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  1. I am fairly new to this site, but find it interesting as to what nurses all over the country have to say about the nursing field. My question is: I live in Washington state and attend school here for nursing. I am beginning my RN year, and I am already planning what I will do after I graduate. I am a strong student so I don't think I will fail out over the next year. My family lives in Virginia and I would love to be closer to them. However, I hear that the Northwest has higher payscales than in other parts of the country. Pay is very important to me since I plan on putting my husband through school after I graduate. Here, in this town (maybe pop. 25,000) the hospitals pay $19 and some change to just hired RN. I know in the larger cities they pay more. I don't necessarily feel that I have to move back to Virginia, but I was wondering if those of you who live on the East coast could give me starting pay wages so I can see if I am destined to live out my life in Washington or if I can consider moving in a few years so my kids can be closer to their grandparents.

    Thanks to those of you who reply.
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  3. by   memphispanda has some of the information you are looking for.


  4. by   cawsn
    I know that the starting salary for an associate degree RN in currently about $58,000. ( of course most of it goes to your rent and other living expenses here) I'm hoping it will be even higher when I graduate next fall. I intend to continue my ed online while I work so that I can earn as much as possible.
  5. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    Starting out for a RN is usually $40,000 but it depends if you want to work i the hospital as a floor RN or if you want to work for a temp agency which pays highes, that's what it is in VA.
  6. by   km rn
    www. 's income numbers are quite a bit higher than what I've been told during interviews in my area.

    Wages and cost of living vary so much from region to region - so make sure you look at both prior to making any decisions. In addition, if you move - would your husband have to live in State 1 year to get the "in state" rate for college/university.

    One final issue - there may be great variance between hospital work wages and any other wages.
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    Thanks for the replies. My husband would probably have to wait a year, but if he insists on going as soon as we move out there, then he will just have to attend community until that one year mark. We both want to move. I definitely want to a floor RN. I have loved that part of my clinicals, so far. Will check out the site. Thanks.
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    In Oklahoma, starting RN's are 14 or 15. Our hospital gives an extra $1 for CEN, CCRN, etc. Our cost of living is much less than some states. The money, however, is in travel nursing. A friend of mine started a 13-week assignment only 60 miles away and is making $30/hour plus end of assignment bonus and housing money. He is driving back and forth. It's very tempting.
  9. by   Teshiee
    In Cali 45-100K depending who you work for and how much. Cost of living here is murder :-)
  10. by   dynamicfigure
    Do watch that cost of living factor. On the East Side of Washington State your cost of living is more than 25% less than on the West Side. So despite the fact you may make $10,000K more in one location than another, it may actually work out that your standard of living will drop. A couple good sites to do comparisons with are linked below... (click "compare cost of living by city")
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    I just accepted a staff RN position at OSU medical center which pays 26 per 3.00 shift diff plus a 3.00 weekend diff................

    plus 4k sign on................and 12 holidays........I am happy as a clam.....

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    Wow, I think I need to move to Ohio. Or is this based on experience?
  13. by   VivaLasViejas
    Whew! I might move out there too. How bad is the cost of living, though?

    In Oregon, wages range from about $13+/hr. on the eastern side of the state to $16-28 on the west side, depending on where you live in the Willamette Valley (Portland wages are much higher than they are here in the mid-valley). I started out 5 years ago making $14/hr. as a LTC charge nurse, and have moved steadily up the pay scale (as well as into management). I'm salaried now, but my hourly wage works out to just over $23, and if I work a floor shift my company pays me time-and-a-half over and above my regular salary. I'll pull down about $50,000 this year. Not bad for someone who was on welfare only a decade ago.....
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    According to the current Business Week, Costco's cashiers who have 4 or more years of experience are paid more than $40,000 plus full benefits.