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Hello Everybody! And I mean all the allnurses.com people here. Nursing, I found out well, is hard for potential nurses who are making the transition from civilian to nurse. I missed this board... Read More

  1. by   Mkue
    I admire you for hanging in there.

    Don't give up !
  2. by   bestblondRN
    Welcome back Mario! Good to see you posting again. I think you've been offered some excellent advice in the above posts. Don't let this setback discourage you too much--this may open the door for new and different opportunities if you stay open and flexible. There is such a huge need, and I'm confident that you can find a program that will embrace you if you put forth the effort. Good luck and let me know if there is anything I can do to help!
  3. by   tigger2sassy
    hello there mario-- good to see you back-- keep the faith-- look at the pros and cons-- where there is a will there is a way-- listen to the above posts-- good luck to you-- if i can be of assistance please let me know
  4. by   -jt
    If you want to move back home, heres a list you could check out.....

    Associate Degree Programs:

    Beth Israel Medical Center - Manhattan
    Bronx Community College - CUNY - Bronx
    College of Staten Island - CUNY - Staten Island (failed me out of the program me in 1977)
    Borough of Manhattan Community College - CUNY - Manhatttan (gave me my second chance in 1978)
    Interfaith Medical Center School of Nursing - Brooklyn
    Kingsborough Community College of CUNY - Brooklyn
    LaGuardia Community College-CUNY - Long Island City
    Long Island College Hospital - Brooklyn
    Medgar Evers College-CUNY - Brooklyn
    New York City Technical College of CUNY - Brooklyn
    Queensborough Community College of CUNY - Bayside, Queens

    BSN programs:

    Adelphi University - Garden City, Long Island
    College of Mount Saint Vincent - Riverdale, Bronx
    New York University - Manhattan
    Pace University - Manhattan and Westchester
    College of Staten Island - CUNY - Staten Island
    Herbert H. Lehman College of CUNY - Bronx
    Hunter College of CUNY - Manhattan
    Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus - Brooklyn
    Long Island University - C.W. Post Campus - Long Island
    Medgar Evers College-CUNY - Brooklyn
    Mount Saint Mary College - Newburgh
    Saint Francis College - Brooklyn
    Saint Joseph's College - Brooklyn
    SUNY - New Paltz - New Paltz
    SUNY Downstate Medical Center at Brooklyn - Brooklyn
    Wagner College - Staten Island
    York College of CUNY - Jamaica, Queens

    LPN Program:

    Medgar Evers College-CUNY - Brooklyn

    Tuition for the schools in the CUNY system (City University of New York) is less than $4,000/yr full time. The schools in the SUNY sytem (State University of NY) cost about $8,000 per year full time. Financial aid is available.
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  5. by   healingtouchRN
    just hang in there buddy, we are all rooting for you!!! :kiss
  6. by   CVnurse08
    Hi Mario,
    I did not know you before but it is good to have you here. I have no advice as I am not even a student yet myself but I just wanted to say I hope everything works out ok for ya and don't give up on your dreams.
  7. by   mario_ragucci
    I really appreciate how you have helped me today. You have pushed me up a little higher to get over this terrible feeling. Aww, I was all set here for financial aid, and have about 3 grand out in loans.

    I would have easily passed through. I hear and understand moon shadow for her comments about time and license of others involved. You did say it very well, but really, I feel some warning could have been given to me about this, maybe some education about just how quick a fatal error could occur for me as a student, and examples of outcomes, or how to help yourself if you think proper comunication does not exist.
    The worst is the negativity. Just thinking about nursing, I think of the position I am in, and it prevents me from surging ahead. It has been three months now, and I haven't quit hurting over this. This has to stop, and thanks to your caring and concern for me, I am generating a formula for direction.

    I would like to have a BSN, but nurses I hear talk about it say the pay is not worth the investment, and that more skills can be learned via experience. Thats what i heard, and for me, I heard it is expensive to the point of serious debt. Honestly, I need to find out more about the places in my area, but, again, I draw to the negative by reminding myself how i shouldn't have to be going through this, and how easier my life would be if this didn't happen. Blah :-) I will check out the BSN, and basically have to launch a master plan, which can consider relocating. But I just completed a year with the hospital I work as a CNA and the people are all great there as well as the benifits now and the great experience. There is another college in Portland that I would like to go to that is a 2 year college.

    I am getting back motivation, but for the last 3 months I have just worked and felt sorry for myself. I can't take it anymore.

    Nursing is about doing and stretching our selves and our limits beyond where you can imagine in present day. Being dropped from nursing school is an honor and a priviliage, because, from this new zero point, my rocket will reach space by achieving escape velocity from the small things in life that can get us down (like Mario Ragucci being dropped from RN school). The peoples lives I touch will be more special and positive; More than i know of today, and i will always ensure my best honor and dedication to being the best nurse in my own eyes. I'm almost crying.

    Thank you again to everyone! For not abandon me as i would not abandon you. Amen.
  8. by   alwaysthere
    Nice to see you posting againg Mario
    I missed you!
    And dont lose Heart..something similar happened to me...but I REFUSED to let it stop me.
  9. by   RNinRI
    Good to see you back Mario! Hang in there, things will work out for you, you've got the perseverance to make it! Sending positive thoughts your way!
  10. by   healingtouchRN
    Mario, you are surrounded by the Light, chin up my friend. You'll look back on this & it will be just a bump in the lunar landscape of life! :kiss
  11. by   Furball
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by altomga
    [B]Sorry to hear about he rotten luck you had....

    It wasn't "rotten luck"... it was not handing in assignments on time and handing out meds without your clinical instructor's presence...big no-no. Just calling a spade...a spade here.

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  12. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Originally posted by mario_ragucci
    HEY Mario!

    I have a GF who got terminated from nursing school (I can't even remember why but I think it was a disciplinary thing) her second year (of a 3 year program). She ended up going to LPN school and then going to a University to complete her BSN. (To her, that is a little *&%^$ you to the school that wouldn't give her any second chances). You would be ahead of her because you have all those college courses already. She's now been working as an RN for 20 years.

    That might work for you!

    So much adversity, so little time, LOL!

    But you are young yet and have awesome references that you could get from people who can vouch for you.

    Good luck!
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  13. by   Hardknox
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Furball
    Originally posted by altomga
    Sorry to hear about he rotten luck you had....

    It wasn't "rotton luck"... it was not handing in assignments on time and handing out meds without your clinical instructor's presence...big no-no. Just calling a spade...a spade here.
    Good point, Furball.

    It seems to me this was re-hashed and rehashed over several threads after you had to leave nursing school. Mario, are you still saying it is not your fault? ONE instructor does not make the decision to ask a student to leave a program. You can not continue this blame game. No matter what program you are accepted in, you will need to complete assignments on time and NOT give out narcotics to patients without your instructor. Until you take some responsibility for your mistakes and quit blaming the instructor you will not suceed in any program you get into.
    It seems to me that you have totally ignored all the good advice you got over and over and over and.........

    Since you obviously want to ignore any constructive advice, I will say no more.

    I am giving you the same stern talking to that I would give my own son if he refused to take responsiblity for his errors.
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