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What is your pet peeve? With everything a nurse has to deal with in a day, the one thing that gets on my nerves is someone who takes the garbage bag out of the can but doesn't replace the liner. It... Read More

  1. by   madwife2002
    We have seperate pieces of paper which we hand write patients notes-:angryfire I hate opening their Kardex to find somebody wrote on the last line and couldn't be bothered to put a fresh sheet in.

    Somebody used last photocopy and used the master as well.

    MESS and chaos
  2. by   Retired R.N.
    Quote from etcrn
    my pet peeve is when I'm working triage people drive up to the door and say they can't get the patient out of the car-----How did they get in the car??
    Very simple! The patient's condition deteriorated during the trip to the hospital.
  3. by   asher315
    I work OB/NSY. We put the mother's last name on the crib cards of all infants because they are admitted with mother's name. But there is always atleast one father a shift that complains that the baby's last name is "Jones" like his, not "Smith" like the mother's. I try to explain the reasoning, to match baby with mother, but they act like I've personally insulted or judged them for not being married. I could care less.
    Also, people call nsy asking about "Michael" or "my baby" like I can recognize their voice and know who they are asking about...and then act like I am stupid when I ask for the last name.
    Obviously, I forgot to take the "pyschic" class in nursaing school!
  4. by   mandrews
    Finding someone in restraints with no doc orders, and no mention in report.
  5. by   luvltc
    OK; here are my peeves:

    1) IVs that are dry at the beginning of a shift.

    2) Med rooms not stocked.

    3) Getting report from day shift (I work nights) and being told "Oh, pass that on to days tomorrow" when it was something that should have been handled on their shift.

    4) When a call light is going off and someone (RN, LPN, or aide) says "Whose light it that" instead of answering it.

    5) When we don't have meds from pharmacy and pharmacy argues with us thinking that we do.

    OK, thanks for listening to my ranting. Need to go eat now.
  6. by   sjb2005
    Bringing this one back to the front again.
    This isn't Little House on the Prairie....Flush that toilet after you empty the catheter into it!
  7. by   DusktilDawn
    4) When a call light is going off and someone (RN, LPN, or aide) says "Whose light it that" instead of answering it.
    Let's not forget it's "sister" saying: "That's not my patient," I think I may get violent if I hear that one more time. :angryfire :angryfire
  8. by   Indy
    Discharging a patient only to find out she didn't know she had diabetes, hasn't eaten much AT ALL for several months (!!) because her doctor told her to "cut out salt" so she has no idea how to cook her food now.

    Basically I have to do a mini-assertiveness talk and tell her how to find a "loudmouthed relative" to go with her to the doctor appointments, make a list of questions to ask, and how to either get the care and help you need or find a new doctor.

    I apparently have issues with people who don't get the care they need, especially women, because of a myriad of different communication issues that arise between them and their physician. It particularly irked me in this case because I didn't know about these problems until I was discharging her from the hospital. I mean, how's an 83 year old woman going to be healthy if she's afraid to eat? And I'm telling her to "follow an 1800 calorie ADA diet"... what on earth is that to her, when at this point she'd be lucky to get UP to that amount per day- I just wanted to set some lasagna and mashed potatoes down in front of her! Often!
  9. by   canoehead
    Excellent advice on the loudmouthed relative, I think I'll use that one.
  10. by   Annor
    I work for doctor ..... example: pt is waiting to be called into a exam room...let's say pt has been waiting awhile.....I call pt...walk him/her to exam room...and THEN THEY ASK TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!!!

    That really irks me!!!


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  11. by   Retired R.N.
    Speaking of proper eating habits...

    My favorite food peeve is those ubiquitous "Got Milk?" ads with their cutesy little white moustaches. When I visited a junior high-school cafeteria, and noticed that none of the girls were selecting milk with their lunches in spite of a huge "Got Milk?" poster in clear view, I asked if any of them had seen the "Got Milk?" ads for drinking milk.

    Their response: "If the people in those ads won't even wipe their faces, what do you suppose their a**es look like?"

    So much for the brilliance and insight from Madison Avenue who seem to think these ads are just what is needed to prop up sales for members of the Dairy Council. However, maybe they should get out into the real world and see what young girls think of their ads.

    While eating lunch with those girls (and drinking my milk) I explained why I wanted enough calcium in my bones that I would not break a hip if I fell, and we had a general discussion of the variety of foods that will provide calcium for the person who has medical reasons for not drinking milk. I hope that my words left them with a few solid reasons to consider their food choices in terms of good nutrition.
  12. by   Cindy_A
    Quote from shellyjellybelly
    Bringing this one back to the front again.
    This isn't Little House on the Prairie....Flush that toilet after you empty the catheter into it!
    AND RINSE OUT the urinal or bedpan!!! :uhoh21:
  13. by   BGgirl
    1) Doctors who tell you to only page them with emergencies.

    2) When you call housekeeping for a mop-up we have to have a 20 minute discussion of what they're moping up, where etc before they'll even come up.

    3) Family memebers of patients with MRSA who let their babies lay in the bed with them and use the pts bathroom. This after being told that the patient has an infection and should maintain precautions.

    4) Med rooms not stocked with syringes or alcohol pads on nights after the day charge nurse has sat on her butt the whole entire time night shift is taking report.

    And this is a new one, I had just come into work and none of the day shift nurses were at the desk so I had to answer the phone when it rang. Well on the other line was a guy looking for a friend of his that might be visiting her father on our floor. Said the father's name was "Billy" and that's all he knew. Then proceeded to give me a description of his friend to see if I had seen her. Like I have time to search for visitors.