a layperson b/c they understand the terminology and in most cases the rationale behind the instructions. Healthcare professional or not I would still give them nursing care I may just have to rethink my assumptions on their knowledge basis though, hmmm. Something to think about.
    For exercises once your doctor clears you, you may want to look into bellydancing. It strengthens the muscles in your pelvis, is low impact and is a lot of fun! I took classes for two years and there were all shapes and sizes in the classes. Even little old ladies from the assisted living facilities would take shuttles over for classes. Look into it when you're feeling a little better.
    As for what happened with your care, all I can say is I'm sorry it happened and try and be a better advocate for yourself. Research procedures before having them if possible and tell the staff, HEY I DON'T Know what to expect! I work in ortho, have exp. with rehab and geriatrics, but I don't know everything with renal or stroke or other specialties that I don't work with often.
    I hope you feel better soon and thanks for the wake up call.
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    Quote from nurscee
    One night I rushed my postpartum daughter-in-law to ER. I was watching the monitor (her b/p was outta sight).
    You were on the postpartum unit and you brought her to the ER? Wow.

    Unfortunately the ER fast tracks all OB type issues straight to OB, so probably you didn't get anywhere with that move.

    If I had been your RN I would have asked your DIL how much info she wanted given, and dealt with the situation based on her preferences. But that move to the ER is just unprecedented...did you call 911?
  11. by   Haunted
    Finally home! I'm a bit of a dunderhead due to continous Zosyn IVPB and morphine around the clock. Stop me if you've heard this one....

    Followed up with a new MD GYN close to my home about 10 days after my surgery, still having the cramping and nasty discharge. He did a brief pelvic and felt that I was healing OK, that the discharge was just old blood and normal vaginal discharge, cleared me to travel to New Orleans with my husband for his HS reunion.

    I had been running a low grade temp, mostly in the late afternoon and evening, still really tired and having crampy pressure and pain, mostly on my right pelvic and suture area of the vaginal cuff ( I guess that's where they suture you closed if you have no cervix)

    On Friday my husband took me to a college roomies Urgent Care clinic just to get checked out. They couldn't have been nicer, full pelvic, took UA and pelvic culture, took blood and because I had a fever sent me to East Jefferson General Hospital for a CT Pelvis with contrast to R/O hematoma, seroma etc.

    Very nice facility, well run by the county, drank the contrast, they also did IV contrast, the CT scan was pretty quick and I was sure they would say, ok dc the IV and go home and take it easy. Radiologist came out and said I had an absess with gas formation and I needed to be admitted for GYN consult!

    Long story short, I get admitted to a lovely private room with hardwood floors overlooking Lake Ponchetrain, a ding bat for a GYN ( a woman) who decides she is going to "pop this absess like a zit and let it drain" so without benefit of pain meds, pops a speculum up the love canal, grabs some giant aligator clamps and starts snapping away at the suture line. I was screaming after 3 minutes, told her to knock it off, got back to my room now bleeding and in pain, had a hit of morphine and decided to remain for the week end on antibiotics hoping to shrink this absess.

    Even though the nurses knew I was an RN, they did their best to explain the plan of care and kept me comfortable. I got discharged out of there on Monday after they had done an IVP, I spoke with my new doc from the hospital and he was completely baffled that the GYN would "stick her fingers up there and try that!" but agreed to see me this Saturday, he admits he will have his hands full cleaning up after 2 other Docs and did try and persuad me to return to my original surgeon but I burst into tears and said I refused to allow her to treat me in any way. He does have my medical records .

    I obtained my films and medical records from New Orleans and after reading thru them I am even more terrified. I now have a 1.3 cm ovarian cyst on my right as well as a 4 mm pulmonary nodule right lung base anterior. A repeat CT scan shows the absess is larger with diffuse gas pockets from previous scan.

    No one mentioned this to me while I was laying there in a hospital bed. I have no respiratory issues, no cough, no history of problems or allergies although I had PNA twice when I first started out my carreer and have, like most of us, been exposed to second hand smoke most of my life. I also have high calcium levels in my last blood test, which, I'm no oncologist but wouldn't that indicate CA with mets? I guess the good news is there does not seem to be any lympnode involvement as of last week end. Hurrah!

    Last night I sobbed and raged and resolved that NO ONE was carving me up, any diagnostics or treatment will be minimally invasive and all information goes thru me directly. I have decided to be a hard ass, whoooya!

    Tomorrow will hold a lot of answers for me hopefully. This has been the worst month of my young life and I wish I had never had this done. Thanks so much for being there so I could vent, your kind words and prayers are so appreciated.
  12. by   Haunted
    i'M GONNA MAKE IT! I saw my new and improved GYN today with my darling hubby. We brought all the medical records and radiology films back from New Orleans and this doc spent almost an hour in consult with us both. He explained a lot, did a brief pelvic and said not to worry about the ovarian cyst, felt it was due to the infection which he feels is resolving.

    I have about 5 more days of antibiotics and he will refer me to a new and improved internist to follow up with my pulmonary nodule on Tuesday. The bad news is NO SEX for another month. ARGGGH. All I can say is, when a crisis occurs, bring a well trusted advocate, always trust your gut instinct and hold your ground. This is your body and these folks don't always know what is in your best interest. I can also say that the original MD that I had continues to rape our credit cards, has double billed our insurance for procedures she never did and legal follow up will happen. There are some bad apples out there and we are in the position of having knowledge and wisdom to advocate for those that for whatever reason cannot advocate for themselves.

    It's made me a better nurse, I appreciate my husband and have a deeper love for him, most of all I respect my life and am profoundly grateful to be here. It is a humbling experience. Your prayers and positive thoughts worked!

    I thank you all and am still here. Just wish I could have sex.....
  13. by   MrsMommaRN
    Hugs to you. I am 10 months post total radical abdominal hyster. You have to take it day by day. Move slowly. I found that sleeping in a recliner was easier than lying down flat. An ice pack is also good for the swollen abdomen. Please feel free to pm me with any questions. Please take care of yourself and get the rest you need. Hugs