Personnal lives or reckless? - page 9

i have a question as nurses when should it be a "you should know better because your a medical professional" or if it is just living out lives? see i often wonder if my hobby is one of... Read More

  1. by   skydivern
    I skydive. And secretly hope to hook it in so I get a break from work.
  2. by   runswimfly
    youll end up at the hospital anyways. your better off pullin at altitude in high winds on a sunday night
  3. by   mercyteapot
    Never mind, lol...
  4. by   jahra
    Horseback rider and Clinton Anderson fan here............
    (updated to reflect favorite trainer)
  5. by   MomRN0913
    The ER crew goes base jumping. We are medical professionals, not saints.

    Like it was said, we don't stop living life because we know what has an element of danger.

    Speeding is dangerous, but most of us do it.

    I've been skydiving and I used to ride on the back of my exH's motorcycle.

    I limit my bad for me foods. I drink in moderation, I watch myself.

    I still live.
  6. by   Wrench Party
    Things I do that could be considered too dangerous:
    -bike commute in a novice bike-friendly town (they're working on the infrastructure and education)
    -ride horses
    -open water swim

    I've been riding since I was 8, my whole family rides and we never had a serious accident. My brother had the worst broken bones in my family, and that was from falling off a concrete step onto his arms.

    Heck, even my parents ride at 55 and 60 and nothing would pry them off a saddle. Do it because you want to.