OMG.Do Nursing students really practice on eachother??

  1. I entered "nursing school" on youtube and came across a few videos of nursing students practicing Iv's and injections on one another.I had no idea this was done in nursing school! What if a student makes a mistake and you get injured? Ok im being negative..But what if?? Are the students skillfull enough to practice on one another so early into the program??
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  3. by   ZootRN
    In our school we were not allowed to practice on each other. Too much liability involved.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Same here . . . nine years ago.

    Too much liability . . HIV, Hep C, etc.

  5. by   lvnandmomx3
    We didn't practice on each other in school. But when I took IV certification (from different pregram) we did have to start 2 iv's and do a blood draw on each other.
  6. by   Larry77
    We practiced IV's, bed-bathes (everyone wears a swimsuit), and of course head-to-toe assessments and BP's. Its not really that big of deal in my opinion it's not like you don't get instruction before hand and have an instructor right next to you. I think it is good to get the feel of both what a real arm feels like and what it feels like to receive an IV.

    The class before mine was the last to practice NG's on each other--imagine that one!!!
  7. by   patwil73
    We practiced IV's, blood draws, chem sticks on each other. It is how you learn. We only had to do each once in class to be signed off, but some would practice much more just to get it down.

    I understand fears about lack of knowledge, but remember that same person is going to practice on someone sooner or later - which is better, the 95 y.o. with no veins that he sticks 3 times and still doesn't get it, or the young healthy classmate who he knows just might "miss" when it is his turn so he makes extra sure he does it correctly.

  8. by   Spidey's mom
    My first IV stick was an healthy 18 year old female with ropes for veins. I got in on the first try.

    Lots of people finish nursing school w/o practicing invasive procedures on each other . . can't imagine NG's. No way, no how. :uhoh21:

    Having said that - this summer while on a medical mission in Vietnam, I did teach blood draws to the volunteers and to my own daughter. They practiced on each other. And me.

  9. by   Valanda
    When I was in nursing school, I was the "designated IV dummy" because I have huge easy to stick veins. I didn't mind and the instructor was right there to make sure that universal precautions were followed. Granted, this was in 1989. Practices may have changed since then.
  10. by   theatredork
    I'm glad that my school didn't make us practice on each other, or else I would have refused.
  11. by   Crux1024
    We dont practice internal things on each other, we didnt even do eyedrops and eardrops!! Everything is simulated on dummies...

    Most we do is vital signs and assessment....

    Im sooo glad I dont have to wear a bathing suit in front of the class...I dont even wear just that in front of
  12. by   PeachyERNurse
    We only practiced vitals and head to toe assessments on each other. Everything else was a no-no because of liability.
  13. by   Piki
    Nope, not at our school. At least nothing invasive. The extent of practicing on each other was practicing vital signs and doing head to toe's. And do the H-T's was handled well, we partnered up and our nursing lab had curtains just like a real patients room, 2 partners and an instructor to get checked off. This was all in the first semester.

    Second year, for critical care nursing, we practiced IVs on a rubber arm.

    I cannot even imagine practicing doing a ng tube. I remember a friend whose mom graduated in the 70's - they had to practice foleys and enemas on each other. No way! I think I would have to draw that line at that.
  14. by   astnm
    I just graduated in December 2006 and we practiced IV's on each other. We were not required to but we could at clinical sites and we did.