Resume help -please!

  1. Does anyone know of any good websites to make resumes with? I have Microsoft Office 2007 but its only giving me resume layouts. For example, in the educatino part of the resume its only giving me one spot as if I only went to one school. But I need 3 spots! I've tried copying and pasting to add more but it won't work and is all misaligned and stuff. So what I need is a template. Or maybe a resume builder website. I've been trying to figure this out for 2 hours and its driving me nuts!
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  3. by   Ivanna_Nurse
    Hey, I just went through what felt like resume hell for my issues class. I found you can try it free and see what it is like; to access all of the features, i think it is 9.94 a month. You can save multiple copies of letters and resumes for different places and such. since it is internet based you can access your resume and coverletters anywhere there is access to the internet. Best 10 dollars ever! Good luck.
  4. by   luv2shopp85
    Aww geez! haha.. i have to pay for this?? Isn't there any way I can find a free template or something
  5. by   futurecnm
    I have found that the templates are usually more work than help. I have always done resumes in Word and designed my own layout, that way I can change the font size or add as much as I want. Really you just need it to look clean and organized. Use bold for the headings of each section and bullets underneath. Bigger font at the top with your personal info. I think it is just easier than trying to use a template. That is just me though!
  6. by   stillpressingon
    I agree. Templates are just a pain in the butt and not worth wasting time on IMO.

    I'm working on this now. Here's what I've done: I know the basic "requirements" of a resume but wasn't sure how to put it all together, so I'd google something like, resume objectives, resume education, etc and just changed it to fit my needs. When I needed/wanted to find an in-depth list of clinical skills to fit my position (who's really able to remember EVERYthing you do?) I google job descriptions for what I do and use that to guide me; stuff I do, I put down, stuff I don't do, I ignore. Good luck; it can be sooo frustrating @ times, eh?
  7. by   PedsNurse322
    Ummm.... isn't a $10 investment worth getting the job that you want?
  8. by   AnnieOaklyRN

    I tried the microsoft word thing to and it was too much of a pain to add more in. So what I did was print a layout out and then did it manually as i went along and that worked out much better.

  9. by   sirI
    you might try this link here at for helpful info:

    how to write a resume', cv, and a cover letter