Pulse oximeter

  1. Does anyone know where I can buy a pocket sized pulse oximeter? I am tired of searching for one everytime I need a O2Sat.
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  3. by   MishlB
    Are you willing to spend hundreds???
  4. by   nursedawn67
    We use those at work, but I hear tell they are outrageously expensive.
  5. by   sunnygirl272
    wow..i wanna work where Neon8
    does...i wanna be able to afford a pulse oxi.....teeheee
  6. by   renerian
    Do you know how much they are??? Call a local respiratory company to price them. Very expensive. Our agency paid 1500 for ours.

  7. by   wtxcchp
    Check Ebay.

    I have bought from several companies & usually pay $350 - $400 each.
  8. by   jackey_nurse
    I would recommend search on Google
  9. by   Jolie
    I understand your frustration in finding equipment that is in short supply, and needed for patient care, but I strongly urge you NOT to spend your own money on supplies that your employer has a legal, moral and ethical obligation to provide.

    There is also an issue of liability. Your instrument would need to be inspected by your hospital's biomedical department and certified safe for use. You would also need to keep records of maintainance, calibration, cleaning, etc. Failure to do so according to hospital policy would leave you liable if a patient were to be harmed by your device, either by a malfunction causing a shock, or by an inaccurate reading.

    Far better to spend your time writing up an incident report every time a needed piece of equipment is unavailable. That will get the attention of your risk manager and the hospital's liability carrier.

    Don't let your employer off the hook so easily.
  10. by   jackey_nurse
    Yes. I fully agree with Jolie!
    I would recommend to stick on FDA certified oximeters.
    http://www.clinicalguard.com/digit-p...ters-c-25.html provides a wide range of such units.
    I know ebay has some cheaper models, but I am a little concern about the liability issues.
  11. by   Keepstanding
    I am a school nurse. We have purchased a smallish pulse oximeter for less than $100.
    Do a surch at Moore Medical Corp. see what you get.
  12. by   Coastie_wife
    Here is the cheapest one I found. http://www1.mooremedical.com/index.c...tail&PID=11675

    Personally, I wouldn't do it. Things like that have a tendency to walk away.
  13. by   Keepstanding
    Also check the small adds that are just above these posts. There is one for $59.
  14. by   jackey_nurse
    I would recommend the Octive Tech 300C FDA approved unit from http://www.clinicalguard.com for peace of mind