R.N.'s Vs L.P.N.'s

  1. Why do some RN's (not all) think that they are better than LPN's?
    It's like they don't think LPN's are "real nurses".
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    please...i beg of you...for the love of all that is good and pure not this question again!!!
    i'm sorry to snap getbabygirl but please...do a search on this topic on this site.
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    thanks kids-r-fun!

    I am SOOOO tired of seeing these types of threads over and over and over again!!! PUHLEEZE!!!!!!
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    You all know the rules--DRINK!
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    I will only say that I have not seen a thread on why RN's think that they are better than LPN's. So if you tired of seeing this question do what everybody else does.... DON"T RESPOND!!!!
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    Originally posted by getbabygirl
    Why do some RN's (not all) think that they are better than LPN's?
    It's like they don't think LPN's are "real nurses".
    ARRGHHHH! What do you want to hear???
    Ya, ok I am an RN and I think LPNs are stupid, useless and dumb. And even though I get paid the lousy, stinkin' salary that I do, work under crappy conditions and basically have ZERO respect, I think I am this all high and mighty person who walks on water because I passed ONE TEST that by the way, I never have to take again.

    Why do some LPNs think they are better than RNs?
    Why do some LPNs think they are better than MAs, CNAs?
    Why do some MDs think they are better than RNs?
    Why do some MSNs think they are better than BSNs?
    Why do some network admins think they are better than programmers?
    Why do some managers think they are better than coordinators?
    Why do some directors think they are better than managers?

    and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.....

    Ok, where's my drink?
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    Hiya, just thought that even though, the responders here are obviously correct about there already having been numerous threads discussing this subject, you do indeed deserve answer to your question that is, lets say FRESH I think there is a line that gets crossed, whether it be on purpose or inadvertently. I believe that line is in the area of training. It is generally accepted that R.N. training is more complete. As with all things, there are always exceptions to this general rule. Some will use this general rule to crow a little, after all is said and done, the only real test is how we apply our knowledge. There are those with LPN after their name that in my opinion are just as competent, as any RN. As all the responders here know all to well there is the same kind of debating strictly within our own ranks. ADRN, vs BSRN vs Diploma R.N. etc. Again, my belief is in how well you use the knowledge you are taught. Hope this helps in some small way.
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    here are just a few i found... try a search, i'm sure you can find many more
    i got tired of looking.......
    thank you !
    enough is enough.......


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    I personally don't care what letters are after your name yes mine happen to be RN. My first cousin is a BSN. As long as you are doing your job competently and within your realm of nursing that's great by me.
    While taking care of my nanny ( the both of us). My Nanny casually asked what was the difference between us as she couldn't see any difference. Needless to say the BSN went on a monologue that meant nothing to my Nanny. I simply said, there is no difference except RN means real nurse and BSN means BUll S**T Nurse. My Nanny and I rolled laughing at the expression on her face it was priceless.
    Have a nice day all