pediatrician in trouble"Mr Enema" - page 2

10 February 2003 Adapted from The Intelligencer. Is Dr. Alva "Jim" Hartwright a pedophile? The 63-year-old former pediatrician said it depends which definition is used: the legal one or his own.... Read More

  1. by   Caveman
    Yuk!! I am constantly amazed at the way some folks get their jollies. "Mr. Enema" should be on the receiving end of a bag of Professional Strength Drano. I bet that would un-kink him.
  2. by   mattsmom81
    He is so sick he just might enjoy that....yuuch. A lifetime in jail is just what this lech needs....and with great hope the inmates will punish him in many many ways for hurting children.

    So typical for pedos to call their obsession 'love' and justify what they do. They really mess up little kids' heads.
  3. by   Dayray
    Tottaly discussting and very sad for the victoms. Its becuse of people like this that our world is so screwed up. I wish they could just euthinize people like this, not that I want to see them suffer it's just that they have proven people like this cannot be cured and they just keep finding ways to hurt children.