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I am not sure if this is a vent or if it is asking for advice. But, I am frustrated with my job as a new RN. I am on week 3 of orienting. My first two weeks, I oriented on ortho neuro. My... Read More

  1. by   kimmicoobug
    Thanks Raphael and Agnes.

    I was back on the floor today, but thankfully I was orienting with the admissions nurse. She is actually a very kind lady and would be an excellent preceptor...but she rarely does patient care.

    I was talking to another nurse, who has always been very nice to me, even now as a new grad. She asked me how I was enjoying my orientation, and I was honest and told her I wasn't too sure or what I was supposed to think since it is such a busy unit. She told me "you are in the trenches now. The best way to learn is to just go and do it. This is how you can tell if you can take nursing or not." I think this is the general attitude as to how new people should be treated. While I do agree that I learn best by just doing. How I have been treated and being totally unfamiliar has made me unsure of myself. I hate being unsure because I try to be as confident as possible.

    Sigh! five more days until I am done with this unit. Today was better. Hopefully, when my week starts on Monday, it will get better.
  2. by   angelbear
    I will never understand why management is not more choosy about who they let precept/orient. How is throwing people to the wolves helping to encourage them to learn and grow as nurses? How will we ever make and keep good nurses if the new ones think we are total cold hearted b-------? I dont get it you would think we would want to train them up in the way they should go or is it that we all want to work with total b-t-ches? I dont know but I sure wouldnt stay at a place like that. Nurses are to much in demand I would be going somewhere where I am treated with respect. Oh well Good luck hopefully your relating your experience will help orientation in the future.
  3. by   meownsmile
    Just a question,, why did they float you to another unit before you were fully orientated to your own? I say check the policy manual and see if there is something in writing. That doesnt sound right at all, im at a small hospital and even we dont float any new orientees, they dont even float the preceptors until the orientee is off their orientation. No floating until they are off orientation completely, then you will float, usually without any orientation to a new unit. But by then you should at least be somewhat comfortable with care of assigned patients.
  4. by   Neon8
    I'm a new grad and just started on my unit in Oct. I was very miserable for a while too because of the bad treatment. I even called my manager one day and told her I was quitting. I'm glad I didn't, because things did get better. I still stay away from the ones who were most unkind to me, but in general, everyone treats me better, and I am happy at work. When I see a new nurse starting on our unit, I go out of my way to be helpful and kind to her. I just don't understand why some nurses make it so hard!
  5. by   kimmicoobug
    Hey Neon. Most of these nurses I speak of were actually pretty kind to me as a student. This was the unit I wanted to work on if I didn't get into OB. I think they see this kind of treatment as traditional, maybe. The newer nurses are very helpful on this unit. Two of nurses that graduated last year has gone out of their way to help me. Maybe they remember the treatment. I heard that they had it rough too. I do enjoy med-surg. I love the patients, or most of them anyways. The crap surrounding it just sucks.
  6. by   Neon8
    Even if bad treatment to newbies is traditional, that doesn't make it right or acceptable. I am doing my part to break a tradition that is counterproductive and doesn't make any sense at all. Try to find an ally or make a freind with someone there. That works wonders to not feel so alone. Anyway, hang in there, everthing will be soon be better.
  7. by   cokie
    don't think i understand the reason that they would send you to a med-surg floor, if everyone is clear that you will be on OB. med-surg is not understood in 7 days. at the risk of being unpopular, are you sure that your attitude during this time is the same as it would be if you were going to be spending say, a year in that unit (med-surg). i have seen some people come through on their way to ICU, and they seemed to have a "i'm better than you med-surg nurses" kind of attitude. i warned you that this would not be a popular response. i don't understand why the hospital would put them in a situation where the person they are orienting is not staying. i'm not saying that there nurses are correct in their response to you, but can you put yourself in their place.
  8. by   kimmicoobug
    Cokie--I am not in the least offended by your statement. No, I don't hold that kind of attitude, or at least would like to think I don't. I have seen this attitude you are speaking of and it just makes me roll my eyes. I have a friend who is an OB nurse (for all of her one year post graduation) who has this uppity attitude. I don't think it would help me either to have this attitude considering that OB nurses float to med-surg quite that could make my life hell.

    This whole med-surg thing prior to being sent to our home units is new for this hospital. My director in particular favors hiring nurses with med-surg experience (she is new and didn't hire me)
  9. by   cokie
    thank you for your kind response to my post. it was just food for thought. one more thing that i thought of after i posted last night is this. this is not an excuse for their behavior (which i find appalling), but could be a reason. at one of the hospitals where i work, the really choice staff positions are going to new grads, and the people who are there everyday, working hard, trying to apply for the staff positions (my hospital loves to hire per diem), are overlooked. i think the management mentality is that these people already on the payroll won't leave, and they are trying to attract the new grads with benefits. just another thought. not sure if this is part of the reason for your chilly reception. i know that this is causing some hard feelings at my hospital. personally i love per diem.....use dh's benefits........take care, and i know that you will do great. also, don't feel like it's a test. if they overload you, tell them you need to take less patients for now. also, some of the things you mentioned (i.e. dressing changes) do not always need to be done at a specific time. mostly during your shift is ok. prioritize. we really can't do it all at the same time. you'll get it, just takes practice. also, if you really dislike med-surg, find out what the policy is on floating. some hospitals always float the newbies, but in CA the union says this is not fair. it has to rotate.......ask ahead of time. have a great week.
  10. by   fab4fan
    I am in no way excusing the treatment you're's wrong, period. But I do kind of feel for those nurses, too. Looking at it from their POV, they are having to orient people who aren't even going to be staying on their invested can they feel in precepting (kind of like, "What's the use...she'll just be gone in a couple days.")

    I don't think it makes any sense to have you orient to M/S if you're going to be going to OB. If you decide OB isn't for you and you want M/S, then orient to M/S then...not before.

    And no way should you be supervising just passed your boards; you don't have the experience, and you should be concentrating on yourself.

    Incidentally, it sounds like you're handling it awfully well for a newbie!
  11. by   peaceful2100
    I think the whole set up with the orientation for new grads seem horrible. I am a new grad and I thought I had it bad until I read this post. Kimmicoobug, the hospital needs to figure out a new orientation program. It is going to leave a LOT of new grads frustrated and a lot of the seasoned nurses who have been on the floor for a while frustrated. The hospital is dumping new grads on floors where the new grad is not going to stay just for the sake of what? Do they really feel a few weeks of orientation is going to benefit a new grad and then transfer them to a new unit where they will have to start over again on that unit.

    It is not fair to the new grads because their preceptors are getting upset because their preceptors are having to train people who won't be there in a few weeks and it is not fair to the preceptors because they have to take the time out to precept and the people they precept will not be there in a few weeks.

    It is not fair both ways around and hopefully the hospital will figure out a different orientation program.
  12. by   kimmicoobug
    Fab and Peacefull..

    The thought did enter my mind a few times about the amount of time that a nurse would have to spend to orient me to the unit,and I don't think the preceptor and mentors get paid anything extra to work with us new grads.

    I agree that I don't like this orienting thing anymore. They are trying to get us to have more med-surg skills before orienting to our specialties, but I keep having to re-orient. It is kind of stressful to say the least. In a week, I have to do this new orientation thing all over again. Well tomorrow is the start of a new day in med-surg. I plan on using all of the words of advice that I have gotten and using it.
  13. by   susanmary
    You've been offered good advice. You have a good attitude ... you are also learning a great deal -- especially about floor dynamics. Please DO NOT take students -- if they are assigned to you again in M/S, see the charge nurse and tell her that the students should be assigned to the seasoned nurses -- and that once you are more seasoned -- you'd be delighted to precept. You're being dumped on. It seems that there should be a more organized way of your introduction to med-surg -- but it doesn't seem as if that's going to happen to you. But do remember, when you accept a patient -- you are accepting responsibility that you are able to care for him/her within your scope of practice. You need to speak to your charge nurse/manager, etc. and find out exactly where the hospital's policies & protocals are -- and you need to follow them. I feel for you ... hang in there. Good luck in OB.