Politicians request opinion of Indiana nurses

  1. Received this in my work email:

    Rep Budak has authored HB 1416 to provide for nursing scholarships. The bill would take some of the money from the current licensing fees for scholarships. There is no chance of this going anywhere as it would take money out of the general fund.

    Is there support or opposition to increasing the biennial license renewal fee by $5.00 if that was dedicated to nursing scholarships? The increase fee would them be $55 every two years.

    I need to get back to her by Monday. Please feel free to widely distribute this.

    Ernest C. Klein, Jr., RN, CAE
    Executive Director
    Indiana State Nurses Association
    2915 North High School Road
    Indianapolis, IN 46224
    317/299-4575 FAX 317/297-3525
    email: klein@indiananurses.org
    web site: www.indiananurses.org

    (If this isn't wide distribution, I don't know what is!)
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  3. by   -jt
    <Is there support or opposition to increasing the biennial license renewal fee by $5.00 if that was dedicated to nursing scholarships? The increase fee would then be $55 every two years.>

    Are they asking the states nurses to pay for scholarships themselves? Or will the state be matching the funds that increased RN licensure fees generate for this scholarship? Will the state's healthcare facilities also be asked to increase their licensure fees and apply their increase to this scholarship fund too? That would only be fair since it is healthcare administrative policies of the last decade that manufactured this shortage by downsizing RNs right out of the workplace, continuing undesireable working conditions, thus drivng RNs away from the bedside & causing new students to choose other careers. So I think the healthcare facilities have a responsibility in providing for this scholarship fund too. I dont live in Indiana but I dont think nurses should be shouldering this expense alone.
  4. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I live in southern Indiana and I think it sounds like a scam. They more than doubled the renewal fee for LPNs last yearand assume they have done the same to RNs and this is on top of that. I say no.
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Why make practicing RN's pay for the shortage? That is how I see it...it's blame the nurse all over again...
  6. by   -jt
    I sent my post to the email address that was listed up there at the top of this thread & just received this reply:

    <<Thank you for sending your comments regarding the suggestion to increase the biennial license renewal fee by $5.00 to help fund nursing scholarships in Indiana. I appreciate your time and thoughts and will be forwarding your remarks to Representative Budak. (Rep Budak is the author of this bill - HB 1416 - to provide for nursing scholarships by using funds from increased licensing fees.)

    We received a large number of responses to this informal poll - with a clear majority (85 percent) favoring the idea. The Indiana State Nurses Association (ISNA) has four lobbyists at the Indiana State House monitoring legislation and regularly meeting with key legislators. In the current session we have identified more than 100 proposed bills that impact nurses. ISNA members, through their dues, support this important initiative to ensure the high standards and interests of the nursing profession are competently represented.

    One of the many benefits of ISNA membership is access to weekly status reports about legislation, which may impact nurses, that is currently under consideration. Members also receive valuable behind-the-scenes insights which provide a clearer picture of the twists and turns of activities around the state house.
    Visit our website (www.indiananurses.org)

    If you are interested in reading about some of the legislative observations we share with ISNA members, please send an email to Gary Abell (mailto: abell@indiananurses.org) and he'll send you a copy of one of our recent reports.


    With a current 100 bills in that states legislature that will affect nurses, it looks like Indiana nurses better get updated on what those bills are & let their state's elected officials hear their opinion on them.
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  7. by   deespoohbear
    I live in Indiana and I don't think they should be raising our licensing fees to provide for nursing scholarships....our licensing fees almost doubled the last time we had to renew...

    I think if they want more money for nursing scholarships, take it from the fat cat administrators and legislators who are overpaid and underworked and fund nursing scholarships that way....
  8. by   Owney
    I do not live in Indiana so I expect this guy would just do like every other politician does with mail that is not from his constuents and just throw my mail in the **** can without even reading it.

    I would tell anyone who would listen to me that increasing nursing education is absolutely the wrong approach to solving the nursing crisis. 85% of new grads leave the bedside within five years. Did your nursing education prepare you for how bad your job sucks? How many of your nurse professors even know how to keep grandma's diaper clean, when you have to keep granpa from coding?

    Statistics have repeatedly shown that as many as 35% of licensed nurses are not doing bedside care because the conditions are so bad.

    Throwing money at the big business of nursing schools will only make the problem worse.

    I would gladly pay double for my license if the money would go to improving working conditions for bedside nurses.
  9. by   live4today
    Well, that settles it for me........I won't be moving to Indiana to work as a nurse since through that movement they obviously are spitting in their own nurses faces by robbing from them rather than seeing the REAL problem of nursing, and doing something about it. Now other states may consider doing the same evil against their nurses too. What a bummer!

    Why don't we all WALK OUT on the same day this year and stand in front of the places where we work and say WE'VE HAD IT! NO MORE ABUSE!!!