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This is a case study in how the nursing shortage is really a myth. When you pay RN’s really well and give them great benefits … the shortage, for the most part, disappears. The real solution to the... Read More

  1. by   Valerie Salva
    Quote from Sheri257
    When the state was figuring out how they were going to pay for all of this, they did a cost analysis and found they were paying a whopping $67 an hour for registry nurses for a total of $90 million a year because they were so short.

    So they decided to cut back on registry and pay the staff nurses more instead. Ironically, even with better state benefits, this isn't going to cost the state any more money so ...

    I think this proves that hospitals should pay staff more instead of hiring registry/travelers.

    Remember, the $67.00 per hr is what the agency bills for a traveler, not what the traveler makes. Most travelers in higher wage states, such as California, make the same or less than regular staff.

    When a facility has a high turnover rate, hiring travelers and agency is often cheaper for them that hiring reg staff- they do not have to pay for new employee orientation, PTO, or bennies.

    Many hospitals that use a lot of travelers and agency have to, because they are bad places to work, and no one wants to be reg staff there.
  2. by   anonymurse
    There IS no shortage. Staffing is exactly where management wants it. Why hire more nurses when the numbers on hand will kill themselves to make things work because they're hooked on how heroic it makes them feel? Think of the situations in which you find heroism and you'll realize the only time you have heroes is when things are *****. It stands to reason the only time you have people feeling heroic every day is when things are ***** every day. So it follows the only way you can have things ***** every day is when it produces a level of profit most pleasing to management, otherwise they'd think it was broke and they'd fix it NOW, right or wrong?
  3. by   pawashrn
    Think? Is the national outcry for nurses, propaganda? The more the government and their fellow bed-partners, hospital administrators and physicians. Scream for more nurses, but yet do nothing to encourage the enter into nursing. The justification they have to increase the work-load, because, as long, as nurses accept the unrealistic patient to nurse ratio. The more they will expect (do it once-do it forever). remember, as an experienced nurse leaves the back-door, a lower pating new grad is entering the front. you don't have to be in a union to say this assignment is unacceptable and I will not place my license on the line. This is not insubordination, this is a nurse protecting patient/public safety, which is in our oath of nursing and the safe manner in which one can truly take care of the patient.
  4. by   blondesareeasy
    There IS a shortage of nurses who are willing and able to work in poor conditions.
    If you are the sole income earner, you will, of necessity tolerate very poor working conditions.
    If you have an additional income source, or some type of backup you can rely upon (whatever it is) you will have the option of leaving.

    There are a lot of very talented nurses out there who are simply fed up.