Practical jokes at work

  1. What are some of the best practical jokes you have ever pulled off at work?
    I was in charge one night and we had a prisnor as a patient. The cop watching him until the county took over was a real jerk. He went out into the waiting room to sleep. An hour into his nap we moved the guy to a room down the hall. He, as well as the cop who was supposed to be watching him, slept thru the entire thing. Another hour went by and 2 county guys came in to relieve the township guy and found him asleep in the waiting room. As they came thru the closed fire doors into the unit we could hear the township cop saying "don't worry about it, he didn't go anywhere." The 3 of them walked into a room with an empty bed with a crumpled up sheet, gown and socks on the floor. All color drained from the cops face as he came out to the desk and stuttered "w-w-wher's m-m-m-my boy?" We nearly died laughing. When they started talking about APB's we fessed up and showed the 3 of them to the patient's new room. The county guys loved it!!
    So what about the rest of you? Surgilube on phone earpieces and call the person? Water fights with 60cc syringes?? How do you blow off steam at work?????:roll
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  3. by   Huganurse
    I like to spray the hand foam for a laugh at work. It looks like silly string!
  4. by   Furball
    I had patients receive dopamine thru a periheral lines a few times as a new nurse. Made me quite nervous, I tell you. Anyway, this one pt had a great sense of humor so she played along willingly. I blew up a purple exam gove, added black magic marker streaks and stuck it in her sleeve and propped it up on a pillow. I went to my preceptor to come quickly, there's something wrong with my pts left hand....the hand receiving the dopa. >screech!< The look on his face was priceless when he first laid eyes on this swollen, black and purple hand propped up on a pillow!! When he picked it up and it fell out of the sleeve he flung it across the floor!

    Must've had a rare slow day...we had a great laugh.
  5. by   thisnurse
    the only practical joke ive played to send my assistant into a pt room i knew was masturbating...

    hey brigid...the guy in 23 was asking for you
    what does he want?
    i dont know, he just said would you ask brigid to come in?

    i nearly peed myself when i heard her scream WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?

    im always open for suggestions
  6. by   JeannieM
    Slow night in ICU, we played one that didn't go over too well. We had a lab tech who usually had a really good sense of humor, so we poured pineapple juice into a specimen container and sent it down with a UA request. We figured as soon as he started analyzing it, he'd catch the joke. Well, to our intense surprise, he returned it to us with a printed result! He was furious when he had to go back into the system, delete the results and credit the patient; we were having a slow night, but HE wasn't! Oops....:imbar
  7. by   LoriUSAFRN
    Fake patients are always fun to give report on... Esp. the frequent flier who the night nurse hates....
  8. by   ERNurse752
    Spraying hand foam on people...water fights with syringes...those sound familiar!

    I've also heard of Lasix in the coffee, and NTG paste under door handles, though haven't actually seen either of those happen!

    My coworkers got me really good on my first ER night shift...I'd had about 3 pts die on me that night, and one of pt's families had been a little indecisive about coming in to see her. I finally had to take her down to the of the nurses pretended to be a family member, called me in the ER, and wanted to know "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY BABY! I'M COMING IN! OH DEAR LORD, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!! BRING HER BACK!!!!!!"
    And there are people in the background yelling and carrying on during all this...hehehe...
    I totally fell for it, so luckily they couldn't keep quiet for long!!!!

  9. by   PedsoncCNS
    A Piece of scotch tape over the hearing part of the phone - especially if you have one where you can unscrew the top makes it almost impossible to hear. The nurse I work with called telecom to come fix the "broken phone" and turned bright red when she saw them pull off the scotch tape.
  10. by   Brian
    One nightshift in CCU we had a patient expire, another nurse and I, took the patient to the morge. We decided to play a trick on the other nurse that night. After delivering the patient to the morge, on the way back, I jumped up on the gurney and covered myself with a sheet (as if I was the expired pt) and held still. The nurse that was with me told the other nurse (Vicky) that there was a note on the door of the morge that they would be back in 30 minutes, so we had to bring the corpse back and take it down later. After about 10 minutes, Vicky walked right past the cart and I sat up real quick and she freaked! She screamed and ran to other side of the room and said we scared the you now what out of her. Of course we laughed the rest of the night.

    I got to admit it, it was kinda creepy laying under the blanket on the gurney for ten minutes
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  11. by   sharann
    You guys are sick!
    Keep up the good work...
  12. by   shannonRN
    at my last job, they used the little lotion bottles and would squirt each other from opposite sides of the nursing station. they would also take the little tubes with saline in them and act as if they were sneezing and squeeze the bottle right onto you.
  13. by   Marj Griggs
    On a slow night in L&D--they would cover the board with the names and diagnoses of several patients, every one a train wreck, and have it ready when the next shift came on. Such as triplets, DIC, previa, a couple of premature labors, and some others I can't remember. It worked really well when there were new interns and the senior res were in on it.
  14. by   JillR
    One April fools day, the people on med/surg decided to fill the work sheets with all sorts of patients that had weird problems, one was there for a penile implant. When I came to work, one of the nurses in ER inadvertently let it slip that the floor nurses did that. So when I came to the floor and there were suposedly 35 patients for two RN's and no LPN's and CNA's, I made the comment that unless we get some help right now I would not be taking report. They told me that they tried to get help and no one would come in or stay. I told them that I was going home that minute. The look on thier faces were priceless when I faked that I punched out and came back and said April fools!

    The NTG thing, I would not recommend it. I have had NTG before and it puts me into the worst Migraines possible, ( not just a HA, but on my knees puking for hours HA) you would loose a nurse for the shift with that little joke.