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If you don't want to read it all that's fine. Just take this test and post your four letters (the preference % isn't necessary but you can if you want) or just post your type if you already know it:... Read More

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    ENFJ. Wonder what that means?
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    your type is
    [color=#d000a0]extroverted[color=#d000a0]sensing[color=#d000a0]feeling[color=#d000a0]perceivingstrength of the preferences % [color=#d000a0]22[color=#d000a0]25[color=#d000a0]50[color=#d000a0]22

    qualitative analysis of your type formula
    you are:
    • slightly expressed extrovert
    • moderately expressed sensing personality
    • moderately expressed feeling personality
    • slightly expressed perceiving personality

    maybe... i guess this is me
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    Quote from sanctuary
    ENFJ. Wonder what that means?
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    [quote=Works2xs]INTJ here also.

    These personality sorters look at what your preferences are. Think of it like "handedness." You have 2 hands, but usually prefer to use one more than the other (e.g., left-handed). The tools for examining these preferences identify the general level of your particular preferences. It doesn't mean that you never use the other side of any particular preference. Everybody uses every aspect at one time or another. While each preference type has strengths, any strength taken to the extreme becomes a liability.


    ALoha everyone...
    the 1st INFP to write in.

    I 1st took diz test when i jas started work as a licensed nurse. wen i got the results n read bout INFP's it only made me more depress! (I was depress enough b4 dat...workin far away from home, no pay for the first few months of work, while waitin for the paperwork to be settled! hd 2 cramp up wit 12 others gals in a two bedded low cost housing, no close friends around for support, frequent burstouts with my boyfriend who is away overseas n happens to be very stressed out at d'sametime, n also happens to be an INTJ - no offense, read on i'll explain)

    I chose to forget bout the whole test coz it was pretty depressing considering i've been dating an INTJ for 8 years (fyi, INTJ's and INFP's can be the total extreme of each other!) and am in a career field dat's nt my 'natural hand' overall (it's very challenging as i hv 2often use the 'tools' dat r not my preference) really wasnt comforting at all!

    Some might think it's useful, some think it's c**p...but i did learn one thing from it and it's VERY useful as what Works2xs explained. U cant control others but you have total control of wen u realize how u 'normally' would act or wat you'd 'normally' do, feel, view things,think etc u'd b able to control n focus ur actions towards achievin wat u intend to do by utilizing or improvising ur 'natural hand'.

    *If ur a left handed and forced into a situation where u have to learn to use ur right hand... u'd learn how to use it (even if it's hard at the beginning) but u wouldnt give up using ur left dominant hand when it is suitable to do so again.

    Thanks Works2xs, now dat explaination about this personality thingy i can relate to and take to heart!
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    entj here.
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    ISTJ here
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    your type is
    [color=#d000a0]extroverted[color=#d000a0]sensing[color=#d000a0]thinking[color=#d000a0]judgingstrength of the preferences % [color=#d000a0]33[color=#d000a0]12[color=#d000a0]12[color=#d000a0]33
    you are:
    • moderately expressed extrovert
    • slightly expressed sensing personality
    • slightly expressed thinking personality
    • moderately expressed judging personality
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    moderately expressed introvert
    very expressed intuitive personality
    moderately expressed feeling personality
    very expressed judging personality
    pediatric nursing/ nursing instructor
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    [color=#d000a0]that was so neat, and so very true.


    you are:
    • moderately expressed introvert
    • slightly expressed sensing personality
    • moderately expressed feeling personality
    • distinctively expressed judging personality
    [color=#11114f][font='century schoolbook', 'times new roman', serif]introverted sensing feeling judging
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