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  1. maggots?

    you pick them out with forceps. It is gross but they help keep the wound cleaner than it would have been without maggots. It usually smells like the bottom of a garbage can that has been sitting out in the sun fermenting.
  2. Online MSN?

    How did you decide on the online school that you chose? I want to get my MSN Education but I want a school that meets accredidation. So many are just diploma mills. I don't want to waste my time and effort (not to mention money). Do the schools have...
  3. I'll just sit over here and eat bon-bons.

    I would tell the doc "you triaged the patient. Fill out the paperwork". they want to do the job, they can do the paperwork.
  4. non hospital approved abrevations.

    TOBAS - Take out back and shoot. Works well for either patients or families!
  5. What color was your student uniform?

    white uniform with a navy blue apron overlay. Not too bad as student uniforms go. I wear ciel blue scrubs for my regular job, but I wear red for my agency jobs!
  6. retention of nurses in open heart unit

    Heart trained nurses ( ICCU) get $1.50/hr differential. I think it is reasonable to compensate RN's for speciality areas.
  7. Hey, agency nurses! Help!

    Be specific as to what area you are willing to work; some hospitals interchange ICCU and telemetry. I always specify ONLY ICCU ( some tele units are horrible to work in, not strictly tele patients and poor staffing ratios). Agency nursing is good ...
  8. question about shoes

    I wear nursing shoes from Red Wing ( the store specializes in work boots, steel toed boots, etc.) They are pricey but well worth the money. We have lots of poditrists and podiatry students at out hospital and I get lots of comments on how my shoes ar...