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I'm fairly new to this BB and have found it to be the awesomest(is that a word?) BB for nurses around. :cool: I have a question for you guys. Do any of your facilities use pixis machines for... Read More

  1. by   whipping girl in 07
    We have a supply pixis only, and it seems to work OK for our ICU. Our stock meds are not kept in pixis, which can cause problems when someone forgets to sign something out and then whoever is checking stock for the next shift has to try to figure out which patient used the dopamine premix or the Lasix, etc. Our narcs are still in a locked bin which we have to count at shift change. I wish we'd get pixis for them!
  2. by   passionate
    We have pyxis for meds only. That works. For supplies? We have a flat rate billing system per surgery. I think having pyxis systems for supplies would just be a nightmare!
  3. by   passionate
    Where I work the fingerprint site doesn't work most of the time. I agree, I don't like using my fingerprint or retinal scanning idea, etc.
  4. by   TiffyRN
    Here's a crazy thing. . . Our unit actually got rid of the fingerprint on our pyxis. It got to where it didn't work on about 1/2 the staff; even folks like me that had used it for years in 2 different facilities without problems. We have a Med pyxis and a supply pyxis. I always found it so ironic that we had a regular password to get out highly controlled/dangerous meds like Morphine or Pavulon but a fingerprint was required to get out tape.

    This is an NICU and we manage. Sometimes we "borrow" a needed supply from a nearby baby (frowned upon). For admits we have admit bags with all the basic needed supplies (gauze, IV catheters, bulb suction, thermometer, vials of normal saline and sterile water) at each admit bed. When it is used, the bag (a huge ziploc) is refilled under the new admit's name and then the bag placed on another empty bed to await use on the next admit.

    It does help with inventory; the problem is when people don't use the system correctly (take out supplies without charging or not charging as many as they take) then central supply doesn't know to refill the now empty bin.

    Also it will probably take some adjustment until the bin sizes are correct for the usage for your particular unit.
  5. by   meandragonbrett
    We have omnicell for meds and an omnicell supply station. Everything is locked and requires your User ID/Password to access.
  6. by   RNperdiem
    Before the central line kits and chest tubes were put into pyxis, it was all too easy for residents to "borrow" supplies for patients on other units without telling the nurses or HUC, and we would run short.
    I like pyxis for meds. Where I worked before, the pharmacy would deliver meds into locked drawers in the patients' rooms. Almost always there would be something missing. I called pharmacy a lot at that job.