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PooterPT specializes in ICU, Hospice, Rehab.

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  1. PooterPT

    CDC - Why Most Nurses Don't Get the Flu Vaccine

    This nurse gets her flu shot faithfully every year. I do however get mild flu symptoms about 2 weeks after getting the shot.
  2. PooterPT


    our ratios are pretty good. 1 nurse & 1 aide for 12 pts with a charge nurse & unit secreary & a float nurse - this is for day and evening shifts. Night shift does not have a float, unit secretary, and the charge usually has to take a te...
  3. PooterPT

    Help! FIM scores..........................

    I am the PPS case manager. I do all the FIMs training at our facility. UDS has gone to great lengths to put out all kinds of things from the tree to verbal dialogue to rate FIMs. However, I have a simplified cheat sheet that seems to be very he...
  4. PooterPT

    75% rule!!!!

    The 75% rule certainly does make things tense at times. I am PPS nurse at rehab hospital and these new regs keep me hopping. Our census has been up and down at times as we try to stay above the 60% mark. We are hoping they will extend the time whe...
  5. PooterPT

    Health South Rehab Hospital?

    Mulan, I am a Healthsouth RN. It is a good place to work. The have good benefits, a nice clinical ladder program, good resourse people. With that said I need to tell you what I feel is a draw back. Often there is a lack of cohesiveness between ...
  6. PooterPT

    MD Wound Nurse

    I have just completed a learning packet for our nurses. Will send you copy if you supply address.
  7. PooterPT

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    I became a nurse because I was sure I could be more caring and do a beter job than the Hospice nurse who cared for my dying mother. I was an elementary school teacher living in Canada, when my mother became very ill. She and my Dad retired to the Eas...
  8. PooterPT

    eating our young?

    It is not unusual for ICUCCU to be a difficult area to fit into. They are a pretty "tight" group. I don't think they intentionally "eat their young" but I know it sure feels that way. Be patient and you will earn the right and respect to be there....
  9. PooterPT

    IV Certification Class

    I just taught an IV cert class. If you Google it, you will find several CEU things available for IV cert.
  10. PooterPT

    Changing from home health to hospital rehab nursing

    Mslucky, Rehab nursing can be very challenging. While it is very different from Home Care, it adds new depth and dimension to you base of knowledge. It does have its frustration. Sometimes it seems as if nursing is at the bottom of the food chain...
  11. PooterPT

    Stuck (?) In Med-Surg?

    Teresa, There are so many opportunities and options in nursing Cae out there. Don't settle for something you are not happy or fulfilled with. Check out the options available in your area. I am certain there are many. Go on line. There are e...
  12. PooterPT

    I need some encouragement

    Taylor, One thing that I found helpful when I got overwhelmed was this: On the first day of class one of the instructors told us it would be tough, we'd have to put our life on hold, etc. Then she said, "Let me ask you a question, how badly do yo...
  13. PooterPT

    Waited 20 days...failed :(

    Wilbeth, Next time read question, then decide what you feel is right answer. The select the multiple choice most like your answer. When you read all the choices first you begin to think of too many "what ifs". The choices often cause confusion. ...
  14. PooterPT

    On call with no pay

    Crystal, I too am expected to be on call 24/7 every 4th week without compensation. I agree with you that there should be some type of compensation. I also can take off time during the week but like you said there never is time to do so. We are paid...