Oregon strike

  1. I heard there is a pending strike in Oregon. A friend was asking me about it. Has anyone heard about that?
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  3. by   zambezi
    I havent heard anything recently, but that does not mean a whole lot!! But I am interested...
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    That's news to me. What part of Oregon, I wonder?
  5. by   cjonesrn2b
    I heard that they were paying nurses $150/hr. but you have to walk thru the picket lines to get to the hospitals. My mom is a nurse too and she has several friends who are going up there. Have y'all heard about the australia thing?
  6. by   TiffyRN
    A friend of mine (really, not me) is a nurse in L&D. She does strike nursing and they offered to train her for a few days in a new specialty (pedi bone marrow transplant) then pay her $140/hr. It was a couple of years ago in either California or Oregon (she did assignments in both states). She also told me that the company she worked for picked all the nurses up on a bus and drove everyone through the picket lines.
    What Australia thing?
  7. by   cjonesrn2b
    I have heard from several people that you can go to Australia for 10 months and make $500,000.00 but I cannot find any literature on it. if anyone knows anything, please let me know. Also, what part of Oregon did your friend go to and what was the company she used to refer her to Oregon?

  8. by   Agnus
    So much for nurses supporting each other. So much for advocacy. And you wonder why things are as they are.
  9. by   vmburg
    I don't know what part of Oregon or which company is sponsoring the nurses. I too heard $150/hr. Sounds bogus to me. I would like any information anyone can give me. Also how hard is it to get license. Do you actually have to have your school transcript sent to OSBN? I have never had to do that in any other state.
    I would love to be trained in another area. I work ICU/CCU now; have M/S, Psych, Tele, LTC, skilled. Would like L/D; only experience I have in that is clinical many many moons ago.
    What is the deal in Australia?
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  10. by   nursejai
    Did you ever find out any information about the Australia trip, is it true or not?
  11. by   mariedoreen
    Quote from Agnus
    So much for nurses supporting each other. So much for advocacy. And you wonder why things are as they are.
    True. I would never come down on anyone making a tough financial decision (ie your child needs a new kidney..), but if it's greed alone at the expense of your peers, I think it's appalling :angryfire
  12. by   begalli
    Quote from Agnus
    So much for nurses supporting each other. So much for advocacy. And you wonder why things are as they are.
    I have to agree with this. This thread is a smack in the face of every nurse who will be suppossedly striking in OR. Way to go!

    There is a reason for stiking. Nurses DO NOT take this lightly.

    Shame on you all. This thread is outrageous. It's like you all have you tongues hanging out of your mouth and you're drooling.

    btw, $150/hr doesn't sound to be that much for scabs as far as I'm concerned. A night shift nurse with senority can make just about that working double time at my hospital in the Bay Area. Big Deal!! The question you must ask yourself and realize is WHY oh WHY is the hospital NOT putting THAT money to work in finding solutions with the obvious problems between nurses and the facility. WHY?
  13. by   Mimi2RN
    Like other hospitals have had, they have insurance to pay for scabs.
    I hear, "someone has to care for the patients". If no one would work, the hospital would have to settle. Of course, the nurses that are strikebreakers from that hosptal all benefit when a settlement is reached.

    The scabs in Ca got $5,000 a week, and a hotel, and transportation to the hospital in a bus, with dark windows so the pickets couldn't see in. Isn't that nice!

    To me, it makes no sense to cross a picket line.

    No one here knows where the strike is, or when it will be, they are just out for the money. No wonder hospitals are able to keep unions out, nurses won't stick together.
  14. by   weetziebat
    I have a friend who does travel nursing - as a scab. And she thinks it is just so cute. Certainly has changed the way I feel about her.

    We all know how tightly we are stretched, and how the hospitals just keep pushing nurses to do more and more, with less and less. Do not understand how any nurse could think about being a scab, unless as someone else said if you are in the midst of a real crisis.

    Greed. Makes people into vultures.