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Not to be a downer or anything but I have noticed some harsh things said about patients and sometimes even co workers in my unit when they think no one else can hear them. Has anyone else dealt with... Read More

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    Originally Posted by mssfelder
    PS. Ever wonder why their is no black, asian, indian, or hispanic nurse icon to post in threads? Hmm...
    What exactly is the implication, here? :stone

    Quite a few people have 'linked' their own smileys and such to threads. There's millions out there.

    Of course, here's another wild idea: instead of speculating why some website doesn't have any of a certain smiley to provide to people, why not create some?
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    Quote from RNCRNA2BE
    All of the people who are responding to a post like this are the ones who keep racism so alive and well. i think that most people are some where in the middle so to speak when it comes to racism with a few who will go to extremes, meaning that yes, people have prejudices, it is part of how we protect ourselves. That being said, yes a lot of black people have been innacurately portrayed in the media, therefore there may be some false notions of black people in America. But, it makes me wonder what kind of person feels the need to argue their points on racism to the point that there is a 21 page thread about it. The subject has been debated ad nauseum, and It gets no where. I think that most normal people, regardless of stereotypes will take the time to get to know someone if they get the chance. Personally, I think that most black people need to stop using slavery as a crutch, and get out there and take more advantage of what America has to offer. I know that the civil rights movement wasn't that long ago, and some wounds are still pretty fresh, but getting down on yourselves and wallowing in self-pity is not working. As far as healthcare goes, I think that the majority of patients and families want someone who is competent. End of Story. As far as going above and beyond b/c one is black??? Everyone should feel as if they should have to go above and beyond. Why do people feel like they should only work above their potential to prove something to someone else. What about proving to oneself that you have enough pride within, so that every job that you do in life exceeds the last one because you have learned something from the last experience to take to the next???
    Since you responded to this thread, does that mean that you are also a racist?
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    Quote from ZASHAGALKA
    "Black Power" is meaningless without 'Black Empowerment'.

    You have a better idea?


    !!!!!! I told you 7 or 8 pages ago that empowerment was one plank of the Black power movement. You refused to acknowledge it and instead chose to focus on one or two lines of rhetoric which you decided defined the entire movement. Now you lecture me about Black power being meaningless without Black empowerment as though you are teaching me something? Please....

    Do I have a better idea? Um, yeah. Instead of focusing so much time on acheiving "integration", how about investing in and improving our own communities? Improve our own schools and teach entrepreneurship, financial prudence and investment. Support the higher institutions of learning whch have always educated our children. Open and support the businesses that locate in our communities. That's a start. I know it sounds like "isolation" to you but it sounds like "empowerment" to me.
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    Sorry folks we seem to be going nowhere fast on this thread I am going to close it down for 48 hours and the staff will review.
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    Quote from madwife2002
    Sorry folks we seem to be going nowhere fast on this thread I am going to close it down for 48 hours and the staff will review.
    It has been decided by the staff that this thread has run it's course. So will remain closed. I am sorry if this has dissapointed some members, but I am sure there will be other opportunities to discuss this issue again.