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Hi!! I'm starting my first RN job next week and would like some advice on what kind of shoes to get....I used NurseMates for clinicals and didn't find them to be too great. I am recovering from a... Read More

  1. by   BrandyBSN
    SAS is the brand name... they come in a green box most of the time... any shoe store should have them, as they are pretty popular in the "older" population.

  2. by   huckfinn
    Triple ditto on th Rockport Prowalkers. I work on poured concrete floors in surgery and these shoes make the break. No other shoes have given me this level of comfort! I can do ten hour days standing and walking all week with no pain or soreness whatsoever.
  3. by   tshores
    Just go to a uniform store with lots of choices in shoes and try them on. If you feel pressure anywhere on your feet or feel your weight shifting to your heels or balls of your feet, get another style or try another size. That little bit of pressure is magnetized several times over and can cause all sorts of foot and leg problems when you're working those long shifts.
  4. by   PhantomRN
    I personally like the Dansko Rockers. They are by far the best shoe I have owned. I am short and they give 1 1/2 lift!! Added bonus.

    I looked at the Birk's but they are all clogs. I am like one of the posters above I find that with clogs I curl my toes and they kill my calfs. Also, they are VERY flat looking and feeling.
  5. by   WayneRN
    Another vote for Rockports! And I weigh 287 lbs ., so they must be good!
  6. by   P_RN
    I mis-stated how I buy my it really matters, but I get a new pair every 3 month so that at any one time I have a 3mo pair and a 6mo pair. Does that make any sense? I don't wear them for "all day stuff-like work" if they're over 6 mo old.
  7. by   Stormy
    I have had at least 6 pairs of SAS shoes. I have tried different styles, and they are all fantastic! The only problem....there is only one store where I can get them where I live. I was unable to get any my size, so I bought Merrells the other day. I will try them out for the first time tomorrow. They look like they will be comfy - wide with lots of room so as to not restrict the foot anywhere.
  8. by   healer1
    I wear nursing shoes from Red Wing ( the store specializes in work boots, steel toed boots, etc.) They are pricey but well worth the money. We have lots of poditrists and podiatry students at out hospital and I get lots of comments on how my shoes are the proper type of footwear . They are not cute but my feet dont ache at the end of a non-stop 12 hour shift.
  9. by   night owl
    my neighbor's kids just came back from school shopping and they bought all three of them these sneaker type shoes. guess what they have in them ??? roller skates! you push this little button on the side and these roller blades come out of the bottoms. well i must say that it would speed up those answers to the call bell honkers wanting pain medication and improve customer satisfaction. improving your high arches, low arches or no arches might be a a bit risky. i just had to laugh though when i saw these roller skate shoes... :d :d :d
  10. by   night owl
    oh, forgot to tell you, they even come in white!
  11. by   melly
    I wear New Balance walking shoes. Very comfortable. I live in Birkenstocks when I'm off duty but I've tried 2 different pairs for work and after about 4 hours they start to hurt my feet. Weird, huh? I've also tried Reebok (pretty good) and Nurse Mates (awful).
  12. by   aimeee
    Ah, here it is. Knew it was here somewhere.
  13. by   nicola
    Another vote for SAS!!! I have plantar fascitis and high arches. This, coupled with short, wide feet, makes shoe finding difficult. My boyfriend works in a shoe store that carries SAS. I was resistant at first, but now swear by them and have several pair! I also like Naturalizers and Easy Spirit. If you like clogs, fly flot is a brand of european clogs that I swear by. I have only one pair right now, but plan to acquire more! The Love style by Fly Flot comes in white and is the comfiest... and it's cute!