Pros and Cons of Baylor Plans

  1. I'm looking at doing a Baylor-shift type of work pattern right now. This one is in my current unit, it's an 8hr evening shift every Fri-Sat-Sun; work 24hr, get paid for 36.

    I'd like input from nurses who work Baylor shifts; do you do 8 or 12 hr shifts; 2 or 3 shifts Q weekend; and how hard is it to get a day off here and there? Also, do you have any type of social life with it? Bear in mind that I'm a mid-50's aged empty nester (not young and single any more, LOL!) and am wondering if this would be a good move for me at my age. What do you do for holidays that fall on weekends? What do you feel are the pros and cons of such a shift?

    I've also been offered a 12 hr Baylor shift at a smaller hospital in the float pool for just Fri-Sat. nights. I haven't worked in that hospital for about 28 years, and I don't like to float in my current hospital (it's so big and I'm set in my ways I think!)

    Please give me any and all advice ASAP. I'd like to make some decision (for myself at least) by early next week if at all possible.

    Thanks for your help. JennyP
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  3. by   mattsmom81
    I did a Baylor plan for many years when my son was small and it worked well for me. It was sometimes a problem getting a weekend shift off...but I could usually find a part timer or PRN who occasionally liked the extra weekend diff tho.

    I did 2- 12's on Fri-Sat-Sun, was paid for 32 hrs and got fulltime benes.As a whole, I found weekends to be more laid back as a whole and the Baylor staff bonded well in my facility. It was nice having my weekdays off too...time with my son, reduced childcare cost, and the stores and streets are not crowded when i wanted to go out. (important in larger cities)
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  4. by   New CCU RN
    I am switching over to Baylor. In my facility it is self scheduling and you have to work 36 hrs b/n Friday 7 am and Tuesday 7am. So basically you could work an 12 hr day shift on Friday, Sat off, a 12 hr night on Sunday, and a 12 hr night on Monday. Still have some decent time to yourself on the weekend.... we get paid for 40 hrs. So if we were to be asked to come in....automatic overtime, and bonus pay.
    I am doing it b/c I want to be able to have the weekdays free to attend school almost fulltime (11 credits next sem). The other staff I have talked to (there are three on my unit doing Baylor) two are doing it for financial reasons..more pay and they do agency work during the week, and the third does it for school during the week.
    As far as days off...we are allowed to request four weekends off a year...not alot but not sooo bad either. We can request as many Fridays or Mondays off that we have PTO for (start off with 27 days of PTO)
    The one great part about it is that this year....I wont be working any holidays!!!!!!!!
  5. by   Jenny P
    Thanks for your input. I didn't check to see if our Baylor shifts are allowed any weekends off; I will have to ask about that. We don't have a huge group of nurses doing Baylor where I work, so I wouldn't be doing the bonding thing --yet, anyway with co-workers. I do get along great with most of my co-workers, though, so I'm not too worried about that. I'm also not much of a shopper, but maybe that may change if I go to this type of work schedule.

    Any other suggestions? All info is appreciated.
  6. by   Pamelita
    I started Baylor for about 4 months now and it works perfect because I am in school full time. Yes, you don't get to go out that much because the next day you have to go to work.
    I work 12 hours and sat and sun and get paid 16 hours free.
    Since I work in a small hospital I can get away and request a sat. off like today! because I have to study!!
    sometimes I will pick up on thursdays, but baylor is only sat. and sun.
    If you are in school Baylor is a good choice, since you have the whole week off.
    take care,
  7. by   NurseDennie
    Baylor plan is way cool. When the hospital is really hurting the offers get Very VERY good. Like work 24 hours days weekends and get paid for 36. Work 24 night weekends and get paid for 40!! And the w/e diff was pretty sweet, too.

    It worked great for everybody at my last hospital. But as management changed, it got a bit harder for the weekend part of the Baylor people. They had to sign a contract that they wouldn't miss any time at all, basically. I can't remember the specifics, but you'll definitely want to find out how they do it at your facility!!

    I think Baylor is the ONLY way to go. You don't get a lot of people being resentful of their lifestyles being messed up, you get a bunch of people who WANT to work w/e's. And you get a bunch of people who Never have to work a w/e.


  8. by   nrs2bme
    I'm still a student so excuse my ignorance... what is a Baylor shift? And why is it called that? Do most facilities offer them? Are they offered to only Nurses? Can Aides work this type of shift too? I am interested in working only the weekends while I put myslef through Nursing school.
  9. by   capgirl
    My hospital has a 'weekend program' like this:

    work 2 12hour shifts (friday, saturday, or sunday nights, or saturday or sunday day shifts)

    work 4 weekends in a row, get a bonus check worth $10 for every hour worked in that cycle- = $960.
    can either take the 5th weekend off, or work it as the new 1st weekend of the 4 week cycle.

    big money, and it is nice to have all your work committment over in 2 days, 5 days to live your life.
    I did this plan for 22 months before I went prn.
  10. by   Furball
    Originally posted by capgirl
    My hospital has a 'weekend program' like this:

    work 2 12hour shifts (friday, saturday, or sunday nights, or saturday or sunday day shifts)

    work 4 weekends in a row, get a bonus check worth $10 for every hour worked in that cycle- = $960.
    can either take the 5th weekend off, or work it as the new 1st weekend of the 4 week cycle.

    big money, and it is nice to have all your work committment over in 2 days, 5 days to live your life.
    I did this plan for 22 months before I went prn.
    That sounds like St Clares in Schenectady! Maybe?
  11. by   whipping girl in 07
    The weekend program where I work is becoming SO popular that we're having a harder time staffing the weekdays than the weekends. We (well, not me) work 24 and get paid for 36 (Sat and Sun AM or PM), but the shift diff is only for 24. They get the same benefits as fulltime employees and if they come in extra, time-and-a-half. The number of weekend shifts they can take off per year is based on how long they've worked at the hospital. If you've been there for a year, you can take 3 paid and 1 unpaid weekend shift off each year and the number of shifts you can take off increases incrementally. The way it works with holidays, though, is that if you are a full-time or part-time employee (including weekend program) you have to work half the holidays each year, and whichever holidays you worked last year, you have off this year. So if you are weekend program and it's your turn to work Christmas and it lands on Wednesday, guess what? You're working Wednesday (and usually the day before the holiday too). So I assume if it's your turn to be off on Easter and you're on weekend program, then you'd be off for Easter even though it's your regular day to work. But I wasn't paying attention last year at that time, since I had just started and I was just trying to learn what to do, never mind what anyone else had to do.

    For the person who asked what is a Baylor shift...
    Work only weekends and get paid for that name because Baylor was one of the first hospitals to offer it and it became really popular for people to be able to work and go to school at the same time...where I work, it's only for RNs and LPNs; I guess aides can work weekends only too but they don't get the extra hours paid without working them (at least not at my facility)...most of the nurses that I know that are doing weekend program are moms who want to be home with the kids while hubby is at work during the week
  12. by   jude11142
    I work a "weekday baylor"..............which is 2 16 hrs shifts(3pm-7am) for a total of 32 hrs and get paid for 40hrs plus benefits. What I am trying to figure out is that if I choose not to take benefits, I would get $7 more an hr(which work out to be an extra $280. a week). I called BC/BS and got a quote for medical/dental insurance($405 month), so in that sense, it would be a better deal for me. The thing that I didn't realize is with the "no frills" package, that means no sick days, no vacation days. Right now, I don't know what I'm going to do.

  13. by   Jenny P
    Hmmm, it sounds like the Baylor shift programs are very popular; no one has hated them so far. And there really seems to be quite a variety of ways they are done too.

    Dennie, I will have to check about any time off on our Baylor shifts. I don't know what our rules are. Thanks for that info.

    Capgirl, I have never heard of that type of plan where you get an extra $10.00 for each hour you actually work after 4 weeks of work-- so essentially your paid $10./hr MORE than the normal rate for doing Baylors, right?

    And Konni, the idae of the diff. for only the hours worked is interesting also. I shall add that to my list of things to check on when I apply for this position.

    I have never heard of a "weekday baylor" plan, Jude, that sounds quite unique-- AND exhausting too-- working 16 hours in row! I hope these aren't back-to-back! I could never do that myself.

    Oh so many things to think about! But it definitely looks like Baylor plans are very helpful for nurses so far!
  14. by   whipping girl in 07
    Jenny, the nurses that I know that do it or have done it are happy with their decision, although they all agree it's not something you want to do forever (I mean, you work EVERY weekend). The norm seems to be 2-4 years.