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Wrongway Regional Medical Center (WRMC) has a reputation for having a high staff turnover. Recently there has been a mass exodus of staff, including a lot of RNs. I work Psych and my wife Belinda... Read More

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    Story of my life
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    I just started a new position two months ago. It was definitely a culture shock. Everyday, I start my shift with either OMG!, or WT*!, or D***!!!, or I'm completely speechless! I had been trying for YEARS to get on at this place. I would return to my previous position but my tail is too short to tuck and if I dropped down to my knees to crawl back, there'd be no way I'd ever get up off the floor.
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    Old Dogs:
    I have worked psych most of my career. My advice to you is, it's time to move on before you get so far behind in your psych skills that you won't be able to climb out of your rut if you want to. Something told the interviewers to "show you the door". You may want to consider your interview presented you and you skills. Applying for new jobs will hone your interview skills as well as giving you a good look at yourself. Just because you do an interview doesn't mean you have to accept an offer.

    Having followed my spouse's jobs around the country and making career choices of my own, I've had to learn new tricks every few years. Kept me on my toes for a while after each new facility. It also kept me out of "politics" until I knew my way around.

    Best of luck to you in our profession.
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    Quote from Sour Lemon
    I was born old and I love a good rut. I always have. I drove two hours to work every day for a few years because I didn't care to change. It wasn't until all my co-workers moved on that I went ahead and got a job five minutes from home. It was easy enough to change to a new place, I suppose I just don't like to change my people.
    This is me all over. I could change my place without abandon - and until we got new leadership (which has been a godsend, honestly), my hospital could have been Wrongway North. But the people here are pretty awesome, so I've stayed - ended up being glad I stuck it out, but there was a solid year where I just couldn't be bothered to deal with job searching and my attachment to my coworkers won out.
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    Quote from Davey Do
    And I found a position in the Want Ads for which I just might be qualified:

    ...welp, two months ago, I would have asked where to apply! :-D
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    Quote from Daisy Joyce
    Davey do, you should be a professional comedy writer!
    100% agreed. Davey's posts always bring a smile to my face, if not an outright chuckle.
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    Quote from Been there,done that
    Okay wimp. Do what you want. Be glad I'm not your wife
    Do you teach classes on that? I want to be YOU!!!!
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    Quote from Davey Do
    Why aren't you doing cartoons online, or in the newspaper (remember those???).

    You're funny as hell!
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    Wow, 3ring: "retirement in 2004... thinking I would soon be dead" Wow.
    Quote from 3ringnursing
    Davey Do, they were idiots not to hire you with the experience you bring to the table. Their loss.
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    Quote from pixierose
    Sorry it didn't work out for you Davey -- it's their loss (and this threads gain with your sense of humor).
    Thanks, pixierose. I had a few strikes against me.

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    Quote from 3ringnursing
    Why aren't you doing cartoons online, or in the newspaper (remember those???).

    You're funny as hell!
    Hell is funny? What a concept1

    ACT-SHOO-ALL-LEE, 3ring, I've had several of my comics published in both local and national rags. Made some money and won a few contests. I was heavily into the Public Art Thing from 1995 to 2003. I did street cartooning, art shows, murals, etc. I had my last public art show in June 2003. I hung up my guns when Art became more work than pleasure.

    I came out of retirement to do a mural for a production of "To Kill a Mockingbird" a few years ago and a the Owner of a local Health Food Store recently asked me if I'd be interested in painting a couple of murals on her business.

    The vast majority is now done for pleasure and AN.com is a great place to express myself because it combines two of my loves: Art and Nursing.

    Since you asked, I thought I'd include a few Comics from the past. This is my first professional comic I did in 1964 at the age of seven. My Mom sent one of my drawings into a magazine and I made $10! ($100,000 by today's standards.)


    This, I believe, was my first professional Comic as an Adult:


    Thanks for the compliments and kind words!
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    Quote from Davey Do
    Wow, 3ring: "retirement in 2004... thinking I would soon be dead" Wow.


    YOU aren't good enough for THEM?


    I believe that wins the polished turd award (as they are not good enough for you!).

    (((Incidentally, I believe the place you interviewed also gives out these at retirement - it is also a polished turd award of a different type - the ball is an actual polished turd)))


    {{{ Incidentally #2: I think you would be a riot to work with - although I think we would feed off of each others needs for juvenile pranks, and probably be in the dog house a lot!}}}
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    Thought I'd chime in here about change. I spent 30 years working in the same hospital with 27 of it as an LPN before I went back to school and became an RN. The past few years a lot of things changed in the hospital and I found myself unable to get off the unit I worked on. I finally bit the bullet and applied for a job in another town. I now work in an outpatient endoscopy center. What a huge adjustment with going from knowing pretty much everything about the unit I was on to working in GI which was never something I had done much of. I was scared to death but after >6 months at my new job, I totally love it! It was a great move (plus having weekends and holidays off is something I'd never experienced). Good luck to you Davey Do in whatever you decide but just know change can be just the thing you need.