Pts swiping in to the ER?

  1. I remember there was a thread about long wait time at the ER but can't find it so I'm starting a new one.I just saw this in a local paper and was surprised at this take on speeding up the sign in process.The add shows a key chain with one of those bar code tags like you use in a grocery store:

    Imagine an emergency room that already knows you,Where your name and other information are just a secure swipe away.No forms to fill out.Less time taken up by paperwork.
    Einstein at Elkins Park now offers you a new way to prepare for an emergency,and it's free,Just call or visit our website to quickly pre-register you and your family for care by our Board-Certified Emergency Medicine specialists,right in your meighborhood.You may never need us,but we'll be there for you before you ever need us.
    Your information is 100% safe and confidential.Call today to preregister your whole family.

    Is this something completely new or has this been done in other parts of the country/world?
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  3. by   miko014
    You know, I've heard rumors about this kind of thing...we're one step closer to being microchipped, haha!
  4. by   dawngloves
    I think it's a great idea. Especially for those with chronic illnesses. If you are in an accident or found unconcious on the streeet, the hospital could get your medical records ASAP.
  5. by   MS._Jen_RN
    We have something similar at the place I work. On your first visit to the system you are given a card looks similar to a credit card or one of those grocery store cards, no bar code though. I has a # on it that allows access to all your stuff. It's really nice. If you don't have the card your SSN works.
  6. by   June55Baby
    Yep, we've got that... sure makes registration simpler. Just swipe the card and sign the form and you're done!
  7. by   CraigB-RN
    In reality this isn't to much different than when we used to give people the old plastic stamp cards. We don't use a scan card but with our current computer program, it's easy to call up people who have been seen in the hospital system before.

    I see it as just another utilization of computer technology. Anything to make my life easier is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.
  8. by   chase4myheart
    I think that anything that can speed up the ER process is terrific, but I may be biased in my opinion. The ambulance took my mother to the ER yesterday. They had about 50 people in the waiting room. There was one person working the desk. She was responsible for answering the phone, sending people to triage, and regestering the patients when they came in. My mother spent 5 hrs. in the hall way on the ambulance gurney. She was never given an exam room, because they didn't have any available, and when one was available it was given to someone else that was waiting. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trashing the ER nurses. I felt sorry for them. I thought the receptionist was going to have a meltdown right in front of me. Where does the problem lay? I can't say that I'm sure. Maybe management needs to factor in days like this, or maybe it was simply a bad day. I just felt sorry for all of the people that was going through what I was going through while waiting. My mother did get seen and was sent to ICU with pneumonia. I stayed with her last night, and I have to say that her nurses were just wonderful. I feel that anything that can speed up health care is for the benefit of the patient, and I'm all for it.
  9. by   ann945n
    As long as it is voluntary then i see no problem with it. I wouldnt mind having some kind of chip in me alerting medical staff of my allergies to medications, but thats just me, if i controlled it i wouldnt mind.