Passing of Knowledge

  1. Our pinning cereomony is coming up, and I have been chosen to give a speech on the tradition of passing of knowledge, shown by our graduating class passing lighted candles to the freshman nursing students.
    I have to write my speech, and if anyone has any insight into this tradition, I would really apprecaite it. Any websites or anything that could help me out would be great, i'm really nervous about this!!:imbar :imbar
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  3. by   nightingale
    I was the speaker for our graduating class. The theme was "Who We Are". It was nerve wracking but most rewarding. I talked about how, we the RN to BSN completion students, were unique and I was able to share statistics about "us".

    About your speach, I had a thought.. I once read a lovely story about a graduating speach someone gave to a group of nurses based on the title, "Bloom Where You are Planted". It spoke of how long and hard the journey of nursing school was and the knowledge aquired. Nursing school is "just the beggining" in the quest for knowledge... and hopefully that knowledge is the beggining that we grow within and we must continue the journey of knowledge. We uproot and grow elsewhere etc...

    You may want to talk with your instructors for leeds to where you could look at samples or have them talk with you about their own speach.

    Congratulations with graduation.... whatever you do... have fun with it.... get inspired and enjoy your day and new career!

    Let us know how you made out...

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  4. by   P_RN
    I did a search on speech for pinning ceremony nurse
    There were some good ideas there.

    I do like the passing of knowledge theme.
  5. by   CEN35
    i said a few words for our graduation also! however, as much as i thought i would fail, it just all flowed out!!!

  6. by   nursesteph
    I was lucky enough to be chosen by my class to speak for all of us at graduation, with another classmate, thank goodness. We got together and made a speech out of what nursing meant to us and had a few jokes about underpay & low glamour, it worked, if you really love being a nurse the words will come. Trust me, I'm a nurse.
  7. by   Jenny P
    You might find some info at
    which is the History of Nursing web site (personally, I like their virtual cemetary where you can "visit the gravesite of famous nurses-- isn't the Web great?).

    There are several good ideas listed here, and I agree that if you are excited about nursing; the words will be there if you think about it and what you wish to say.

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