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  1. healer1


    you pick them out with forceps. It is gross but they help keep the wound cleaner than it would have been without maggots. It usually smells like the bottom of a garbage can that has been sitting out in the sun fermenting.
  2. healer1

    Online MSN?

    How did you decide on the online school that you chose? I want to get my MSN Education but I want a school that meets accredidation. So many are just diploma mills. I don't want to waste my time and effort (not to mention money). Do the schools have to be nationally and regionally accredited? Most that I have researched only seem to be regionally accredited.
  3. healer1

    I'll just sit over here and eat bon-bons.

    I would tell the doc "you triaged the patient. Fill out the paperwork". they want to do the job, they can do the paperwork.
  4. healer1

    non hospital approved abrevations.

    TOBAS - Take out back and shoot. Works well for either patients or families!
  5. healer1

    What color was your student uniform?

    white uniform with a navy blue apron overlay. Not too bad as student uniforms go. I wear ciel blue scrubs for my regular job, but I wear red for my agency jobs!
  6. healer1

    retention of nurses in open heart unit

    Heart trained nurses ( ICCU) get $1.50/hr differential. I think it is reasonable to compensate RN's for speciality areas.
  7. healer1

    Hey, agency nurses! Help!

    Be specific as to what area you are willing to work; some hospitals interchange ICCU and telemetry. I always specify ONLY ICCU ( some tele units are horrible to work in, not strictly tele patients and poor staffing ratios). Agency nursing is good because you are not involved in any politics or unit battles. You schedule according to your needs ( a huge incentive to work agency!). You may not get the intresting patients if you are agency. The hospital may not know your capabilities and you won't know their policies/procedures, or where things are kept that you need. You may get the demanding or unpleasant pts ( constant stooling, etc). I look at it as it allows the staff nurses a break and I'm getting big bucks and I can handle it for 8 or 12 hours. Also take into consideration that you can be cancelled so your income will flucuate. Some agencies have noncancellable shifts but those are usually at undesirable locations or a contract situation.
  8. healer1

    question about shoes

    I wear nursing shoes from Red Wing ( the store specializes in work boots, steel toed boots, etc.) They are pricey but well worth the money. We have lots of poditrists and podiatry students at out hospital and I get lots of comments on how my shoes are the proper type of footwear . They are not cute but my feet dont ache at the end of a non-stop 12 hour shift.