PLEASE HELP...Need feedback on TX hospitals!!!

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm trying desperately...well maybe not desperately...but pretty hard... find out recent information on the following hospitals. I have already received some information...but would like additonal feedback, so I can hopefully make a good decision. I have the websites...but personal experience is the best kind of information to have when you're traveling. Like how the staffing is, whether or not they treat agency or travelers well, good management..etc, etc. And I would like to hear any might be incline to give also..

    The hospitals are as follows: Plaza Medical Ctr/tele/PCU in Ft. Worth, Tx

    Denton Regional Hospital- PCU, in Denton, Tx.. I'm really interested in hearing about this one!

    Memorial Southwest in Houston- tele, in Houston, TX,- this one is really last on my list.

    Medical City in Dallas, Tx, not sure of unit...but anything you can tell me would be helpful. This one is third to last on my list.

    Richland Hills-PCU in N. Richland Hill, TX, Or this one is also at the top of my list.

    Valley Baptist - ICU/tele..not sure about this one either. This one is second to last on my list.

    Also would like to hear from anyone who knows of some good, traveler friendly hospitals in Northern AZ...yeah...I might still go or in NM...

    I plan to end up by the end of the year in N. Cali...above Sacramento, so if anyone knows any place there they would reccomend...I would sure be interested in hearing from you..

    Please take a little time to it would be of great help to me. Thanks in advance for any help you are able to give..
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  3. by   SICU Queen
    If you go to northern California, try Mercy Medical Center in Redding. GREAT place to work! I worked all of their ICUs, and got pulled to Cardiac Telemetry on occasion. All were wonderful. Nurses were extremly receptive to travelers, units were well-equipped, and staffing ratios were 1:1 or 1:2 in ICU and 1:4 on Tele. And the area is awesome.

    Check it out! I went with Global RN.
  4. by   Brownms46
    SICU Queen

    THANK YOU...sounds like the dream I have been looking for. I just wish I had my CA license I have heard good things about Redding...and this cements my desire to go there!

    Again...Thank YOU!...
  5. by   Brownms46
    Can it acutally be true...that no one has been to any of these hospitals...or that none of the people there are on this BB...or even on the Delphi board??? Wow...that is amazing!!!
  6. by   live4today
    Brownie...I have a daughter who is a LPN who lives and works in Richmond, but I've not heard of Richland Hills before. I could ask her about some places there for you, if you like?

    Seems like I saw Denton, TX last night on the T.V. show titled: COPS! It wasn't a pretty site, so they must have shown the bad part of town or something.
  7. by   mattsmom81
    Hi probly figgered that as an agency nurse in the Dallas Fort Worth area, I've worked most of these hospitals!.

    Actually I've been on staff at 2. North Hills Medical Center in N. Richland Hills and Plaza Medical are both Columbia Hospitals...I worked last at N. Hills...was on staff in their ICU and did charge on their PCU the last 5 years.

    I found Medical City in Dallas very unfriendly to agency. I went twice and DNR'd them. I doubt they treat their travelers better.

    Denton is north of Fort Worth and more 'in the country' feel...nice staff and manager up there. It was a bit of a drive for me up there from Fort Worth, but I did it occasionally cuz I liked the people so much...they are good country folks last time I was there, which was over a year ago...

    Will you be day shift or nights? There's a management shakeup at North Hills...they have a nice little 12 bed ICU that does hearts and a little bit of everything except neuro. There are some nice nurses at that facility and this is the last hospital I was on staff at beforeI had to quit last fall...keep in mind Columbia is bottom line. Not bad overall. I will say the docs are my biggest complaint at North Hills....rude and troublemaking. The nurses are nice so I stayed. My best friend is still on staff there PRN and she tells me it's pretty hectic.

    Plaza...well, I was on staff in their critical care pool for a few years...they work ya pretty hard, IMO, and like to float a 12 hour shift 4 hours in each unit....if you stay on PCU only, if you are comfortable with 2nd postop day hearts and pulling sheaths/getting post angios with 5:1 ratio you will do OK. They have a lot of foreign nurses working PCU last time I was up there to visit. I know the manager and she is a nice person; that always helps!

    I'm probably getting a bit too free with details on such a public if you want more data, just pm me or email me at Good luck!
  8. by   Brownms46
    Mattsmom81..GOD Bless YOU......... I'm will be emailing you as soon as I can get my fingers to typing...

  9. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by cheerfuldoer
    Brownie...I have a daughter who is a LPN who lives and works in Richmond, but I've not heard of Richland Hills before. I could ask her about some places there for you, if you like?

    Seems like I saw Denton, TX last night on the T.V. show titled: COPS! It wasn't a pretty site, so they must have shown the bad part of town or something.
    :chuckle....Really?? I sure they did.... But I think I will still go anyway. Richland Hills is about 20mins from Ft. Worth! Thank you soo much Renee for the very sweet offer...and it couldn't hurt to hear her opinion...or possible info she had gained from others... For now I think based on what Mattsmom has said...and another nurse who had the same opinion as she on Denton...I think I have made up my mind. But getting as much info as possible is always a good thing...rightr?? Thank you so much Renee..
  10. by   Dplear

    I can tell you all you want to know about Memorial Hermann Southwest here in Houston. I have done agency in to thier ICU, ER and medsurg-tele as well as their SNF unit. Houston is not at all a bad place to work and live. There is alot of nice housing near the hospital to live in. The hospital itself is quite large...over 700 beds. part of a 3000+ bed hospital group here in Houston. They are a not for profit hospital. They have pretty good staffing ratios there...and the equipment and facilities are up to date. They are alos in the midst of a 500 million dollar expansion to all their facilities in Houston.
    The hospital used to be a Baptist run group but is now non denominational charity. They are one of the larges provoders of free and reduced price care in the country. If you need anymore questions answered email me at I will be happy to answer them. being that you are only 200 miles from ought to drive up hwy 77 to 59 and exit bissonet. The hospital is right there on your right. Come up and walk around it and see what you think. ( I know Corpus like the back of my hand...lived there for a year and parents live there now off of Everhart and Saratoga.....I go down there every month)

  11. by   Brownms46
    :chuckle Dave...thank you soo much for the info..but your quote scares me...:chuckle. Nawww...seriously....I will email you, and THANK YOU for the info.. I came thru Houston driving once on a Saturday...pretty scary folks there..:chuckle

    And I live very close to your fact we have probably passed each other on the road...
  12. by   Brownms46
    Also Mattsmom...I worked NICU there at Medical City in Dallas back in the early 80's and I came away with the same feeling. They left me in a separate room with four babies...two on tracings! A doc came in and said...WOW they got you stretched out don't they!!! They had the nerve to ask me to do a double near the end of my shift!!! TWO nurses relieved me coming on for the 3=11 shift...and I had worked Days by MYSELF!! Docs coming in, MOMs calling, coming in to visit. And you know what the charge nurse response was when I told the agency about this??? Oooh we forgot she was just an LVN!!! GRRR Yeah that was the reason I was overwhelmed...right!!!

    The two nurses who came in wanted to know why I hadn't changed the TPN line..and were being pissy. They later apolozied...seeing I was the only one there all morning!!!
  13. by   Brownms46
    I have just found out the Denton position has been taken. Anyway...I'm going to wait and hope something else comes up that I like. I still have two weeks here...and things can change quickly. I think I will wait one more week...and then make my decision at that time. I have been offered more money for Houston...but I just hate the traffic there!

    Dave an Mattsmom, I have emailed you both, and its from my mail address... Thanks again..
  14. by   mattsmom81
    Sorry you lost the Denton job as i think you would have liked it up there...nice little town (college town... Texas Women's University is there with a good nursing program, so lots of students around. They have trouble getting agency to drive up from my area, so keep your eyes open...they use a lot of travelers.

    Between Plaza and North Hills, North Hills is my fave. Their tele unit has a 5:1 ratio and a very busy unit...they have non titrating drips and rarely have sheaths...hearts don't go out there til ambulatory and stable..rarely do they have any invasive lines like alines out there. Mostly medsurg on monitors, etc. with higher acuity types. You do have a free charge nurse and a monitor tech which is nice...the charge is free to be a resource so that will be nice for a traveler.

    I kinda gave you my take on Plaza...the acuity is higher on their PCU/Tele units and I feel the workload is greater at they like to float prn/agency around.....maybe you don't mind this; depends on what you like to work with. There's lots of fun things to do in the Dallas Fort Worth won't get bored!

    If I can help with any more info, feel free to email. I've lived in this area 20 years and have worked agency or staff at most facilities