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  1. marie-francoise

    I hate nursing..

    Some of the most miserable moments in my life: 1) The day before med-surg clinicals (dreading them) 2) Being at med-surg clinicals (hated them more than I've ever hated doing anything else in my life) I got through nursing school with high marks; but I hated, hated, hated the hospital. Too true about what you say about the hospital - from a non-nurse or non-nursing student POV, it seems like a cool place to work. Now, I know better... No wonder we have to import nurses - who will stick around the hospital bedside when they know what it's like? I don't want to know where hospital nursing is headed... I don't think it has bright prospects. I am not too experienced, so maybe some experienced nurses can chime in here; but I was not hopeful about what I saw/experienced.
  2. marie-francoise

    burn out in first yr

    I hated nursing clinicals more than anything I've ever done in my life - esp the med-surg hospital clinicals; but, really, all of them. Was never so miserable. Totally turned me off to bedside nursing. I kept thinking, "who the heck would do this day in, day out?" I was good to my patients and always tried to do right by them; but I still hated being there. I can't even watch hospital dramas or health-care-related news anymore now, without getting a knot in my stomach. I just turn the channel away. Don't know who will be nursing us a couple of decades from now.
  3. marie-francoise

    burn out in first yr

    I'm done with nursing school, but have to say that it taught me that bedside nursing has got to be one of the most difficult jobs around. It seems to me that the level of stress & expectation placed on nurses is abusive. I don't want to subject myself to such perpetual stress & abuse. I would rather take a lower-paying, non-bedside job at this point & have some quality of life.
  4. marie-francoise

    "Other" healthcare careers...

    Do what you want to do. Listen to your gut, not the opinions of others. I also cannot see myself at the bedside for very long.
  5. marie-francoise

    I hate nursing..

    It's almost laughable - I like when staff coach the patient by asking the ill patient who is lying in his/her bed not giving half a $!%# about these survey questions, "So would you say you'd 'DEFINITELY' recommend this hospital to a friend?" It's a steaming load of baloney, to use a polite word. Yes, they are MUCH more interested in customer satisfaction surveys and graphs than they are about actually improving the safety of the workplace, including staffing levels. Better to capture how pts feel about the hospital food than about safe staffing, ya know...
  6. marie-francoise

    I hate nursing..

    True - and you will see on Web boards that older nurses regret & rue how nursing has changed over the years. It is a repeated theme. The mighty dollar now rules health care, and this has made for some bad changes over the years - short-staffing, 12-hour shifts, higher acuity patients with shorter stays, lack of respect for patient-care issues over money issues, etc., etc., etc. I would wager that many of the really good nurses notice & feel these extreme shortcomings of their profession the most, and are the ones who hate their situation the more for it. The good nurses, I bet, reach burnout quickest.
  7. marie-francoise

    I hate nursing..

    I think it's entirely normal to hate nursing. There are a lot of RN's out there who are not at the bedside. They will talk about the good sides of nursing, yes; but they are not at the bedside. Believe me, don't worry - you are not alone in how you feel. And those bedside nurses who like their jobs - we are very thankful for you; takes some fortitude, definitely.
  8. marie-francoise

    Took NCLEX-RN Exam today (YIKES!!!)

    The NCLEX-RN was one of the most bizarre tests I have ever taken. Weird questions. Did not reflect what was taught in nursing school, or the content of those thousands of NCLEX practice questions. I did very well in school, and now I just feel blank & bewildered, as though I had to guess at each question. I have all this knowledge in my head from nursing school, and I feel as though only a tiny fraction of it was even reflected in this test. Odd.
  9. marie-francoise

    New Nurse who hates her job...nursing is not what I thought

    What you are observing is a common theme in bedside nursing - much of it does suck. My eyes started opening in nursing school during clinicals. Too much patient turnover, too many patients per nurse, too much documentation (related to the constant worrying over possible litigation), too-long shifts, too little respect for nurses, nurses' being the "catch all" and doing others' jobs, the higher acuity of patients, the more complex treatment regimens that are evolving with modern medicine, administrators with biz degrees as opposed to RN or MD degrees, etc., etc. I mean, what happens when a nurse has an "off" day - a day she's just not feeling well? In a desk job, you can get through an "off" day. In bedside nursing, you run around like hell and what is expected of you requires hyper-acute thinking & physical condition, it seems. No "off" days allowed, I guess... And the actual days off - the non-worknig days - are spent just recovering from work. My desk jobs - even the ones I didn't like terribly - seem like paradise compared with nursing.
  10. marie-francoise

    stressed..other nursing options??

    I really do think that the nursing shortage (that was) has to do with these real stresses of nursing. Desk jobs ARE easier, and frequently better compensated. And working conditions in nursing seem to be getting worse (too much charting, number & acuity of patients, higher responsibility burden without the commensurate respect in return, physical stresses, long hours, worry, etc.). And dealing with the general public constantly is no cake walk, either.
  11. marie-francoise

    Jaded with lack of end of life quality?

    I think that families don't see that there are alternatives between the extremes of tubes everywhere vs. doing nothing. I guess it's denial. I heartily agree with what you're saying.
  12. marie-francoise

    Is is it normal to not like nursing?

    Ah, what they DON'T teach us in nursing school. There seems to be a studied avoidance in nursing school of discussing the topic of nursing's true stresses & martyr-level sacrifices, not to mention the many ridiculous aspects of today's $-driven, lawsuit-fearing health care environment. Too many patients, too much charting, too many scripted lines, too much sense of entitlement by everyone these days, too much siphoning everything through the nurse, etc. I guess students would flee if they truly understood... So why the silence about the truth.
  13. marie-francoise

    Life is too short to be this stressed

    I'm a recent grad also wondering if hospital bedside nursing is worth the stress & abuse. One of the major lessons I learned during clinicals is, "now I know why there is a nursing shortage!" Having had other jobs, the contrast between those relatively well-paying, relaxed jobs, where you are not treated like a servant most of the time, and nursing, was just too stark a contrast for me.
  14. marie-francoise

    Nursing, the field of medicine or customer service?

    I agree with this. Not all truths are palatable, and I would say that this is true, that this is truly what's happening.
  15. marie-francoise

    Completely burned out

    Disclaimer: I'm still a student. Yes, even just from clinicals I can totally see why you'd be depressed at the thought of going into work. I'm having many second thoughts about going into nursing. I don't want to face every workday as a day that I dread. I think I would dread each workday if I went into nursing. And I'm saying that having worked in other jobs that I did not dread. You might want to give other types of jobs a try, and see how your mood improves.
  16. marie-francoise

    Almost finished and want to quit

    I'm in the same boat you're in. Almost done with my ADN, and the one big lesson I've learned from nursing school is that much of the nursing scene today (esp. hospital nursing) is an abyss I don't ever want to step into. But, my advice would be - just stick it out. Take each day ONE DAY AT A TIME. It will end, and you'll have your degree and a license. You can choose to use it as a nurse or - as something else. But at least you'll have the credientials, whatever your decision as far as what job you choose. (And yes - I would totally stay away from sign-on bonuses, no matter what the job - big red flag...)