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Where I work, the RN's are expected to carry a cell phone and be on call 24/7 every 6 weeks. While it does not seem to be that much to ask of us, we feel it is. We live in northern New York State and... Read More

  1. by   nuangel1
    no way would i do that .i agree with tim i would not be a salaried nurse.i work it i expect to get paid.i don't work for free .
  2. by   NurseCard
    Quote from Noryn
    When I worked in a hospital years ago, if the census was low we would get called off however we had to come in if called. We did get time and a half if we came in but we didnt receive anything for being on call, basically staying at home waiting for a call. That changed in the past few years I dont know if the hospital got in trouble for that or what.

    When I worked home health we got paid 500 dollars to be on call for a week and we were on call about 1 week a month. you got paid the 500 dollars if you didnt go out or if you went out 10 times. You also got mileage if you went out.

    I will probably never take another job that requires being on call, I like my time off and dont like to share it with anyone. It actually sounds like I got paid very well compared to others and I still dont think I was payed enough. :wink2:
    I had a similar experience, except that we got paid $1/hour to be on call and then if we had to go in, we just got our regular pay; no time and a half.
    This was on nights that we had already been scheduled to work originally, but then got called off because of low census.
  3. by   elcue
    No institution puts nurses on salary to benefit the nurses. period.
    They do it to squeeze every bit of sweat and spirit out of nurses. Any nurse who accepts a salaried position has to know this from the outset.
    I take call all the time, as an OR staff nurse, but am paid for my standby time ($2/hr) and get time and a half to go in. I'm sorry your group is in this miserable situation. Since you accepted salaried positions, you're probably stuck.
  4. by   bagladyrn
    The salary would have to be commensurate with the responsibility! On my current contract, I get $5.00/hr for on call and time and a half if called in.
  5. by   military spouse
    When I worked for hospice, I was paid half my hourly wage/hr for taking call. When I worked at the hospital, I was paid $2.00/hr for being on call. Both positions were hourly positions.
  6. by   crystal106
    I work for a company which has 6 Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) and 4 other similar facilities which all care for the developmentally disabled. These facilities do not require nurses in the buildings to pass medications. In NY state, the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities allows aides to pass medications with extra training. As a result, the RN's are placed on call per regulations to field concerns. They have to call use for the use of a PRN and any other reason they think they need us.
  7. by   crystal106
    We used to have pagers and for some reason they went to the cell phone. we have been trying to get the pager back, but management doesn't want us to. I'm not sure why.
  8. by   PooterPT
    I too am expected to be on call 24/7 every 4th week without compensation. I agree with you that there should be some type of compensation. I also can take off time during the week but like you said there never is time to do so. We are paid every two weeks. I rarely put in less than 45 hrs a week. Yet when I took off last Friday it was educted from my PTO. I am certain that salaried positions are only beneficial for the powers that be.
    When I was at a Hospice inpatient unit I worked anywhere from 50 to 65 hours a week because of being on call without an monitary gain. Again it was a salaried position. You could always work more than 40 hours but never less.
  9. by   Shell5
    I am confused. When the don goes out of town they expect me to take call in's and, of course, if a nurse calls in guess who gets to come in and work? Me. I am the only other rn, but they have not named me an adon. They don't technically say i'm on call though. It is just expected. They don't want to pay me anything unless i get a call. I think it is ridiculous. I think they are just trying to pinch every penny out of me. Is this legal?
  10. by   DixieRedHead
    We have call by the day. $25/day. Pretty silly. That's just for coming in if a shift can't be covered.

    As ADON, I was on call all the time for questions. I really didn't mind the calls if they were warranted. It's the stupid stuff that kiss me. Mrs. Soandso's sat is 85, should I start 02?

    Mr. Watchamcallit fell and has a laceration to his head, bleeding bad. Do I need to send him out?

    For crying out loud people. THINK!
  11. by   Shell5
    Thanks Dixie.
  12. by   mofomeat
    [QUOTE=crystal106;1825276]Where I work, the RN's are expected to carry a cell phone and be on call 24/7 every 6 weeks. While it does not seem to be that much to ask of us, we feel it is. QUOTE]

    Being on call blows chunks at the moon.

    For what it's worth, this is standard practice in the IT world. Even an hourly employee (like I was for several years) can be on call, answering to a pager that goes off in the case of equipment failure in the server room, or a phone to answer at whatever ungodly hour of the day or night if a customer remotely shut down his server by mistake, when he/she meant to restart it. What is also common, is those three to nine hours of driving down to the facility, powering on the machine and recovering data from backup tapes is often unpaid.

    I know your pain. It sucks.
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