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I am considering getting my CEU's online. I have always done it throught the mail and I thought I might try online courses. Has anyone gotten their CEU's online? How did it go? Thanks in advance... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46
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    Thank you Brownie. Those are great. I came back here to check on this thread I had started, saw your name, and just realized, I just got done with a post Congratulating you on your new Grandbaby! What a cutie!
    THANK YOU Nurse89! YUP that he is! And you're very welcome
  2. by   NICU_Nurse
    If you're more concerned with CEU's being relevant to your practice than whether or not they're free, you might want to try - they have thousands of hours worth of CEU's/CH courses online at less than 8 bucks a pop. Updated information and research, printable articles, and instant print certificates when you take the tests. I personally prefer to do neonatal-related courses, and there are a shortage of these available, IMO, but emed has tons of pediatric/OB-GYN/neonatal courses available. Just FYI for those interested who don't mind coughing up a few bucks.
  3. by   JBudd has a lot of free CEU's, for nurses and doctors. They present a lot of articles from conferences, and papers that were presented. Gives you a wide window so as not to lose sight of things other than in your own specialty.
  4. by   BlueKat
    I have found a company that offers free CEU's, supposed to be for Doc's but Nurses can also attend and get the credit.
    It's called OptimaEd. Sessions available in larger cities.
  5. by   BlueKat
    I have found a company that offers free CEU's, supposed to be for Doc's but Nurses can also attend and get the credit.
    It's Sessions available in larger cities.
  6. by   AndyLyn
    I like the CE's offered on [url] they're not free or cheap by any means, but I always learn something that sticks with me and that's relevant to what I do. It's nice too to see the other sites that people like for their CE's.
  7. by   crissyb
    HAve done all of my CEU's on-line for the past two years. IT's easy adn relatively inexpensive - and lots of them are free - same sites as already mentioned. I'm not due to renew until Dec of 04, and have almost double the hours I need.

    Lots of good info out there, keps me posted not only in my area, but in general nursing topics too.
  8. by   dachweiler
    I put off my CE hours 'til the last minute. One of the states I work in just started requiring them and I just wasn't thinking about it....until my renewal came in the mail.

    I found a few sites that offer a free "course of the month" but was having trouble finding free courses for my field (psych).

    Thanks for all the links!!

    Anyone else have any good links for free or cheap CE?
  9. by   purplemania
    I do it once a month. The site I use is contracted by our facility at Texas Tech (free for employees). They use videos of TT instructors, lasting 1 to 1 1/2 hr. Works for me