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  1. Hello everyone. I need help on a project for school that's mainly graded on creativity. I have to pick any diseases of the neurological, musculoskeletal, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, or gastrointestinal system or disorders of the accessory organs or sexually transmitted diseases. I basically have to find a creative way of describing it. Unfortunately for me creativity is not my strength. Any ideas, your help would greatly be appreciated.
    Thank you
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  3. by   P_RN
    What disease did you have in mind?
  4. by   Disablednurse
    Yes what did you have in mind as that will make a difference in what you can do and how you will present.
  5. by   GAstudent
    When is it due? and give us an idea on something that you would like to do. What are all of your instructions on what you can and can't do. What is expected of you? This is my favorite kind of stuff. I will get with you when we hear back
  6. by   tgfnurses
    I thank you all for responding. My med-surg instructor told us to just think about what we're doing over the break. I'm trying not to be a procrastinator so I'm getting an early start. I was thinking about doing CVA or anything that can be explained in a creative way.
    Again I thank all of you for responding
  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    I personally liked to do things that were relevant to the age group I was presenting to - STD's seemed to be of interest to that cohort. Now that I am treating college students, I know that it is a topic of GREAT interest to them.

    Might consider a matching exercise with symptoms matched to the disease. Or, start with patient "Joe" or "Jane" who is afflicted with some illness, and show how it might theoretically spread from person to person. Herpes is shared by 50 million people in this country. You have the opportunity to dispel a lot of myths!
  8. by   Agnus
    In explaining DM I liken insulin to a key, that opens the cells to glucose. In type II DM the lock is rusty and the oral meds lubercate the lock so insulin can work.

    I always try to explanin thing in term a lay person can relate to. Think about how you would explain something to a child this may help. If a child can undrstand it anyone can.

    In describing Hypertension I compare it to plumbing and the pressure that exist within a pipe. The smaller the pipe the >the pressure, the greater the peressure the more risk of a pipe breaking if there is a thin spot (anurism) and this goes on and on but you get the general idea. Men espcially appreciate this kind of analagy but women undrstand it too.
    Think of the body as a mechanical thing and you can compare ot to almost anything.
    I think the heart and circ. system is a natural for this as it is a pump with valves, and plumbing.
    but you can do it with other systems and processes too.

    Hope this helps get those creative juices flowing.
  9. by   Brian
    ADMIN NOTE: FYI, i just added "(school project)" to the title of thread to make it more informative for other members.

    Just a friendly reminder to all, please make the subject titles more descriptive and makes the site more user friendly

    Carry on, and good luck with your project!
  10. by   PamRNC
    Have I got a little creative for you!

    Get a friend or two, blinders, wraparound exercise weights, baby food and some other odds and ends as you decide. You can demonstrate an assortment of residuals from CVA real easy. Once you have your CVA patient all set up you just have to decide which angle you want to use for your project. Ex. steps of the nsg care plan, patient perspective, functional changes/needs, anticipating MD orders, lab/CT/MRI results, you could even stage an impromptu interdisciplinary meeting about your patient.

    Other options use games: charades, pictionary, jeopardy, hollywood squares

    Just remember an opportunity to be creative is an opportunity to have fun. Also, nursing is an art, so that makes us all creative.
  11. by   NICU_Nurse
    When we did a group presentation on STD's, we started out with a big bowl of hard candy- say, 100 pieces. We passed it around the class and said people could take as many as they wanted. different colors stood for different STD's, and we started handing the bowl to one person (the 'initiator') and the people they passed the candy to were the 'infected' (they didn't know this, though). Then, we encouraged them to trade with each other, but only to people they chose to, and only if they wanted to. Some people shared, some didn't. If someone was offered a shared piece of candy, they had the option of either taking it or turning it down. After the bowl made it's way to us, we counted the remaining pieces and told them what we were up to. Those with the cherry candies 'had' AIDS, those with the pink had HPV, etc. We had them raise their hands as we called out the colors, and they were all surprised when we told them what their candy stood for. It was a great way to demonstrate how STD's can start with one person and just get passed along through the population.
  12. by   GAstudent

    Good idea. If you did this and then had signs and symtoms written on a board and tell them that they are having these signs and symtoms. Have the boards covered up and then when you say if your a RED then you have AIDS and then pull off the cover of signs and symtoms and read them and so on.

    Let me think a little more and I will think of something. WHat is the average age group in your class? I would also find something that is rare and do it. Because it would be something new and different and you don't have to worry of someone else doing it. STD' know someone is doing it and then it turns into a who did it better thing...Be back soon with an idea.
  13. by   OzNurse69
    One thing I did with my cub scouts one time (8-11 yo, but works with older people too) was re infectious diseases - along the lines of the STD lollies above. Have each person shake hands with their neighbour, then walk around the room randomly & shake hands with one other person.

    Pick a person at random & say that person has (the flu, AIDS, whatever) & shaking hands is the same as (not washing hands, having unprotected sex - you get the picture). Then get everyone who shook hands with the first person to come & stand with them as they have been infected too. Keep going until everyone is in the inner circle - depending on the size of the group only takes a few rounds.
  14. by   purplemania
    Think of the heart as a hydraulic pump with an electrical motor. When congestive heart failure occurs the hydraulics are messed up. With a heart block, the electric motor is messed up. Either dz could be discussed in a "plumbers" or "electricians" point of view.