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Recently my son was turned down(2nd time) for clinical in LPN nursing for the Nursing. He has fulfilled all the requirements to be eligible for nursing clinical. He has a Associates Degree from the... Read More

  1. by   georgeoftheforge
    discrimination is alive and well in america. one of the kids in high school said "he was a dumb chink" and at the time he was the only korean in the area. but there is more discrimination than you think. does he or i think it's that? well i hope not? he thinks it is because he works and that is what the dean of the nursing school told him. but that is not a legitimate reason to deny admission into clinicals. but who knows? i just know this is a legal nursing college and there must be rules and who is the boss? being evasive about these answer is rather alarming.
  2. by   georgeoftheforge
    tothepointe ,Cynop,
    I understand that and if they had said that in the letter at least we would went "well ok" because it states in the catalague. But he was toldDean of the Nursing School why and she said to first "it isn't personal" and 2nd "based on statistics he didn't have a good chance at succeeding. Which is none of the reason we are talking about and not what the admissions form said? There seems to be a disparity between what the rules and the reasons why he is being told no.
  3. by   Ms.RN
    [quote=georgeoftheforge;3659374]recently my son was turned down(2nd time) for clinical in lpn nursing for the nursing. he has fulfilled all the requirements to be eligible for nursing clinical.

    usually lpn programs take 12 month to complete. what i"m saying is becuase government is pushing people to get college education there should be more grants avaliable to students. i know few colleges around my areas have loan forgiveness to students who are struggling financially. they also give free nursing school training to those who are laid off from the car industry. also i know lot of healthcare facilities give away scholarships to those who are interested in going to nursing school and also there are alot of scholarships avaliable to those interested in becoming a nurse.
  4. by   georgeoftheforge
    I talked to one of the Att. at Exceptional Nurses at site of Dr. Maheady(nice lady) she advise him to talk to a attorny in his area. Especially since the Dean of Nurse was aware he had ADD.
  5. by   georgeoftheforge
    This lpn program is 2 years. But I highlited and copies the scholarships you are talking about and saved them for him to see. A local Hospital has promised him a full scholarship WHEN he gets in.
  6. by   georgeoftheforge
    Do you guys think he is just out of luck?
  7. by   georgeoftheforge
    vito andolini
    i did want to thank you for your encouragement. i agree with you on several of the things you are saying.
  8. by   georgeoftheforge
    I want to thank all of you. You have given many good suggestions. I appreciate it.
  9. by   greenbeanio
    Sorry, just skimmed this thread really quickly so sorry if this has been said before - he has to figure out how to get As. I have ADD too so I do sympathize but he just has to get As. An A- or two might be okay, but it is just so competitive that they have flocks of A students applying.

    He also needs to be good at critical thinking - maybe he could get some NCLEX prep books (or the LPN equivalent) like the Davis or the Saunders and study them and then take the practice tests. Also if he can find any used ATI books & CDs that would help too. Basically if he can teach himself the content of those books, and master the art of test taking, he would have something he can demonstrate to those who doubt his abilities.
  10. by   PostOpPrincess
    Quote from georgeoftheforge
    he has been retaking classes to bring his gpa up. but they are expensive and we like most have been hit by the economic times we are currently in. out of pocket expense become prohibitive to taking classes over also. who knows how things will go but if he has met the requirements than it is undue duress to refuse him and if he hasn't this accreditated college ,only reasonable , should tell him why. how can he improve on something if the college won't say what the problem is. besides aren't you guys have procedures and policy in place. i mean otherwise they could base the decesiions on any kind of nonsense. i mean arbitary or capricous ? they can't welll your hair is to curly and thats good enough? it must be a legitamate accrediate school right?
    i think it would behoove him to go to the selection process committee and ask them specifically what would make him "stand out."
    it sounds like a very, very competitive school and if his gpa is not up to par--i know that our schools here in the south florida area have people applying with 4.0s...and fewer 3.0s getting in...
  11. by   Nurse Lulu
    I know at school B's and C's were simply not good enough to get into the nursing program. It is very competitive and it depends on the group you apply with. Right now a lot of people with "real world" experience are going back to school. I graduated with a 3.55 (honors) and was not even in the top 15% of my nursing class. He might want to try other schools...or community college?
  12. by   NurseWannabe1129
    I know everyone has already pointed this out, but B's really don't get you into nursing school. Maybe that is what the dean is meaning by the statistics saying he would not be a good candidate or whatever flimsy excsue it was that she gave you. said. So you're options?

    1. Try a different school.
    2. Boost the grades up to A's and reapply to the same school... On that note, I would try to boost up to A's for any school that he will apply to.

    I don't want to sound mean, but the truth of the matter is every single student I am in class with was an A student when it came to their pre reqs.

    As for legal recourse? I don't know if I personally would go that far. Does the program have other minorities in it? I go to a small program (30 per class) at a rural community college and we have several foreign students in the class. If their grades are spectacular, they are there.

    I hope you're son finds his way and keeps on trying. Maybe if nursing doesn't work out, he could try and focus on another area of healthcare! There are many areas out there. Best of luck!!
  13. by   tfleuter
    I'm sorry to hear your son is having so much trouble getting into clinicals. My only suggestion would be for him to get specifics from the head of the nursing department as to why he wouldn't be expected to perform well. Perhaps it would be best if he explained that he wanted to improve on his weak areas so he could be a better applicant for other programs. The whole statistics explaination sounds a little too vague of a response, unless s/he was refering to the acceptance policy being competitive based and your son simply didn't have a hbigh enough gpa? I hope your son can find a way to pursue his degree and this struggle will soon be behind him.