Part Time BSN programs

  1. Does anyone know if any part time BSN programs in Texas?
    I'm scheduled to start LVN school in January. But I have 2 children, husband and an established career already, but.. I want to help save lives. My problem is that I already make good money. I can't go backward because it wouldnt be fair to my family and there way of living already. How can I obtain my dream? I have already taken all the prereq's for the ADN program, but there are no part time or night time programs. I looked at the Texas BON site and the listing doesnt tell you whether the BSN schools have part time or night time programs. If no one knows I will call all of them. But I just wanted to ask if anyone knew any good ones.

    Thanks alot.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes

    There is where you can start to find the schools in your area and go from there.

    I have to say, it's extrarodinarily hard to find part time generic (first time nurse) programs out there. Most require a lot of your time, between clinical rotations and classes. I hope you find what you do need. Good luck.
  4. by   bcskittlez
    Thanks alot, I really appreciate it!
  5. by   foxyhill21
    at texas woman's u can go part time as a BSN student. Try baylor, TCU, UTA
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Tarleton State University, located in Stephenville, offers a part-time bridge LVN-to-BSN program. This school is about 80 miles southwest of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.
  7. by   fem
    I, too, am interested in a part-time BSN program. But I'm in Florida.
    I went to the websites for Baylor, TCU & UTA.
    The only one that I'm sure offers a part-time RN-BSN program is...
    UTA (Univ. of Texas at Arlington).
    You can go full-time for one year. Or part-time (details to be found where?)
  8. by   fem
    I've contacted a few of the Universities... and have received replies.
    Ok, so now I'm not so sure about any part-time DIRECT BSN programs.
    "Direct" = no prior medical licenses
    I've found part-time RN-BSN programs... but not part-time BSN programs
    with State Colleges. Found a couple with private colleges.

    Apparently the idea of a part-time BSN programs are rare.
  9. by   alphabetsoup
    Have you looked at online programs out of state? There are several reputable universities that offer online programs. They are no less rigorous than onsite programs. I have completed online coursework and some of my classmates lived in other states, Guam, etc (one in Galveston!). It takes a lot of dedication and this type of learning is not suited for everyone. If you can make the commitment and stay on top of the required coursework, it is a great option. You do have to arrange for your own clinical rotations though.