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  1. I'm just curious if all schools are created equal. I know this is a stupid question, and I realize they are not, but just wanted to get some feedback on my school. I attend a small school in KY with a small class of 15 students. In the last year alone, there have been 2 teacher dismals, and numerous revisions to the cirriculum by the state board. We are always having conflicts with teachers and some of the materials and videos that we are required are either very outdated, or totally useless and just create "busy" work. Is this typical? I have a BS in biology and never had one problem with this degree. Only my ADN. Just a little leery that I'm learning what I need to know when I graduate?? Thanks for listening.
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  3. by   Allison S.
    I waS pretty dIsappointed with My sMall private wOmeN'S college in boston, on an administrative level.

    We had verbatim re-runs of lectures. Our schedules were constantly being re-arranged--this was a big problem as most students were working adults and many had families. Finally, any problems that occurred were inevitably the fault of the student, and accordingly it was difficult to get any support from the powers that be.

    (Talk about therapeutic communication, NOT!)

    We had a 100% NCLEX pass rate, but also a high drop out rate. I would look into these stats at your school, and also ask to contact some grads to see how their careers are going.

    Good luck.
  4. by   Agnus
    We had a consistent 100% FIRST TIME pass rate until my class. The 2 women who broke that record has some personal issues. Alcoholims for one. They both eventually passed.

    We consistently have about a 33% atrition rate which is consistent with colleges classes in all subjects at 8 different colleges that I have attended.

    We receintly had a faculty change. Lost about 4 professors to retirement.

    Standards are very high, they did not and do not now teach the boards. They teach nursing. We did not feel like, "if only it were not for the test we might learn something."
  5. by   CashewLPN
    hmm.... my nursing school was pretty good.... we had an 90% passing rate... we had 0 dropouts though...
    oh.... forgot to mention... it was a practical nursing school within a high school, so that 90 percent of passers all passed the test well before their 18th birthday. (you have to be 17 to hold an lpn licence in ny)
    We're considered in local hospitals as the best trained lpn's in the area... its good...
  6. by   Tweety
    I'm not sure what our passing rate at our school was, but I think it was high. We were a large class of 60 students. They were very organized and did a great job. The only major issue was "do we were caps to clinicals or not". We were the first class to get to not wear caps. (Obviously not an issue with me. But it was a big deal back then.)
  7. by   P_RN
    Our ADN class of approximately 35 only had 16 to pass first time. Soooo probably a D+. However there were some really outstanding instructors. The school was disbanded about 5 years after I finished and most of the faculty moved on to the BSN program.

    The local tech college took over the ADN area and THEY had (and still have) like a 99.9% pass rate.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    100% for every year since the early 80s til 1996. one failed then. our class of 1997 passed 100%, I heard. But believe me, the weeded everyone out they could to make it happen. We lost greater than 1/2 of our class before graduation time came. One of them in the VERY LAST SEMESTER!
  9. by   SpecFuz
    I've just started my first clinical semester as a transfer at a small private college. I am very happy so far with the school and the teachers, everyone seems very willing to help and pretty encouraging. I went to a huge community college before, where the nursing instructors were scary, and very discouraging. I think the school I am at will be nuturing and hope the money I am spending on it will be worth it, not just in terms of a degree, but also in preparation to be a RN.
    I also have a clinical group of only 6 which I think is wonderful!!!! My first clinical experience is this Friday too! Yippeeeee....

    Scared but excited,
  10. by   duckboy20
    I went to a four year university for my bachelors degree. It was a very well run program. We did have one teacher who turned out to be horrible who did not even last a year. But I really was pleased with the school I went to. We started out with around 55 bachelors degree students and graduated I think 45.
  11. by   justjill
    i'm a junior getting my BSN and i love my school! we have a 100% passing rate on the NCLEX...i just hope and pray i'm not the one who screws it up!

    we have a pretty small class (about 25) and i feel like we get plenty of one-on-one time with the profs.

    our professors definitely make the difference for me....i know they are willing to go the extra mile for me, so i am more willing to go the extra mile for them.