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In the event the bachelor degree program of study becomes effective for anyone desiring to become a RN, how much should we be paid? Give an entry level salary, then a list of proposed salaries... Read More

  1. by   shipslitehse
    Wow all these figures...I am a new grad and i make $16.44/hr base not including shiff diff, overtime, or charge nurse diff.
    I'm in Alabama so that is pretty low compared to the US national average.
    I actually feel that its decent pay, considering I have a AAS degree, but if you consider all the legal liabilities of an RN Its not nearly enough
  2. by   -jt
    NYC - cost of living comparable to LA & probably other urban cities.

    The base salary of ADN new grads working in hospitals that have been unionized by the New York State Nurses Association is now $55 - 60,000/yr. At least $1,800/yr is added for BSN. Add at least an additional $1,000 for each year of RN experience. At least $2,500/yr is added for specialty certification & at least $5,000/yr for eve/night shift. I say "at least" because depending on facility and contract negotiations, some rates are higher. There are no paycheck deductions for medical because we dont pay for health benefits.
  3. by   fergus51
    Do you find this is a good wage for NYC? Like can you afford to buy a small or medium house on it? Frankly it sounds BEAUTIFUL.
  4. by   -jt
    Actually, Fergus, I think its an excellent wage. In fact, in our last round of negotiations at my hospital, our RNs didnt even want an increase in salaries - they demanded an increase in their pensions instead. But we dont go into negotiations saying "oh by the way we dont want any money" - so we ended up with both. Yes as a single parent, I was able to buy a med. sized 3 bedroom house, my car & keep my kids in private school with that salary plus put some away for the college funds & my tax-deferred annuity plan every week. Im satisfied with it but still theres room for more improvement on the pensions & retirement benefit.
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  5. by   Teshiee
    When I came out of nursing school in 99 I made 33k by next year my salary doubled to 61K. I work registry and will not do fulltime work. There is no incentive. I live in California and everyone knows our cost of living is outrageous. The cool thing about being a nurse you can make a small fortune it is merely up to the individual. I have a co-worker who made 120K last year just working with agencies! It is a matter of preference. I stay on top of my education and ceu's. I do not rely on full time for nothing. Nurses should get paid what they are worth. With having a degree of course they should get paid for the effort of acheiving it. Because most of us are motivated by the $ many individuals don't see it as an endeavor.