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My daughter recently suffered a back injury when a client repeatedly ignored the EMT warnings to keep hands inside the stretcher and instead grabbed a stair rail while being transprted. An UAP was... Read More

  1. by   TIREDmidnightRN
    My daughter was denied too...because the comp person "didn't like the way she talked back".........she appealed and it looks good.....but why do we have to fight our bosses' insurance companies...why not let the PERP pay????????!!?????????????!
  2. by   birder101
    That is a good question, esp when they should know better. But, why should nearly everyone have to fight anyway. A few people have abused the system and therefore, everyone that is injured is trying to get time off with pay. Tell your daughter to hang in there. It is a long process. It took two years until I finally got a settlement.
  3. by   Debbielynn
    If u get this post twice, its because I accidently hit wrong button. NurseDennie, loved your web page! Thought it was Beautiful!!!!
  4. by   TMPaul
    I'm an occupational/employee health Nurse Practitioner and I find it extremely difficult to convince nursing managers that it is, by far, less expensive and time comsuming to treat the acute phase of a back injury with a few days off then to suffer the consequences. I give my employees 2-3 days off with appropiate medication treatment and then put them back to work on restricted duty for 1 week. Don't think I'm the popular department in the hospital!!!
  5. by   Furball

    You hit the bullseye with your opinion! I was one of those nurses who would try to "tough it out" and then be out on comp for several weeks with a "back strain". The last time I didn't try to be a hero...iced it immediately, went on vioxx temporarily, rested for a day, walked short distances for 2-3 days and was pain free by day 4-ish.
  6. by   Mama Val
    pooped on,
    peed on,
    vomited on,
    bled on,
    had different bodily fluids/waste thrown at,
    hit by some, missed most (thank goddess)
    Got a needle stick that was cause by a patient, went to the ER to start HIV/Hep treatment, was told by the doc I should suck it up it was part of the job and I should have watched what I was doing. Yeah I should have strapped that lady down when I took her blood and mabey she wouldn't have jerked and hit me...WHAT AN ASS !!!!

    Did any of the injuries you sustain result in any long term illnesses.. I am starting Nursing school in the near future and the thought of contracting HIV or HEP C scares me to death!!!!!

    I was even thinking of reconsidering my choice... NO ONE wants a scared nurse
  8. by   birder101
    This is truly why they call nursing "working in the trenches". But don't we all love it. I wouldn't want it any other way. lol
    Nursing is an art and a science. We all heard that one before. The science part we all get. The art part? The art of dodging needles and bodily waste. My answer to you is this. Nursing is a great profession. I love it. Consider it if you are one of those that thrives under stress. In my case, stress relieves boredom, for I am easily bored. Consider it if you love people and want to help. I love people and believe me you will run into some characters. You can get sick and injured in any kind of job that you take on. But I don't think any is as rewarding. And believe me, I own my own retail business in addition to working as a nurse and I still love nursing. Can't give it up. Hope this helps!
  9. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Just keep on and keep on truckin

    doo wah ditty
  10. by   mark_LD_RN
    yes i have been hit kicked bit scracthed spit at , hair puled , and had shirt torn by patients. also had a patient cause me to screw a fetal scalp electrode into my finger. now that hurt!