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Recently there has been a lot of complaints about nursing, money etc. I want to know what is important to you as nurses, and rank them in order from #1 most important to least important. (if there... Read More

  1. by   CEN35
    Thanks for all the inpu once again, up until this point. It does amaze me that there have been limited answers here, considering all the posts on this site. Most posts, are related to complaints, or issues (i.e. burnout, staffing, money, benefits, etc). yet only 10 replies? Goes to show you that clearly as I have seen in some others posts, everybody wants to ***** and complain, but nobody has the time to do anything about it.
    Ask yourself this? Why do unions have so much leverage? because they work and act and speak as a whole, not as individuals. BTW, no that does not mean I am pro-union, I am actually anti-union. Why do physicians have so much say so? Because they are one of a kind, the AMA etc. There are many examples.....the bottom line is........when it comes to nurses, there is the ANA, NANDA, ENA, etc etc. there is no one solid organization for nurses.....that would be a first step in handling the issues so many are allegedly concerned about.

    Anywyas, I have spoke my piece, limited results on the poll.......I'll let it ride to the bottom of the list........I'm out.

  2. by   buckboomer
    Do Anything about it? ***** and complain? Unions so far have not been successful, either. Benefits, pay, scheduling, and you forgot respect. There is now a report that women make at least 25% less then men. Hilary C has made some comments on that. Does this affect nursing? I think so, dude. We live in a capitalistic society, and our jobs, roles, have been devalued. AMA is strong lobby in congress. Is nursing? I doubt it. Consider the serial killers who are MDs. How were they able to continue to practice medicine? What about the accidental deaths, which is a national disgrace, tragedy. There has to be a way to communicate our needs to the public, and health care administrators. I have appreciated your posts in the past, and I don't consider you a bottom feeder. I choose not to let this sink. Your poll, was for , what purpose? To get many replies? Prove that nurses are not organized? Would organizing really work? Historically nurses have NOT been well organized. What will change that? And will organizing really increase benefits, staffing, money, or other big issues? Lo dudo, or I doubt it. Our president is putting us back 40+ years into another cold war. Let's identify the problems to the correct people, and hope for the best. In my opinion, that requires a well planned effort. Grassroot approaches seem to work better in this country, or democracy. I would hope that could be done without striking. And since you are NOT in favor of unions, and probably a republican, you can spend your tax cut as a wage benefit.
  3. by   CEN35
    OK Buck this ones directed at you.

    I am neither a democrat or republican, so don't asume. I choose democrat on my ballott, simply because I had to decide who I hated worst, not who I preffered. Second, yes I am anti-union. Unions while allegedly to be a good thing, to show unity ........was an awesome idea. Unfortunately my reason (after being in one) for not liking them, is they protect the lame, the gulity, the weak, and the leadasses.

    The reason for this poll when I intiitally asked it....was, I wanted to see 1st hand if there was a common ground on what people are looking for? Staffing? Money? etc.

    Clearly, the older group is looking towards benefits and pension. Outside of that, some make it sound like money will justify short staffing? yet others claim short staffing? and so on and so on. Thats why I asked and put this in here. I know as well as you do nursing has been unstable as a group historically. I know the AMA has lobbying in goverment. I also know, that untill there is one common organization that will back us, so we can back them.....all of this is useless and futile.

    How do we start it? You tell me? the only way I can think of to get anything across, to 1,6 million nurses i the USA, is email the theory and what needs to be done. get donations to the cause because it will take money, and get phone numbers names, adreesses of backers and contact our congressmen, or locate someone, who sits on congress, or the senate and sens them these issues.

    CEN 35 (Rick)
  4. by   Mijourney
    Hi colleagues. I'm going to stray a bit.
    1. I think I would like to see nursing go through a good, deep down housecleaning first. Some call it reformation. This goes beyond more money, better benefits, etc. We've acknowledged that the AMA seems to be well-represented in the grand scheme of things, although I've read in recent months they're financially in the hole.

    2. Grassroots works for me. I regularly email various dignities, public and private, regarding my opinion on how patient care should be handled. I even have the nerve to discuss this with management at work. Believe it or not, I've also been in lengthy debates with physicians and families over health care issues. Yes, I still have a job.

    3. I don't think we have a problem with providing patient care for the most part. I think what we do have is an unwillingness or lack of awareness on the importance of being directly involved in learning the business, science, and politics of patient care so that we can stop the continued exploitation of our profession and our patients in its tracks.

    I agree with you buckboomer, that grassroot efforts in groups or individually done in a persistent manner is important to help elevate the profession as a whole. However, I don't want to take away from the various national or international groups of nurses who want to make a difference as well.

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  5. by   Jenny P
    CEN, I hadn't responded to this post before because it didn't show up on my computer screen 'til tonight. Don't know where it's been hiding, but I haven't seen it before. If I were to rate my priorities, I guess that my #1 would be adequate staff and time to care for the patients properly. #2 would be money/benefits (in order to provide for #1 above); then #3= management that LISTENS to the nurses; then self scheduling and job security would be last. I love nursing, but these other things get in the way of allowing me to do it right.
  6. by   CEN35
    No problem Jenny

    Thanks, Rick
  7. by   kewlnurse
    attractive co-workers
  8. by   CEN35

    I bet your wife didn't see that last post....lol

  9. by   codebluechic
    Staffing would have to be number one. No amount of money is worth the dangerously short staffed places I have worked.
  10. by   dazedandconfused
    Great question.... #1-staffing #2-money #3-support from the high mucky mucks #4- the time to do my job like I was trained to do, away from the computer and paperwork.