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Why do some RN's (not all) think that they are better than LPN's? It's like they don't think LPN's are "real nurses".... Read More

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    Added by me: However, I am going to go on Allnurses.com...and will need a whole lot more help then:chuckle

    Sipping my Shirely Temple..praying for divine intervention...hoping I don't puke first.
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    Originally posted by sunnygirl272
    my FAVORITE...do u have any OJ??????
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    for me please.

    Excellent management of the subject matter.
    For me please.......

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    Gee Heather, could y ou conjur me up some Jose Cuervo? and a lime and some salt?
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    I have some baseline...here ya go...i`ll share....hic...hic..giggles
    Here, I mixed it up nice for ya......

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    Durn.......that sure looks good...drooling uncontrolably.....
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    Originally posted by Susy K
    getbabygirl, if you had an experience that was negative, my best advice is to confront the person who treated you without respect, rather than posing a question that is so painfully obvious a generalization of a group of people (RNs).

    If people are azzholes, it has absolutely, positively nothing to do with the RN behind their name.

    Now...I'm waiting for a bloomin' onion and a Harp, thanks.
    Amen sister.
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    Heather, I'll have one of those Margaritas, too. Extra salt please
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    ooooolalalala!!!! I am a happy girl!!!