Pain associated with ? menopause

  1. Just a question for you older nurses or nurses who may deal in this area

    Do you know any research/sites/webpages or thoughts about women suffering with joint and or bone pain with their menopausal symptoms - this can be pre menopausal

    Do any of you on the board suffer this and are you willing to share.

    My bones and joints are really painful at the moment and would be interested in any reading on this area.

    Am not on any HRT or anything as such apart from celebrax for back pain - but that is not holding this.

    Appreciate any advice
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  3. by   fedupnurse
    Good question Tookie. I am 38 and have been having serious sweating for the past few months and wicked joint pain. I was wondering if I could be doing the perimenopausal shuffle? Apparently they say it can start 10 or more years before actual menopause sets in. A friend my age at work said she is having very similar symptoms. I was just attributing it my thyroid panel being wacky again but now I wonder!!
    Men just do not know how good they have it!! I'd also appreciate any links!
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  4. by   lever5
    I have never seen any information that connected pain in joints with menopause, go to the Dr., check out arthritis, tick bite. I had pretty bad hot flashes, went through it in my 40's, but no pain. As a matter of fact, my headaches have left, and no more cramps. So I have less pain. Now, after a night of pulling on inert bodies, it takes a full day of sleep to fell better again. Age is the pain maker.
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Is joint and muscle pain associated with low thyroid and premenopause?? I did not know there were correllations.

    I can relate to the aching all over for sure, Sandra! Celebrex doesn't do much for me either. No tick bite that I'm aware of...
    MY RA is up slightly but ANA and ESR normal so my doc doesn't think it's RA ...I do have OA.. .My TSH is up so I'm starting thyroid meds.

    I'll watch this thread to see who has more info for us...please share if any lurkers have info !!!

    Hope you feel better...I guess part of thic aching is indeed old age creeping up on
  6. by   fedupnurse
    Hey Mattsmom, I too had an arthritis panel and it was negative. Been on thyroid replacement for several years now. I'm sure the fact that I am not a size 6 isn't helping my knees and ankles but why the hell do my ELBOWS hurt?? That's the one I can't figure out!!!!
    Hope we all feel better! Wonder if hitting the big game lottery would make the pain go away????
  7. by   RNanne
    I do not any websites or anything. But when I was post menopausal I had every symptom under the sun. Sounds of lightening in my ears, depression, memory deficit and pain. Everywhere. I do take HRT and every time I stop my joints etc are painful. My MD admitted to me that they do not teach enough about this is med school. And they will probably not admit that some of the strange symptoms are related to menopause anyway. My son's mother-in-law saved my life, she gave me a book and it had so much info and common sense in it that it showed me that I was not crazy. I can't remember the name of the book, but it gave alternative tx. plus vitamins that would help etc etc. I wish male MD's had to go through it and then they wouldn't poo poo our strange symptoms. I take Vit Bs 1 and 12 and mangnesium. And vit E. That does help. I will try to get the name of the book---it was wonderful.
  8. by   thisnurse
    wonderful ....some other messed up thing to look forward to
  9. by   RNConnieF
    My knees, shoulders, and hips are killing me. My TSH is "borderline" but I'm not a canditate for HRT because of my "funky breasts". Looks like I'm going to have to stick it out HRT free.
  10. by   fedupnurse
    Maybe we can get a group rate for those misty mates so we don't die from heat stroke during our hot flashes!!
  11. by   Kayzee
    I have noticed joint pain mostly in the morning. Feel like I'm 80 when I get up. Also swelling in my fingers is new. I have a book that is helpful called "The Wisdom of Menopause" by Christiane Norrthrup,M.D. A good book, very informative. I am in perimenopause (I think). Never had the hot flashes, but did experience anxiety at age 44. Hormones??? Levels never checked. Take low dose esstrogen, and natural Prometrium. I'm not really sure if there helpful or not. Bone density test was very good.Get the book. i believe it is also available at the library.
  12. by   Agnus
    For those who may be worried about menopause. I am 20 months post menopause. In all my peri menopausal years I did not experience joint or bone pain. Infact I have apparently been fortunate in terms of expected symptoms as well. Menopause has been a blessing for me as I had fibroids and endomitriosis. I do not/have not taken HRT. and will not. MOST women do not have the expected symptoms and the few that they do have are usually very mild. I did not experience moods. I experience hot flashes for about 8 months post menopause. They were mild short lived and no problem.
    Perhaps HRT might be right for you. I would get this checked out further. The fact that it is occuring with menopause may not necessairly mean it is connected. I am wondering have you had your bone density checked. This is the first thing I would wonder about for you.
  13. by   Tookie
    When we turn 50 here for your birthday you can get a free mamogram - well got that done - Woopee - great experince (its due again) so l thought now is the time to get an overhaul - got my levels etc done - doc siad l wasnt there yet and asked for and had to pay for bone density (Theygive them to you free over a certain age and if you have had a history of a broken bone).

    Anyway - no broken bones and even though there is osteo on both sides of the familiy both parents and grandmothers - had to pay for it - thats OK - it was OK no osteo evident - (The funny thing was that l then broke my leg 4 months later and was in plaster for 13 weeks ROFL

    Have read a little on this - would really like to avoid HRT - my levels are still good - although l will ask them to be cheecked again on my next visit - l have seen recently some interesting reading about lack of testosterone in women can affect them - cant remember where though

    Tonight my joint pain is a lot better - can walk a bit freer - but it is definately a cyclic occurance - not much in the way of hot flushes (we call them flushes here - or power surges)

    Thank you to the people above who have responded will follow through on the book etc.

    Will try and do another search - better do something about tea. Its 7pm here

    Thanks everone
  14. by   mattsmom81
    Hot flashes aka power surges....luv it!!

    Thanks all for the good advice...I can always count on good sharing of info and experiences here with you guys...I really appreciate ya'll!