Personal Malpractice Insurance...Excellent Article! Now sign me up...!


    Okay, don't flame me 32 years of nursing I have never had personal liability insurance. Never thought I needed it. Not because I can't make a mistake, because I have but because my hospital has good liability insurance with the individual nurses listed on their policy. After reading this article I have decided that in todays world vs 1975...Yes I do need personal libability insurance. IMHO.
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN

    Don't leave home without it.
  4. by   catlynLPN
    I didn't think I needed it either, but after what happened to a co-worker of mine, I got some insurance.
    And don't ever think your employer won't do it, because the employer is the one who turned her over to OLTC and notified the board of nursing.
    At the moment she still has her license and is working but I don't think they're finished with the case yet.

    And this girl did everything she was supposed to do to get this person some help after she made the mistake. And they still are throwing around the word "maltreatment".

    And she did NOT have insurance. And still doesn't have it.
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  5. by   elkpark
    Quote from Suesquatch

    Don't leave home without it.
    Ditto. I would never consider working a day without my own, personal coverage. Even when I was a young, new nurse, I have never trusted an employer to look out for my best interests, and nothing I've seen over the (many) years has changed my mind about that ...
  6. by   loriann
    I just renewed my with NSO. If you are a new graduate, they will give you half off the year, which comes to a whopping $45.00. Great price for peace of mind.

    We were required to have insurance as students, so I am always stunned when practicing nurses don't have insurance. We live in a litigious society, so it's best to have it.
  7. by   pagandeva2000
    The minute I got my license last year, I purchased NSO, and will continue to have it. I will let my light bill go and live in the dark for a month before I live without it. No facility I know has been that loyal to their nurses.