Right Direction??

  1. Hi my helpful friends in Allnurses land!

    It's me agian...research lady!
    I hope this isn't a stupid question, but I'm deparate for answers.

    Can someone clarify this for me........ I'm getting confused on different information.

    Is this the way it's suppose to go......

    If you want to attend nursing school at age 27...haven't been to school since 93.......

    First find a college (Associates)......
    take the pre-college exam (to see if your at college level, I guess)
    then the pre-nursing exam.....
    then the prereqs (the classes that will prepare you for the nursing program)......
    then take the actual classes that you need for the nursing program....
    then you graduate.....
    then the NCLEX comes last?
    RN goes at the end of your name!!!!!!

    Are these the right steps?

    Your help is ALWAYS appreciated!!!!! :kiss
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  3. by   caliotter3
    You learn fast girl! You got your first A! That is pretty much the way it goes, may be some variation here or there, depending on where you finally select to go. Where are you at now? Do you have your program selected?
  4. by   TootyFruity
    I'm scheduled to take the entrance exam in December. I'm nervous as a mouse that sees cheese on a mouse trap!!!!!!!! What if i don't pass a simple exam to get into college.....omg!!! What if mess up on it!!! That would mean that I can't take the nursing entrance exam!! oh my!! What will I do with this dead beat customer service job I'm on?!!! I hate it here!
    I want to be a nurse so bad!! I have to pass, I must....uggghhh!!!! lol
    Just stressing guys!!! Had to vent a minute!!!

    Thanks for listening!! lol
  5. by   caliotter3
    Believe it or not that exam you are taking in December is not really an entrance exam per se but a placement exam for math, English classes. And you have time to brush up for it. There are study guides at the library. Just about any review book will do. If you choose to do a little studying between now and then you will also be reviewing for the nursing entrance exam, which is similar. There are specific study guides for nursing. You might have to buy one at the bookstore. But it would be well worth it if it helps you score better. Glad to hear you're on your way. Lots of luck!
  6. by   live4today
    Wishing you well in your nursing endeavors TootyFruity!!! You've got the beginnings all right......now go for it, gal! :kiss
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    That'll work. NOW ---GO FOR IT! Good luck!
    Good Luck.... I am right behind you.. Taking the pre exam in Nov.

    Can't wait...
  9. by   sjoe
    Well, you left the MONEY step out.
  10. by   Lacey
    Tooty, You have it right but I might add some other options, hope it doesn't confuse you. There are currently 3 different types of education( in Pennsylvania anyway) that will you get you prepared to take the NCLEX. A diploma program is usually associated with a hospital, it is usually the fastest, very intense, M-F daylite with the most clinical experience, not too many, if any college credits are earned though. The associate degree is your program, offered at community college, can be done in a part time format sometimes, this gets you a 2 year college degree. The third type is the 4 yr BSN degree, lots more time. LOTS more tuition costs. I think your associate degree is a good way to go as the community college tuition won't break you and you can choose an employer after you get your RN that will assist with tuition reimbursement if you want to get a BSN later. The college financial aide office can advise you, right now there are a lot of loan forgiveness programs available because of the nursing shortage. You Go Girl!
  11. by   ERNurse752
    Sounds about right to me!
    Good luck, you'll do great!