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I have just about had it with patients who think the hospital is a joke. I took care of a patient recently who basically refused to cooperate with the medical/nursing treatment and plan....This... Read More

  1. by   Q.
    Originally posted by Stargazer
    Okay, that made me laugh out loud, but I actually think the opposite. Life must be relatively easy when you're too damn dumb to even know how dumb you are.

  2. by   Nurse Ratched
    Originally posted by frannybee
    - her team were discussing it but as she was allegedly competent, they were reluctant to transfer her out anyway.
    Glad it all worked out and that she's gone (gotta love a blocked bed for WHATEVER reason lol.) For the future reference of your team, I'd suggest the docs and SW's familiarize themselves with your state's law governing temporary holds. Competency is irrelevant. Ours says that being a danger to others is sufficient reason (or to yourself for that matter.) Competent people still purposely do things that harm themselves and others.

    ((hugs)) and go home and put your feet up and congratulate yourself on surviving another idiot .
  3. by   ERNurse752
    Had a guy in the ER the other night for DKA. One of the nurses went into his room, and he had his insulin kit and his Methadone bottle out (also on a meth. tx program.)

    She found that he'd drawn up his p.o. Methadone into 2 insulin syringes (both previously used, uncapped, and lying in the bed), and was getting ready to shoot up.

    She had gone in there to pull him up in bed...can you imagine if she'd been stuck by this P.O.S.?


    Be an idiot, but don't draw other people into it and risk their lives...
  4. by   whipping girl in 07
    Reading about all these idiots gave me a good laugh. My husband and I had to take our son to the ER yesterday (Ian had stuck a rock up his nose) and the people in the waiting room were just making us crazy. When we got home, Joe asked me how I could stand to take care of such people and wanted to know if my patients in ICU were as low-class as the losers we saw in the ER. I think he thinks I'm crazy, but he enjoys the extra $$$ I bring in every two weeks.
  5. by   chicagonurse
    I hate explain to the same patients night after night why they must comply with the doctors orders. Lucky for me most of my surgical patients are there electively and the doctor will come in and yell at them in the morning. Amazes me that people sign up for surgery and then put there health at risk by thinking they can do whtever they want now that they got their surgery.
  6. by   Zee_RN
    Oh we must have had related patients, deespoohbear.

    One of my patient for three 12-hour shifts in ICU this weekend was a 300+ woman who had been declining treatment for her HUGE PVD legs with craters in them except what her husband could do at home for her. (He now has a staph infection from her and requires surgery.) She consumed 80 percocet in two days to combat the pain in these legs (not a diabetic, no neuropathy) and guess what? She became lethargic and they were able to drag her into the ER where she required intubation. Husband told us to look out when she wakes up (she's on diprivan, thank the Lord) because she kicks, she hits, and she curses nurses and goes home and brags about how mean she is to nursing staff. Pulmonologist asked me if we thought we could start weaning her off the vent this weekend. I said, "sure but if you extubate her I'm signing off the case!" Her leg dressings take at least 45 minutes (I got good at it; first time I did it, it took me 90 minutes).

    I say we discharge her upon extubation....
  7. by   caroladybelle
    Can we vote on a "Three strikes and you're out" law for patients
  8. by   wolfie
    yea I had one tonight. Admitted from the floor to ICU. Admitted for exacerbation of copd but goes in the bathroom in the room and smokes. Went to xray and came back unresponsive. Could it be the two pain med patches that the pt put on without the nurses being aware she had them. I'm for three strikes law
  9. by   RNforLongTime
    originally posted by ?burntout
    oh yeah.....hear ya loud and clear.......

    oh and don't you just love when your copd patients go outside and smoke and then come back, calling for a breathing tx., because...............they can't breathe!!
    this happened all the time at the last place i worked! the pulmonologist would write orders for them so they could go out to smoke. nevermind the fact that they were wheezing to beat the band and couldn't carry on a normal conversation while walking cause their lungs are so bad!!!!! one guy got livid cause it was 3rd shift and we were busy with paperwork and such and couldn't take him out when he wanted to go. pt said that we were all sitting on our arses doing nothing and that he was going outside right now and if he fell then he'd sue us! whatever!!!! so glad i don't work there anymore cause that was getting ridiculous! i used to smoke but if i would ever have gotten to the point that my breathing were so bad that i had to be hospitalized then i think that'd be the time to quit!!!

    one pt would come up to the nurses station and ask for her pain shot cause the pain in her back was unbearable then as soon as she got it, she'd get a cup of coffee from our supply ( that place didn't supply staff with coffee, we bought our own) and walk outside for her smoke. excuse me, but if your back hurts that bad, then you don't need to be going outside to smoke!