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I've read on several threads now that nursing is not respected as a profession. I find this mystifying, as in my experience nursing and nurses ARE respected. So maybe what I'm not getting is what... Read More

  1. by   Alice McKnight
    Originally posted by Mel3K
    I've read on several threads now that nursing is not respected as a profession. I find this mystifying, as in my experience nursing and nurses ARE respected. So maybe what I'm not getting is what "respect" really means to nurses.

    So what do you think it is? How do you think nursing will achieve it? And why do you think that particular way?

    (I'm thinking of the multiple times I've seen posted that a BSN as entry level will command respect for the profession. Is that really true? Why? And what about those professions who already require a bachelor's degree and more and still aren't respected by the public? Lawyers, for one...)

    I'd love to hear what you think!

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    ON a quick note here, nursing is and is not respected I believe.....the patients that we heal generally respect us, I find it is the ignorant ones that do not realise what our job descriptions entail and still may see us as mere 'bedpanners and maids', yes unfortunately they still breed out there.......

    There can be many notions of the term disrespect I believe, and the verbal abuse we are subjected to by either patients or relatives is just as disrespectful as anything else they may do or say....In my experience I have found overbearing relatives the hardest to deal with, they are often the ones that misguidedly feel it is somewhat their right to come in and abuse us nurses for 'failing our duty of care' according to their agnostic and self importance fueled standards.....and quite often they will simply get away with the abuse simply because they are not inpatients and are rarely reprimanded in any way............that I consider disrespect.....

    A question I pose is...Are they seriously taking into account the escalating incidence of violence in all forms against nurses??
  3. by   mattsmom81
    I too am concerned about the escalation of violence---our society in general has become more violent thus we as nurses become increasingly exposed to hostile, aggressive personalities as well.

    I have been frustrated at the acceptance of violence perpetrated against us---"The patient is sick and wasn't in his right mind" seems to always be the excuse. When this attitude fails and nurses are able to legally claim battery and assault against patients, we will have some recourse. I would also like to see repercussions for doctors who REFUSE to order requested sedation for agitated patients, resulting in injury to nurses.
  4. by   MHN
    Alot of the public have no respect for nurses as a group, that is until they are sick and need our care.
    Fergus we have had hard negotiations for pay rise here too,similar to fergus our teachers get quite lge salaries too and all those holidays.
  5. by   st4304

    I agree with your post 100%. I do not have to read a poll to know that the general republic respects nurses. It is what I see and hear everyday. I have worked in a large metropolitan hospital and now work in a moderate-sized county/regional hospital and have NEVER been treated disrespectfully by any patients or families because I was "just a nurse". Outside of the hospital, if I tell someone I am a nurse, I ALWAYS get a positive reaction. Don't get me wrong, I have been spoken to rudely and even yelled at by patients and families, but those were individual events by people who were scared, who didn't feel well, or who felt frustrated because of things beyond their control. I have never been asked by a patient or family member whether I have an ADN or a BSN. I have never had anyone call me a "buttwiper".

    On the other hand, I have been treated disrespectfully by other disciplines within healthcare for being "just a nurse." By physicians, especially, and by administration. Have I ever had a doctor ask me my level of education? No, never. They do not give a rat's a$$ whether I have 2 years or 12 years of college. To them I am "just a nurse". To my own Vice President of Nursing -- quote: "A nurse is a nurse is a nurse."

    Just my own experience.

  6. by   babsRN
    OK here goes ...I'm sorry in advance if I step on toes or offend anyone...but I have to say this:

    One does not enjoy "respect" until one respects oneself. As long as we do not hold our profession as one of value to ourselves or society, how can we expect for others to fill that void within us. After too many years doing this, this is the one enduring concept that I think stops the nursing profession from truely becoming a profession.
    We know what hard work it is to enjoy success as a nurse today...we seek ways to invest in bettering ourselves and grow within our field...the only thing that holds us back as a group is looking outside ourselves for esteem/respect. Get over it!
    OK...ya'll can kick me can't take the respect I hold for myself, my work, my education, or my contributions to the world we live in... :stone
  7. by   P_RN
    No kicks Babs.

    There is a point where you just want to say...let up on me once in awhile. It's kind of like the dog who is kicked every day being grateful for the day he is not kicked. Then afterwards he does all he can to not be kicked again.

    If you are ever in a group where someone relates a poor health care experience, don't let them know what you do for a living. See what comments the rest of the group add to the mix.

    I do think that nurses are trusted....until someone perceives otherwise...then you see the real picture.

    I myself have been treated poorly by nurses, and just recently too. I have been treated well. Guess which nurse I remember?
    Guess which nurse I have NO respect for...and by extension, which nursing service and which facility?

    Until the entire group of us band and decide that we will support each other and try to present a united I don't believe we will be respected anymore than we are right now.
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