psycho RN for a CNA instructor

  1. I seriuosly think this woman is psychotic. She is either overworked and has no biznezz teaching this class or she has some form of expressive aphasia. She has taught us mixed up terminology and then marks it wrong on the test when we go by what she said IE: she told us dyspnea was absence of breathing, well it turned out the right answer is apnea not dyspnea, and when everyone in the class put dyspnea as the answer she marked it wrong. one person knew it was apnea from a relative that experienced shuch a thing and got it right, therefore we where all wrong and should have known it was apnea (which she never covered in class by the way). On other numurous occasions she has had to correct herself in class which is confusing and or be corrected by a student about definitions. I'm not in position to fail this class I have a 97 average, but it is very aggravating. Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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  3. by   BBnurse34
    I had an insane nursing instructor that gathered all 6 students in a room of a very obese altered LOC man with an "innie" and said "lets see who can find his penis to do cath care!" sick woman. Her nursing shoes had about 10 years of white shoe polish and she always had tacky looking strings of saliva in the corner of her mouth.
    My advise is to zone out her lectures and study the book.
  4. by   formernurse
    Sounds to me as though both of these instructors should have been "put out to pasture" a long time ago!!!
  5. by   Mkue
    wow, that is scary.. i would certainly focus on what the "book" says if she is giving you the wrong information. good luck !
  6. by   ChemoRN
    During our last semester, our instructors made us take TONS of old NCLEX tests. Like 3-4 a day. They were the old "pencil and paper" ones. Sounds like a great idea, right?

    Well, there was one particularly interesting section. The director of the program had pulled a bunch of cardiology questions out to go over. She passed out the "test", graded them and proceeded to scream and yell at all of us for about 30 minutes over how stupid we were. Yes, that is exactly what she said.
    She said that we were an embarrassment to her and that we were going to be the ruin of her program, etc, etc. (the average score was somewhere in the teens, most of us only got 1 or 2 right out of 50.)

    Turns out, she didn't take the old answer key out of the grading machine when she ran our bubble cards through. We were being graded with the wrong key!! :roll

    I can still remember her screaming "vitamin K has nothing at all to do with coumadin!! Why would it be an antidote?"

    Never apologized, not one single time.
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  8. by   Sleepyeyes
    you know you're gonna be good when you start assessing and diagnosing your instructors
  9. by   JailRN
    you poor dears!! (((((HUGS))) to all of you with the instructors from hell. THe most any of our instructors did was scare us to death, just with a look!! They were knowledgable, and very professional.

    I suppose a transfer is out of the question?
  10. by   JonRN
    Summer school, sociology, the idiot prof lost our term papers in his ofc that BTW looked like a fire hazard. 3 days left in the session, he asked us to hand in new papers. I knew there was no way he could read 100+ papers if he read 24 hrs a day, so I gave him a nice cover sheet but the inside was a recipe for pizza rolls. Pulled a B+. Those were the days.

  11. by   KarafromPhilly
    One of my instructors, who by the way could barely manage to read at us out of the book, was talking about one of the noted side effects of Dilantin therapy--gingival hypertrophy. She said, "You'll see these patients, and some of them, their gums are so far receded, it looks like they're baring their teeth at you." I wondered what else she was making up as she went along--and this woman was a nurse practitioner!

    :angryfire:Nursing school was such a waste of time!:angryfire:
  12. by   caliotter3

    Those must have been good pizza rolls! How bout giving us that recipe?
  13. by   labornurse
    We had some instuctors that were really weird, and totally subjective in grading. Four of us handed in the same care plan, (wording altered of course) to the same instructor at different times and with different individuals, but with the diagnosis of pneumonia. Depending on who handed it in, it rated from an A to a D. Another instuctor would give you an A if you told her a really good joke just before you handed in your paper. Worked every time.
  14. by   mario_ragucci
    I see the instructors I had during CNA school to be a challenge. Lol, I had got to know about 5-6 during the 2 month intensive training I had to go through in oregon for cert 6 months ago. Lol, the instructors for classroom and clinical ranged from the most excellent people, to one who TOLD ME she didn't like me because of "who I am." I saw IT ALL as a challenge, and after going through the easy jive, I have fond memories anyway. Yule be a CNA and do good anyway, lol, so don't sweat it, unless you need the exercise :-) Sorry :-(