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what are some of the labs that you have seen that are just totally out of whack? the one that comes to my mind was a hgb of 2.1! i don't remember the hct...patient was a jehovah's witness. she... Read More

  1. by   Agnus
    ETOH .8
    Sad thing she was one of our nurses. Known to be an alcoholic she claimed she doesn't drink. "Someone spiked the punch." She, "only had 4 cups of punch" She was vented. No longer works for us, (not over this incident). Still in denial.
  2. by   RNforLongTime
    Admitted a pt into ICU a few weeks ago with a K+ of 9.2--the lab ran it three times!!! Dialysis pt who hadn't skipped a treatment. Had to have emergency Dialysis though.
  3. by   samrn32
    platlets 4
    sodium >190
    wbc 0.0
    glucose >1400
    wbc 81
  4. by   kids
    CBG: 21-27 on 3 different machines...walking, talking and (gasp) passing meds...no sx except irritable.

    Was me, learned the hard way not to forget to eat for 2-3 days!
  5. by   P_RN
    Glucose of ONE!

    I posted this on the sci.med.nursing newsgroup and got some nice replies.
    [quote]In the past week we have had a patient who is an alcoholic. He was found by
    >EMS to be totally unresponsive. A fingerstick glucose did not register on
    >their glucometer so they drew a red top and then gave him 2 amps of D50. He
    >aroused somewhat but remained semi conscious. When they arrived at the ER
    >the red top was analysed and showed a glucose of 1 (one) !!
    >On the floor q 1 hour fsbs were in the 29-39 range on .45 saline and in the
    >60-90 range on D5 .45.
    >No definite cause was determined but the patient developed a seizure
    >disorder and was discharged on Hosp. day 7 on Depakote for the seizures.
    >Any comments?

    Hopefully, someone thought to give the patient some thiamine somewhere
    along the way, otherwise the seizures would be complicated with
    Wernicke's encephalopathy...

    Question 1: Were the seizures caused by the alcohol or by the low
    blood sugar or both?

    Question 2: What was his blood alcohol on admission?

    Question 3: Why wasn't this chap on D10 or better? Lowest blood
    glucose I've ever seen was in the low teens, and that's scary enough.
  6. by   kewlnurse
    #1 Could be both

    #3 D10 has to be tapered off like hyper al and i have noticed most md's hesitant to order it
  7. by   bjpeace
    Originally posted by misti_z
    H&h 3/6
    Creat 31
    Potassium 9.1
    Phos 15
    Glucose 19 and >1000

    I work renal. We see alot of craziness!!!!
    I've worked in a renal unit also, yes craziness is abundant! We had a new admit walk in one evening with a creatine of 16 ! He denied any and all complaints. His wife told us he had been "a little off" that week....... a LITTLE ?!?!?!
  8. by   bjpeace
    one more quickie to add......
    Hemodialysis patient last spun on a Friday, hit the ER on Sunday late evening with EMS pacing him. K+ was 9.9 , HR was in 30's before pacer applied. After 15 mins of emergent dialysis the pacer was able to be pulled off. The culprit of this episode in a usually compliant dialysis patient?...........He had ketchup on his french fries at an afternoon church social!!!!!! How much he never really told.
  9. by   LasVegasRN
    I was called back in to my doctor's office to repeat lab work. I asked what the problem was, they said my K+ was 9.1. The lab repeated it on the same sample, still came back the same. BUN & creat were normal, so was the liver panel.

    I told the nurse who drew the second sample that I wouldn't be sitting here if my K+ was really that high, unless I'm dead and don't know it yet!!!???