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Im angry. I work for a small clinic in Northern CA. There are three RN's on staff at all time. Recently our Office Manager decided to start drug testing of all staff including Doctors. Well, one... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    Thewhip, I wonder if your schoolmate is very immature and bragtalking a lot, maybe pulling your leg?....I can't believe your instructors would allow her to continue in nursing school if what you say about her is obvious to them as well.

    Are nursing schools this desperate to accept unclean, unhygeinic student nurses who brag about their illegal drug use? Or is their goal to fill up their student roster and make their buck, knowing this person won't make it in the real nursing world? She may be smart enough to pass boards but she will be unlikely to get hired at anywhere worth working....the Vencor/ Kindred chain of hospitals do not do drug screens on employees and are known to attract these types :shudder:

    Your nurse instructors have a duty to patients and must act if they know this student nurse is impaired, or they risk potential liability themselves....maybe they're waiting, letting the school take her money for now, and she will be weeded out (no pun intended) soon enough.....
  2. by   ohbet
    You mean there are people who dont claim everything they should on their taxes?
    And whats a Nurse Practice Act?[just joking]
  3. by   semstr

    OK, I'll try to learn it, will you?
    I am talking real life and real, every day experiences.
    Going into LTC a lot these days with my students and there are lots and lots of former Wehrmacht-soldiers still alive, very old, but ............ did you ever have to take care of one of those still, very sure of their courses and still, sorry they didn't make it, men?

    Maybe you did, then you know what I am talking about, untill then I try to agree and learn all about it!
    Take care, Renee

    PS: this is the wrong thread for this, apoligize to everybody!!
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  4. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    I agree with the quotes ........WHAT YOU DO ON YOUR PERSONAL TIME OFF FROM WORK IS YOUR BUSINESS !!!!!!!! As long as when you go to work and you can do your job safely then as the Doc said ......"CHILL" whoppty do if you dont smoke bud or drink or whateva that is your decision......Mind your own business and mind your own bodies because you cant mind anyone else's.....Now shay and rustyhammer pass it this way ......LOL
  5. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    Here we go again, how many decades now have I been hearing this debate. This is my 5th decade of hearing this. Nothing has changed, The different arguments are all the same. The laws are the same. The motives are the same. At least somebody come up with something new........

    pardon the pun
    Keep it in the short grass yall
  6. by   mattsmom81
    Well, Tom, that's what this thread started up about...California is definitely up to something different...as usual...LOL!
  7. by   dhamma

    I don't know if I can add anything new, but I do know that many people see pot as a soft drug. Well, that may have been true twenty years ago when most pot was bush weed.
    I don't know what the trend has been in the USA, but here in Australia most of the strains available are hybrids that are grown in hydroponics, with many chemicals added.
    I have worked in Drug and Alcohol for many years and I am always amazed when people call this a "soft drug", especially others in the health care arena. I just tell them to go check out the Psych. wards, or come to our unit and have a look see.

    Now I am not going to make any value judgements on whether some people can smoke responsibly or use any mind altering substance responsibly, as I know that many people can. I just wish that people would stop differentiating between drugs, as I have seen as much damage done by all.....alcohol, pot, heroin, etc, etc.

    Yours in Metta
  8. by   mother/babyRN
    People who act that way in school usually, in time, tend to be "weeded" out, chastized or otherwise dealt with at some point...I am at least as much and probably MORE concerned about impaired docs, who the AMA tends to protect and shield with their huge budget....Thinking I wouldn't be happy if my lawyer or accountant was impaired on the job...Not at all happy if my beautician decides to get high ( on ANY substance) prior to my cut and/or color)...The vet might do ireperable damage to the cat or dog should he or she show up at work under the influence...
    Not at all thrilled if the phlebotomy person slated to draw blood out of my ONE good vein, is wasted in ANY way, shape or form, and I am thinking overworked and over medicated dietary workers could do some funky things to my food both as a patient AND a staff member...When it comes to the pharmacy staff, ALL sorts of things come to mind AND an impaired central supply crew MIGHT be responsible, however inadvertantly, for a major outbreak of some horrible ailment or biological insurgence of potentially such a magnificent degree that the CDC would have to be called in. ...And if THEY are high, what hope do we have???
    Thinking EVERYONE should at LEAST have the same standards we appear to be setting for ourselves...........
  9. by   jstinerich
    the whip - The poor hygiene of your fellow student does indeed suggest that she is doing what she's saying. How much is she doing? Here's the rule of thumb: (with drug use, divide what she says she does by 4; with alcohol multiple by 2).
    Jan - The instructors may not be aware - students' talk among themselves about drugs and cheating.
    Society is in desperate nurses. It's easier not to admit than weed out. Most schools do not do an interview, because interviews are subjective and not objective and can be questioned in court. Nursing schools do not have a high profit because of low student/instructor ratios dictated by nursing boards plus extra supplies and equipment to teach nursing. Then again another reason to try to avoid law suits. Nursing schools are beginning to do drug testing of students; however, it's not like when your licensed. When your licensed to nurse or to drive a car, you sign permission for blood testing. State laws cover that. However, no state laws exist that allow nursing schools to run drug tests - that I know of. Even if she comes to clinical too impaired to participate, she can always say she's coming down with the flu. Pray that she missed too many classes or gets caught cheating. Now, about the cheating part I know two nursing students who missed 26/100 of the same questions and sat beside each other. However, when this information was presented to the director of the nursing program - that in itself was not enough proof. One of the two students studied at home a year longer before taking boards; however, when she was in clinical, she didn't care to learn the best way - just enough to get by. A facility where the nursing students go could block her from practicing there; however, they usually go to the extreme of blocking all students - until they need the "free labor" to meet the needs of the patientss.
    Nursing Instructors are responsible for the student's learning. Facility RNs are responsible for the care the patient receives. Of course the smart nursing instructor would remember that the board can pull her license if she is teaching unsafe practices.
    Documentation for discharging a student from a nursing program can be compared to documentation of an uncooperative patient. It has to be written,detailed, objective, etc. Again that expense of a law suit comes into play.
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  10. by   Maula, RN
    Drug Use
    I despise drug use. I think as a nurse it's my patients' right to have a nurse in their "right mind". I do believe that if any health professional uses illegal drugs they can't be trusted with the legal stuff. Same for alcohol. I know it's legal, but too much and you'll be the patient hopefully of a nurse that didn't decide to get high before work. I think drug test should be mandatory. We are dealing with lives. Why take the chance? I would want a nurse who uses drugs. But I know we are humans and everyone has a crutch. Do we want our children to think it's okay to do drugs just as long as they don't do it at school or on school days. Ridiculous, huh? Yes. We as nurses are trying to gain respect as professionals. What's more unprofessional than having a staff full of high nurses? But there is a shortage and I believe any nurse is better than no nurse at all. How many of us would want a doc who's high. Not me. I have enough stacked against me. Pot often leads to other drugs that makes it difficult control ourselves. Stop making excuses and clean up your act drug addicts. professionals we are.
  11. by   Fgr8Out
    " Maula, RN
    I think as a nurse it's my patients' right to have a nurse in their "right mind". "

    Left hander typing, here. I'm ALWAYS in my "right mind."

    Just lightening the atmosphere, here....

  12. by   nurs4kids
    Why do the drink lovers insist that those defending pot usage are dopers???? I have not taken one hit off a joint nor even been in sniffing range of one in over six years. I have not had over one or two drinks in the past three years. I, like thisnurse, smoke cigs and that's about the extent of my drug addiction. However, I know pot is no worse than alcohol. Alcohol is just as likely to lead to other drugs as is pot.

    I, like thisnurse, have a strong resentment about an employer or fellow nurse TRYING to tell me what I can do with MY body on MY time. Sorry, that's about as deep as the argument goes...I live a pretty "boring" life as well. Spend a few hours chasing 2 & 3 yr old toddlers and the last thing you desire is some mind altering drug..you crave normallacy...that's all.
  13. by   ohbet
    My question in regards to nurses getting high,whether its pot,alcohol or whatever,is why? Whats behind this need to alter consciousness? Is life so bad,so boring?, so meaningless? Is it a philosophy of "eat,drink and be merry,because tomorrow we die"?