Pharmaceutical Sales

  1. Any RNs here doing that past present or future? I'd be interested to know if its as glamorous as I've heard it to be?
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  3. by   colleen10
    Hi JF,

    I have never worked in pharm. sales but I have a friend who is a nurse and who did work as one for a couple of years, a few years ago.

    She said that the money was really good and that if you are a people person you'll enjoy it because you get to interact with a lot of people. On the bad side, she said that you don't always get to pick your sales territory and hers was about 2 hours away from her home and company head quarters and it was also in a snow belt. She spent a lot of time in her car and on the road. She also said that it is very demanding and hectic work. A lot of "robbing Peter to pay Paul." She would get a call from one hospital requesting supplies immeadiately and she would have to go to another hospital to take them and then worry about getting more supplies to make-up for the stuff she took from the second hospital. She said it was a lot of running around.

    All in all, she enjoyed the money and the "people" aspect of it but it became too hard to do the job and take care of her family so she went back to nursing.
  4. by   lynnintn
    I once pursued this and got a few phone interviews; Berlex likes to hire nurses; most of the other companies don't; go to
    Medzilla which has a job board and informative forums @ pharm. sales
  5. by   cpgrn
    I know a lot of people in pharm. sales. It's a great job if you like sales work. Everyone around here is hiring BS degrees only so if you have an ADN you can't apply. I used to sell advertising before I went into nursing and I really enjoyed it but there was all the traveling and wear and tear on your vehicle. That was part of the reason I decided to go into nursing- that and I always wanted to. The pharm. companies provide you with a vehicle and all expenses so that wouldn't be a problem. You really have to like people and be able to talk to them. That's the whole sales game.
  6. by   NurseDennie
    Pharm sales? Yeah, pretty much all have to have a BS in something med or chem or something related. But the most important part, IMHO: Being under 40 and being very very pretty.

    Those of you who know pharm reps - are your friends really pretty? You know there has to be the exception to the rule. The only exception I've seen is someone that one of the reps brought by to talk to one of the docs who was a pharmacist to explain something technical to the doc that the rep couldn't answer.


  7. by   cpgrn
    This is true. I've never seen any ugly reps - or any older reps now that you mention it. They all schmooze the people in the offices and hospitals and dress to the 9"s.
  8. by   nursy-nurse

    I have interviewed with numerous pharm companies. I thought that I may have a pretty good chance, under 30, blonde, not the best looking, but not the worst..a B.S. and B.S.N. and 8 years of combined work experience in Communications and Nursing. But, did I get a wake-up call! In the majority of the interviews, I was made to feel like I was an uneducated oaf. The interviewers make condescending comments regarding nurses..such as "without the pharmaceutical companies and the medications they produce, all nurses and doctors have are BP cuffs and stethescopes." Yes, this did happen. So, basically I am bitter at the companies for putting down nurses..I worked for the degree. Just a side note..the reason I pursued it in the first place was for the great many of you have noted $28,000 just doesn't cut it in today's economy. Thanks for the vent!
  9. by   EmeraldNYL
    I applied for a pharm rep position before I decided to go to nursing school. The interviewer was a complete a$$ and asked me really personal questions. He was basically interested in how cutthroat and competitive I was..... if I could get a sale at any cost, even if I had to step on other people in the process. It is true that you have to be very pretty, they like tall blondes with big ta tas! I realized that there was no way that I could do this job... I would feel like a total sellout.
  10. by   dawngloves
    I honestly don't hink you need a degree in anything. My glamazon, model esque sister had a brief stint for some neuro chemotheraputic drug company or other. She has certificate in court reporting.
  11. by   colleen10
    I have never seen an ugly pharm. rep. It is true, you have to be good looking to get a job. Whether you are a man or a woman.

    My SIL has a friend that just got her "dream job" as a pharm. rep. She has experience in communication and sales but not medical knowledge. She is blonde, 25, 5'9" and about 130 lbs. otherwise a knock-out and even she said she got the job because she is hot.

    Anyone seen the pharm. rep on "Scrubs"? There you go.
  12. by   cindyln
    The doctors I work with will only talk to the pharm rep if she is pretty and has food otherwise they don't get the time of day
  13. by   JudithL_in_NH
    Originally posted by NurseDennie
    But the most important part, IMHO: Being under 40 and being very very pretty.
    Just observed two drug reps in a doc's office yesterday:

    --both 20-something males,

    --both positively drop-deap gorgeous (they made the Bachelorette guys look drab)

    --both dressed in suits easily twice as expensive as anything my husband has ever owned!

    And oh! were they ever schmoozing the female office staff to try to get in to see the docs!
  14. by   nessa1982
    Egh, I currently work for a Sunless tanning company and i often work beauty shows for them My job at shows is sales. sell as much stuff as possible. Most of the guys who frequent the beauty shows are married or gay (hairdressers, esthetcians ect) so usally I dont get messed with too much. But thier are some creepy guys out their and since I have to try and sell to everyone you get those guys that just go to shows to talk to cute girls, I cant tell you how many times I get hit on by old guys.

    Yuck, if the pay was right and hopefully Dr.s would be more proffesional than the businessman at beauty shoes than maybe. But if its all guys that want to hit on you thats just horrible! I though maybe a rep would be an okay job but it just sounds like a gt hit on and be mean kinda job! No thanks

    Oh yes I heard it usually requires a batchelors in a science (bio chem ect) but Ive also heard of companies taking people wh odid not have degrees at all.