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I have a problem that I'm a little embarrassed about to post here, but I need some enlightenment, so here goes... On my criminal record, I have three traffic violations, mainly for speeding and... Read More

  1. by   katy_kenemy
    Quote from z's playa
    Totally off topic but you can be charged for a bounced check? Wow.
    i once had a warrant put out for my arrest for a bounced check. it depends a lot on how busy the police are in any given town; in a big town with more important matters, this tends to not happen. and yes, i am defensive about it all, so i have to explain: i was in an abusive living situation, trying to get out, blah blah blah not intentional blah blah blah and the check was only for a hundred bucks, just enough so i could leave my abusive home with sleeping bags, bus tickets and a child in tow. i made arrangements with the cops to pay it all back and did not get charged. thank God!
  2. by   NurseCard
    See, I think it really bites big time that, because of a 28.00 check, I have something on my record that is going to make it harder for me to find jobs. And no, I'm not poking at you Katy... I'm just saying, here you wrote a check for several hundred dollars, and here I wrote a check for just a few, and I have to live with it for several years.

    I live in a very small town where no, all of the law enforcement people do not have enough to do.

    gn04, what kinds of jobs are you applying for? Because, to be quite honest with you, a felony charge IS going to make it very, very difficult for you, especially if the crime had anything to do with violence or drugs/alcohol. If I were you, I would consider doing one of two things: 1) Look for larger, busier hospitals that might be a little more desperate for help. I know that sounds awful, but maybe once you've GOTTEN a job and worked it for a couple, three years... future employers will be able to see that you've been able to thrive in a direct patient care setting SINCE your conviction.

    2) See if you can't find something that doesn't involve direct patient care. I know that the state of KY, where I live, actually has job openings for registered nurses, and the only requirement (from what I can tell) is that one be licensed as a nurse; experience isn't necessary. These are desk jobs, mostly. Also, maybe you could work as a drug company rep, or work for an insurance company doing home physicals.

    Good luck!!!
  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from payday
    One application I filled out asked if there were any prior Traffic Convictions. Is a speeding ticket considered a traffic conviction. Anyone.
    Yes, if you went to court, pleaded guilty or no-contest to the charges, and/or paid a fine, you have a traffic conviction. So do most people who've driven a car for any length of time. :chuckle

    I'm really surprised at any employer who would ask about that on a job application, unless the position required frequent driving........speeding tickets are technically a crime, I suppose, but hardly in the same ballpark with theft, assault, fraud, bad checks, and the like. I wouldn't worry about it. :spin:
  4. by   kellisdomain
    I know I have gotten a ticket in my 27 years of living 3 times. The applications I have filled out said .....
    Have you been convicted of any criminal offenses? (Do not include for minor traffic) So unless it doesn't ask for traffic then don't put it. I think if you went into job where you had to drive residents/patients around then yes they might need to know this. If you have any questions though ask HR or whomever is hiring you.

    As far as criminal. YES YES YES always be honest.. Because if you say No even if expunged and they come back years later, or you get a new job and they find out you did have a record you could A) get fired from job, B) lose your license.

    To me losing a license isn't worth it.

  5. by   LPNer
    Quote from redred
    A friend of mine in nursing school recently had a shoplifting case expunged...and her lawyer told her on the nclex application to check "no" if ever convicted of a felony b/c the case is expunged...but she is still nervous and does not know what to do..can anyone give some advice?
    Expunged means it will not show up on a record check. If it's not going to show up, there's no reason to list it. I'd say "go with the advice of the lawyer."
  6. by   LPNer
    Abunced check can affect your criminal record, but a smal one is a misdomeanor. I know a lot of nurses with misdomeanors. I don't think it would be THAT big a problem, of course it depends on your area.
    One other thought that I think is important here and you may be missing is what a bounced check does to your credit rating. A lot of employers also look at your credit rating before deciding if they want to hire you. That could be whwere your problem is coming in too.. both a misdomeanor AND bad credit?
  7. by   metoknow
    I have been a pediatric nurse for 13 years. Eventhough I was NOT working and on maternity leave, a neighbor asked me to go to the grocery for her and gave me her checkbook. The total was $23.00 and I was arrested in the checkout line. Evidently, my neighbor was wanted in 4 counties because her checking account was closed 5 years earlier and she had been passing these bad checks off everywhere. I was charged and convicted of 4th degree forgery. Of course I notified the Ohio Board of Nursing immediatly. It took 3 years but they took my license for life. Nursing has been my life for so long and I just feel totally robbed. I never forged a script or stole meds or anything else you hear of nurses doingand my criminal record was clean. I am hoping someone might know of any other state in which you can practice with a felony. Everyone tells me to fight it, but I have worked for so little money since they took my license that I surely cant afford an attorney. Thanks so much to for giving me this chance to reach out to other nurses.
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Another reason why spending ~$125.00 yr malpratice insurance is a wise investment---they would have been able to represent you at BON hearing.

    Please see: Nursing Licensure With A Criminal History
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  9. by   Goodrida_25
    just curious to know how did you get off probation so quick I have been convicted of the same crime "forgery" and sentenced to 5 yrs. probation. What do I need to do?